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Congress: The sleeping watchdog

Wednesday  19:52,   06 december 2017
The Hill

In an era of legislative gridlock, members of Congress should see that bipartisan oversight can be good politics. When it's hard to get a bill passed, constituents will applaud a legislator who uses the oversight process to tackle a problem that[...]

The Supreme Court wedding cake case isn’t about cake at all

Wednesday  00:41,   06 december 2017

It’s about the right to equal dignity.The Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday in the case of a Colorado baker, Jack C. Phillips, who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. Although Colorado law bans discrimination in public[...]

All the President's women: Complicit (Opinion)

Tuesday  18:40,   05 december 2017

The women in Trump's White House need to stop claiming they are advocating for women, when, in fact, they have been silent on issues of sexual harassment, writes Carol Costello.I am dying to know what's really going on with all the President's[...]

Where is the anti-Washington party Americans want?

Tuesday  18:40,   05 december 2017

Looking over the remnants of the Virginia Republican Party after last month’s electoral devastation, pundits largely agreed on one thing. A backlash tsunami is coming for the GOP in 2018, and the seismic event that triggered the wave, like a[...]

Mueller’s Facts and Trump’s Make-Believe

Tuesday  18:36,   05 december 2017
The New York Times

The president’s credo: “Just tell them and they believe you.” That’s Trump’s credo. In the same way he believes women appreciate his “Grab-’em-by-the-pussy” approach. The president believes what he wants to believe.With the power he has he thinks[...]

ICE founder: Build the wall now -- even if government shutdown is the price

Tuesday  18:36,   05 december 2017
FOX News

The failure to enforce America's immigration laws has dealt a major economic blow to America's most vulnerable citizens. Strengthening border security would put the interests of working Americans ahead of illegal immigrants.The federal[...]

At the core of the GOP tax plan: A huge broken promise by Trump

Tuesday  18:36,   05 december 2017

Trump vowed for many months to end the "carried interest loophole." Guess what?As both a presidential candidate and then as president, Donald Trump promised countless times to do away with the carried interest loophole as part of tax[...]

The Tax Bill Murdered The Universe!

Tuesday  01:05,   05 december 2017
The Daily Caller

Hyperbolic hot takes reigned after the Senate passed tax reformThe Senate passed a tax reform bill early Saturday that gave Republicans a rare legislative victory amid a recent famine of[...]

Billy Bush: Yes, Donald Trump, You Said That

Tuesday  01:05,   05 december 2017
The New York Times

The president is currently engaging in some revisionist history.He said it. “Grab ‘em by the[...]

Vice President Pence’s “never dine alone with a woman” rule isn’t honorable. It’s probably illegal.

Monday  23:36,   04 december 2017

An employment lawyer weighs in. The wave of sexual-harassment scandals has led some commentators to suggest that the “Mike Pence rule” deserves a second[...]

The Trump Tax Cuts for the Rich Must, and Will, Be Repealed

Monday  23:36,   04 december 2017
Daily Intelligencer

They’re the most easily reversible damage Trump will do in office.Of all the horrors Donald Trump has (and has yet to) inflict upon the republic, a huge tax cut for the rich was the most inevitable. But it is also the most easily reversible.[...]

Why I can't make custom cakes for gay weddings

Monday  18:20,   04 december 2017

What I didn’t say was that I wouldn’t sell them a cake.  PWhat I didn’t say was that I wouldn’t sell them a[...]

If Voting For Roy Moore Is The Lesser of Two Evils, It’s Still Evil

Monday  18:20,   04 december 2017
The Federalist

Before we ask our fellow tribesmen to help us elect the supposedly slightly less terrible candidate, we first should ask Christ to forgive us for our part in creating the filth.“Elect Moore and support the Senate not giving him a seat.” So says[...]

Beware an economic boom. Really.

Monday  05:46,   04 december 2017

<p>We don’t need an economic boom, but that’s what we may be getting. Since the 2016 election, the stock market is up roughly 24 percent, reports Wilshire Associates. The price of the cybercurrency bitcoin soared more than 1,000 percent before[...]

Dark Moment for America as Senate Passes Tax Bill in the Middle of the Night

Monday  04:22,   04 december 2017
Rolling Stone

51 Republicans ultimately voted for the 479-page bill that was being written – with hand-scrawled edits – on the fly Friday night.Long after midnight, following a chaotic scramble that saw tax legislation being re-written on the fly, with[...]