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17:49  18 may  2017
17:49  18 may  2017 Source:   The New York Times

Canada's Opinion of America Hits New Low

  Canada's Opinion of America Hits New Low Canadians are so unhappy with America they're apparently canceling visits to the U.S.Canadians really aren't happy with Americans, according to a new poll released this week. And, perhaps predictably, President Donald Trump is to blame.

The Trump presidency may now be disintegrating, tumbling toward entropy. By firing James Comey as F.B.I. director, President Trump set in motion the appointment on May 17 evening of Robert Mueller as special counsel. 10 Kyivan things to do for first- time capital …

Get the nation in your inbox. As the Senate HELP Committee votes this Thursday and Acosta’s confirmation moves on, as expected, to the full Senate, his compliance with Trump ’s radical labor rollback holds dangerous implications for workers across America.

President Trump at the White House on Wednesday.© Al Drago/The New York Times President Trump at the White House on Wednesday.

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The Trump presidency may now be disintegrating, tumbling toward entropy.

By firing James Comey as F.B.I. director, President Trump set in motion the appointment Wednesday evening of Robert Mueller as special counsel. Mueller is a Trump nightmare: a pro who ran the F.B.I. for 12 years and is broadly respected by both parties in Washington for his competence and integrity. If Trump thought he was removing a thorn by firing Comey, he now faces a grove of thistles.

The Latest: Judiciary chairman says Comey lost public trust

  The Latest: Judiciary chairman says Comey lost public trust The Latest on the firing of FBI Director James Comey (all times local):6:40 p.m.Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley says6:30 p.m.

A US newspaper has taken the unprecedented step of writing an editorial against a presidential candidate the day after he launched his campaign. The Washington Post has labelled Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as " dangerous for the nation and the world".

At the same time , Trump ’s body language, according to communications experts such as Jack Brown, a well-known Las Vegas-based America has unfortunately entered the Weimar phase of its decline as a nation . Trump has struck a chord in the disenfranchised that resonates with them.

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One crucial lesson here: Pressure matters. It was public opinion that stalled the Republican effort to repeal Obamacare, and it is public opinion in part that will ensure the integrity of this investigation.

While the Justice Department didn’t precisely cave to polls, it truly does matter that a majority of Americans want this cloud over our presidency investigated and removed; legal decisions unfold in a political context. Keep up that pressure, for the coming months may be particularly dangerous.

We don’t, of course, know what Mueller will find, and Trump has reiterated his denial of collusion with the Kremlin. Some Democrats seem to assume an investigation will prove a secret deal between Trump and Vladimir Putin, but many smart people I speak to wonder if it will end up more gray. They foresee evidence of collusion by Trump’s aides, and of financial pathways linking Moscow to Trump and his campaign, but perhaps no proof of a quid pro quo involving Trump himself.

Analysis | Asked to describe Trump, America’s most common replies are ‘idiot’ and ‘incompetent’

  Analysis | Asked to describe Trump, America’s most common replies are ‘idiot’ and ‘incompetent’ Oh, and “liar."

Whatever Americans may have ushered in with the events of 11/8, one thing is increasingly certain about the country that Donald Trump will govern. Forget Vladimir Putin and his rickety petro-state: The most dangerous nation on the planet will now be ours.

He should not do anything to encourage other nations to get nuclear weapons. Trump said in election interviews that he thought it fine if South Korea or Japan or Saudi Arabia wanted nuclear bombs We would be back on a dangerous path to another conflict in the Middle East or a nuclear-armed Iran.

The aides most at risk may be Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn, and NBC is reporting that multiple subpoenas have been issued for records involving them.

In addition, The Washington Post reported Wednesday on a remarkable recording in which House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy declared last June that he believed that Putin finances Trump. Talking with House Speaker Paul Ryan and other leaders, McCarthy said, “I think Putin pays” Trump. When people laughed, McCarthy quickly added, “Swear to God!”

Ryan swore those present to secrecy. “No leaks,” Ryan said. “This is how we know we’re a real family here.”

When The Post asked Ryan and McCarthy about the statements, their offices flatly denied them. Informed that The Post had a recording, they backtracked and suggested it was a joke.

If it’s not humor, this is extraordinary: The Republican House leadership suggested that Putin was keeping Trump on his payroll and that this must be kept secret — even as they thundered about Hillary Clinton’s emails!

After tough week, Trump looks for a lift at Liberty University

  After tough week, Trump looks for a lift at Liberty University President Donald Trump on Saturday is set to deliver the commencement address - his first as president - to Liberty University, the nation's largest Christian college, where he is expected to find to a friendly audience after a week of turmoil in Washington. Trump has been closeted in the White House all week, making only a few, brief public appearances after he took the highly unusual and fraught step of abruptly firing James Comey as FBI director on Tuesday.

The Dangerous Implications of Democrats’ Obsession with Trump ’s Yemen Raid. Americans are allegedly “war-weary” (a strange term for a nation in which only the tiniest fraction of citizens have fought), and we’ve already suffered And it must not be the standard of success for Trump .

Related: Trump ’s War with Intelligence Agencies Escalates Dangerously . But perhaps the most dangerous thing Trump has done in the eyes of his disapproving fellow Republican Party members is inciting vast swaths of Americans -- worried about the safety of the nation , afraid of losing their

(An aside: Thank God for the battle unfolding between The Washington Post and The New York Times. This is the best kind of newspaper war, keeping America straight. I’ve been very critical of media coverage of the presidential campaign, but the rigorous coverage of Trump since he took office has made me proud to be a journalist. And thanks to all those citizens who have subscribed to news outlets in recent months, recognizing that subscriptions are the price for a democracy.)

Yet there are dangers ahead. One is that America will be incapacitated and paralyzed by Mueller’s investigation and the suspicions — this partly explains the stock market’s big fall on Wednesday — and foreign powers may take advantage of this to undertake their own mischief. I would worry about Russia in both Ukraine and the Baltic countries, and we must make clear that we will work with allies to respond in kind.

Another danger is the risk of an erratic, embattled, paranoid leader at home who feels that he may be going down the tubes anyway. In domestic policy, presidents are constrained by Congress and the courts about what damage they can cause, but in foreign policy a president has a largely free hand — and the ability to launch nuclear strikes that would pretty much destroy the world.

'Armed, dangerous' man accused in Cincinnati kidnapping still on the run

  'Armed, dangerous' man accused in Cincinnati kidnapping still on the run A woman allegedly kidnapped Sunday from Riverside has returned home safely, police said. The woman's ex-boyfriend, who investigators said kidnapped her, is still on the loose and considered armed and dangerous.

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But Trump ’s relationship with the media represents something new and potentially dangerous to both. Just two days ago in the U.S., President Trump signed an executive order designed to protect the nation from cybersecurity risks, with a focus on modernizing the federal government’s aging IT

In 1974, as Richard Nixon’s presidency was collapsing, he was drinking heavily and aides worried that he was becoming unstable. Fearing what might go wrong, Nixon’s defense secretary, James Schlesinger, secretly instructed the military not to carry out any White House order to use nuclear weapons unless confirmed by him or Henry Kissinger.

This was unconstitutional. And wise.

Schlesinger also prepared secret plans to deploy troops in Washington in the event of problems with the presidential succession.

We don’t know how Trump will respond in the coming months, and let’s all hope for smooth sailing. But as with Schlesinger’s steps, it’s wise to be prepared.

There have been calls for Trump aides to resign rather than ruin their reputations, but I hope the grown-ups — H. R. McMaster, Jim Mattis, Dina Powell, John Kelly, Rex Tillerson — grit their teeth and stick it out. The White House has never needed more adult supervision.

The cabinet has the constitutional power to remove a president by majority vote under the 25th Amendment (if the president protests, this must be confirmed by two-thirds of each chamber of Congress). Such a vote is unlikely, but in the event of a crisis like the one Schlesinger envisioned, it would be essential.

I hope that cabinet members are keeping one another’s cellphone numbers handy in case an emergency meeting becomes necessary for our nation.

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  Dangerous Times for Trump and the Nation © Earl Wilson/The New York Times

Press freedom group rips Trump for suggesting Comey jail reporters .
The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press says President Trump "crossed a line" following reports Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey to considering jailing journalists.A bombshell New York Times report published Tuesday revealed that in a February conversation in the Oval Office, Trump asked Comey about that the president asked Comey about jailing reporters who leaked classified information.The report also included that Trump asked Comey to end the federal probe into former national security adviser Michael Flynn."The comments attributed to President Trump cross a dangerous line.

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