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Trump's Russia troubles are a win for war hawks

Tuesday  18:52,   17 july 2018

For many, President Trump's press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday was unforgivable. In it, Trump called into question the integrity of his own intelligence agencies, while giving credence to the feigned innocence of the[...]
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Despite Botched Summit with Putin, Trump’s Policies Are Still Pressuring Russia

Tuesday  18:51,   17 july 2018

Although Trump’s incredible statements at the press conference were irresponsible, naïve, and even dangerous, they do not reflect current U.S. policy toward Russia. And that’s a very good thing. Consider what has actually happened since Trump took[...]

Trump versus Putin: A new sheriff is in the White House

Monday  20:11,   16 july 2018

President Trump is the right man to meet with and rein in the former KGB colonel. Sebastian Gorka (@SebGorka), Ph.D., was the Partnership for Peace Fellow at the NATO Defense College in Rome. He is national security strategist with Fox News and[...]

Mueller’s Politicized Indictment of Twelve Russian Intelligence Officers

Monday  19:40,   16 july 2018

If the idea was to give Vladimir Putin and his thug regime a new way to sabotage the United States, nice work. NOW WATCH: ’12 Russians Indicted by Mueller for Hacking Democrats in 2016 Election’ [...]

Trump-Putin summit could improve US-Russia relations -- And yes, that is a good thing

Monday  06:40,   16 july 2018

Heading into his summit in Finland Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Trump has an important goal: improve relations with the world’s second-ranked nuclear power – but only if doing so will benefit the United States. “Getting[...]

Trump is tearing down the Western alliance. And conservatives are cheering him on.

Friday  18:01,   13 july 2018

American conservatives have abandoned their entire framework of thinking about national security. Since the end of the Second World War, the foreign policy views of American conservatism have been about defending America's international power,[...]

Roe V. Wade Will Survive Brett Kavanaugh

Friday  18:00,   13 july 2018

Everyone can ignore the apocalyptic emailsJody Hice is the U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 10th congressional[...]

Congress embarrassed itself during Strzok hearing

Friday  17:27,   13 july 2018

When questioning FBI agent Peter Strzok about his conduct during the 2016 election season, some members of Congress strayed from oversight into embarrassing overreach, writes Josh CampbellCongress has done it again. It has wasted our time and proven [...]

NATO Is Sick, And Trump Is The Best Doctor It’s Likely To Get

Friday  17:26,   13 july 2018

If you don’t like the messenger or how he messages, fine, but don’t miss the real issue: Does NATO as it is functioning require a bit of scrutiny and reform? Obviously so.NATO is needed and always will be as long as threats to the West exist in the[...]

It Is Actually Not Sexist to Want Pelosi to Step Down

Friday  17:20,   13 july 2018

And she is flat-out wrong to suggest that McConnell has not faced the same kind of criticism. Perhaps Rolling Stone specifically has never asked him about stepping down, but those calls have definitely been there. Last year, when the Senate failed[...]

I Was Right When I Said That President Trump Saved The Planet

Thursday  19:17,   12 july 2018

Going green is paying[...]

Life after Roe

Thursday  18:29,   12 july 2018

How might its overturning affect our politics?By the late 1980s, President Ronald Reagan had made three appointments to the Supreme Court. In 1989, the Court upheld restrictions on abortion passed by the Missouri legislature. Then President George[...]

Why I am so deeply disappointed by Trump's Supreme Court pick

Thursday  18:27,   12 july 2018

This man Brett Kavanaugh and this culture embrace the Nixonian mantra that if the president does it, it is not illegal. What happened here?The Kavanaugh nomination is not a question of his qualifications; it is a question of his values. It is[...]

The liberal freakout over Brett Kavanaugh is not helping

Wednesday  18:36,   11 july 2018

In nominating conservative appellate court judge Brett Kavanaugh to succeed retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, President Trump has done something exceedingly normal. That in itself is noteworthy. During the opening weeks of the[...]

In Kavanaugh, Trump Found Another Judge Who Will Kiss the Ring

Wednesday  18:36,   11 july 2018

He proved it within minutes of being nominated.When Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination was pending Senate confirmation and there was fear inside the White House that the president might be waffling on him, the justice-in-waiting sent a letter[...]