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To improve health care, look to the free market, not a single-payer

Friday  20:25,   09 february 2018
The Hill

Now is the time for the Trump administration to double-down on market-based reforms.In today's partisan environment, there is bipartisan agreement over one thing: Our health-care system needs big reforms to bring down costs and improve access to[...]

Our fast-growing national debt is a toxic legacy for my generation

Friday  19:56,   09 february 2018

Trillion dollar deficits, once considered a temporary stimulative measure aimed at healing the wounds of the Great Recession, are becoming accepted as business as usual in Washington. And my generation is going to have to pay the price, David Grasso [...]

The GOP Budget Deal Throws Fiscal Sanity Out The Overton Window

Friday  19:56,   09 february 2018
The Federalist

President Trump signed a deal to avert a government shutdown for another two years by basically giving the Democrats all the spending they wanted.They told me if I didn't vote for Donald Trump, Washington DC would go on a massive, unsustainable, Big [...]

Winter Olympics future is murky if we don't get a handle on climate change

Friday  19:35,   09 february 2018

Many past host cities won’t be cold or snowy enough for another Winter Games. This is not the future I want for my family and our ski tradition.Does your family have a “thing"? A particular hobby that you bond over, passing traditions, jokes and[...]

Trump keeps killing his own momentum. It’s a tragedy.

Friday  19:12,   09 february 2018

With the Nunes memo, the president changed the subject from his State of the Union.Last week, President Trump delivered a State of the Union address that won the approval of 75 percent of viewers, including 43 percent of Democrats. Normally,[...]

Opinions | Republicans’ fiscal flip-flop is breathtakingly ill-timed

Friday  18:05,   09 february 2018

The GOP’s hawks seem to have flown the coop.Republicans’ plan to Make Deficits Great Again is not merely hypocritical. It’s also terrible policy. Or at least terribly, breathtakingly[...]

Nunes' partisan bomb obscures this deeper failure

Friday  07:35,   09 february 2018

Amid the furor over the memos, say Samantha Vinograd and Julian Zelizer, the House Intelligence committee is missing something: the need to do its real job.Rep. Devin Nunes launched a partisan bomb, one that is distracting the oversight panel he[...]

Trump wants a military parade and liberals are hysterical -- just more proof it's the right thing to do

Friday  02:51,   09 february 2018
FOX News

President Trump wants a parade celebrating our military and troops. It’s a great idea, and is a perfect event symbolizing the fact that America is getting back on her feet.President Trump wants a parade celebrating our military and troops. It’s a[...]

Right Now, Democrats Have No Obstruction Case Against Trump

Thursday  22:05,   08 february 2018
The Federalist

Every one of Trump’s actions cited as grounds for an obstruction charge are well within the powers of the presidency, regardless of intent. On this note, famed attorney Alan Dershowitz rightly says that an obstruction case would need to contain an[...]

Maybe it’s not surprising the White House kept Rob Porter around

Thursday  22:05,   08 february 2018

Domestic abusers often hide in plain sight.It’s incredible what certain kinds of men get away[...]

If Trump wants a military parade, he should pay for it himself

Thursday  19:35,   08 february 2018
The Week

It is nice that President Trump likes France. Our Gallic friends and allies have made wonderful contributions to art, music, architecture, literature, and gastronomy. But like an American student who spent a semester in Paris and toured mostly the[...]

Everyone Is Going All the Way

Thursday  01:05,   08 february 2018
The New York Times

There’s a recurring theme in Israel, Washington and many other hot spots.TEL AVIV — It is hard to spend a week in Israel and not come away feeling that Israelis have the wind at their[...]

Trump is going after immigration activists like me. Will you be next?

Wednesday  21:30,   07 february 2018

The right to dissent is under threat. We can't allow this administration to become a dictatorship before our eyes.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent [...]

Populism that elected Trump is sweeping the world and can have unexpected consequences

Wednesday  21:30,   07 february 2018
FOX News

Under President Trump, the United States has gone from uneasy observer to tacit supporter of populist insurgencies sweeping the globe. President Trump himself was elected on the heels of the historic Brexit vote, which saw Britons vote to leave the[...]

Former CIA analysts: We can't trust Devin Nunes

Wednesday  21:27,   07 february 2018

By voting to release the Devin Nunes memo, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are letting political motives infiltrate their work, say Jeff Asher, Nada Bakos and Cindy Otis.Rep. Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence[...]