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18:06  11 august  2017
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Ohio Man Sentenced to 20 Years Over Threats to Military

  Ohio Man Sentenced to 20 Years Over Threats to Military <p>An Ohio man who pleaded guilty to using social media to encourage the killing of members of the U.S. military on behalf of ISIS was sentenced Wednesday to 20 years in prison, the Justice Department said.</p>An Ohio man who pleaded guilty to using social media to encourage the killing of members of the U.S. military on behalf of ISIS was sentenced Wednesday to 20 years in prison, the Justice Department said.

In general, an opinion is a judgment, viewpoint, or statement that is not conclusive. It may deal with subjective matters in which there is no conclusive finding. What distinguishes fact from opinion is that facts are more likely to be verifiable, i.e. can be agreed to by the consensus of experts.

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CAPTION: President Donald Trump speaks to reporters after a security briefing at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., Thursday, Aug. 10, 2017. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)© AP Photo/Evan Vucci CAPTION: President Donald Trump speaks to reporters after a security briefing at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., Thursday, Aug. 10, 2017. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

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How did we get here? Why does it appear that we’re on the brink of a war in Asia, one that could involve nuclear weapons? North Korea has had nuclear-weapons capacity for at least 10 years. Have its recent advances been so dramatic and significant to force the United States to wage a preventive war? No. The crisis we now find ourselves in has been exaggerated and mishandled by the Trump administration to a degree that is deeply worrying and dangerous.

British hospital worker defends staff in Charlie Gard case

  British hospital worker defends staff in Charlie Gard case <p>A member of the medical team that treated Charlie Gard has defended the care they gave the British infant who died of a rare genetic disease while criticizing political and religious leaders for prolonging the family's suffering by intervening in a case they didn't understand.</p>The health care worker wrote in an anonymous opinion piece published in the Guardian newspaper Saturday that staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London "loved this child to bits," but reached the point where they could do nothing more to help Charlie.

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— maggie mallon, Glamour, "Ivanka Trump 's Paid Family Leave Plan Neglects One Major Thing", 5 July 2017. The decision is a calculated Judge Randolph Hammock delivered a tentative ruling on Tuesday in advance of the hearing, indicating his opinion the case could go to trial before a jury.

From the start, the White House has wanted to look tough on North Korea. In the early months of President Trump’s administration, before there could possibly have been a serious policy review, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned that the era of strategic patience with North Korea was over. Last week, national security adviser H.R. McMaster said that North Korea’s potential to hit the United States with nuclear weapons was an “intolerable” threat. Not North Korea’s use of weapons, mind you; just the potential.

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Trump, of course, went furthest, saying Tuesday that if North Korea did not cease its threats, it would be met with “fire and fury like the world has never seen.” When pressed on Thursday, Trump doubled down, saying, “If anything, maybe that statement wasn’t tough enough.” In other words, Trump has made clear that the United States would respond to North Korean threats with a massive military strike, possibly involving nuclear weapons.

Analysis | Donald Trump is playing a dangerous game with North Korea

  Analysis | Donald Trump is playing a dangerous game with North Korea North Korea might decide to call Trump's bluff.

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Is this credible? No. The United States is not going to launch a preventive nuclear war in Asia. Trump’s comments have undoubtedly rattled Washington’s closest allies in the region, Japan and South Korea. Empty threats and loose rhetoric only cheapen American prestige and power, boxing in the administration.

So why do it? Because it’s Trump’s basic mode of action. For his entire life, Trump has made grandiose promises and ominous threats — and rarely delivered on any. When he was in business, Reuters found, he frequently threatened to sue news organizations for libel, but the last time he followed through was 33 years ago, in 1984. Trump says that he never settles cases out of court. In fact, he has settled at least 100 times, according to USA Today.

In his political life, he has followed the same strategy of bluster. In 2011, he said that he had investigators who “cannot believe what they’re finding” about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, and that he would at some point “be revealing some interesting things.” He had nothing. During the campaign, he vowed that he would label China a currency manipulator, move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, make Mexico pay for a border wall and initiate an investigation into Hillary Clinton. So far, nada. After being elected, he signaled to China that he might recognize Taiwan. Within weeks of taking office, he folded. He implied that he had tapes of his conversations with then-FBI Director James B. Comey. Of course, he had none.

Poll: Trump job approval hits new low

  Poll: Trump job approval hits new low President Trump's job approval rating has hit a new low, according to a new survey. A Politico/Morning Consult poll finds just 40 percent of registered voters approve of the job Trump is doing in office.Just 18 percent of respondents approve strongly of the president's performance.Trump's approval rating among Trump voters and Republicans has also dropped.Eighty-one percent of self-identified Trump voters now approve of the job Trump is doing, down 5 points in a week.About three-quarters of Republicans, 76 percent, approve of the job Trump is doing, meanwhile, down from 79 percent in last week's poll.

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Even now, as he deals with a nuclear crisis, Trump has made claims that could be easily shown to be false. He tweeted that his first presidential order was to “modernize” the United States’ nuclear arsenal. In fact, he simply followed a congressional mandate to authorize a review of the arsenal, which hasn’t been completed yet. Does he think the North Koreans don’t know this?

When the United States watched as Stalin’s Soviet Union developed nuclear weapons, it was careful in its rhetoric. When it saw a far more threatening leader, Mao Zedong, pursuing nuclear weapons, it was even more cautious. Mao insisted that he had no fear of a nuclear war because China would still have more than enough survivors to defeat Western imperialists. And yet, successive U.S. administrations kept their cool.

The world is already living with a nuclear North Korea. If that reality cannot be reversed through negotiations and diplomacy, the task will be to develop a robust system of deterrence, the kind that kept the peace with Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China. Bluster from the president can increase the dangers of miscalculation or cause a dangerous downward spiral of brinkmanship.

If U.S. Attacks North Korea First, Is That Self-Defense?

  If U.S. Attacks North Korea First, Is That Self-Defense? The Trump administration has hinted at a pre-emptive strike on North Korea. Whether such an attack would be justified under international law is hazy.President Trump’s apocalyptic admonishment to North Korea over its nuclear threats to annihilate America suggested that he may be closer than ever to ordering an attack — without waiting for Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, to strike first.

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opinion . Comment is free… but facts are sacred. CP Scott, 1921 Guardian editor. 'I feel like I am wasting my life ': readers on being overqualified for their jobs.

“I think Americans should sleep well at night, have no concerns about this particular rhetoric of the last few days,” Tillerson said on Wednesday. This was an unusual, perhaps even unprecedented statement. The secretary of state seems to have been telling Americans — and the world — to ignore the rhetoric, not of the North Korean dictator, but of his own boss, the president of the United States. It is probably what Trump’s associates have done for him all his life. They know that the guiding mantra for him has been not the art of the deal, but the art of the bluff.

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