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Constitutional Crisis in Slow Motion

Monday  18:22,   05 february 2018
The New York Times

Trump will never put the country above himself. And his Republican assistants in the legislature have so bought into Trumpism that they now know that they will share his fate.Buckle up, folks: This ride will get much rougher before it finally comes [...]

Opinions | Nunes paves Trump’s road to autocracy

Monday  06:15,   05 february 2018

The congressman’s memo cherry-picks from troves of information to feed a dangerous narrative.The autocratic leader lies and then falsely charges his opponents with lying. He politicizes institutions that are supposed to be free of politics by[...]

There’s An Obvious Parallel Between The Nunes Memo And Reporting On The Russia Investigation

Friday  21:16,   02 february 2018
The Federalist

Almost every single news story on secret government investigations and machinations is based on a selectively leaked bit of information. That doesn't mean we disregard every one of those reports. What we should do is evaluate them for[...]

What Populism Is And Why It’s So Compelling

Friday  18:52,   02 february 2018
The Federalist

Donald Trump gestured at something lacking in the two-party system of the past generation and, whether he meant to or not, began the shift to a new system of conservatism.A year into President Donald Trump’s term, there is still a lively debate over [...]

The three dangers in releasing the Nunes memo

Friday  18:51,   02 february 2018

The congressman’s behavior may generate short-term political gains, but it is highly corrosive.The impending release of the so-called Nunes memo is alarming for three reasons. First, the apparent argument contained in the memo — that a member of the [...]

The Gang That Couldn’t Think Straight

Friday  18:51,   02 february 2018
The New York Times

The astonishing incompetence of Trump appointees.A few days after President Trump was inaugurated, Benjamin Wittes, editor of the influential Lawfare blog, came up with a pithy summary of the new administration: “malevolence tempered by[...]

The incredibly simple reason why Trump is going to release the Nunes memo

Friday  17:50,   02 february 2018

The great debate consuming Washington right now is this: Will President Donald Trump release the memo or not? The answer, I think, is simple: Yes, of course he will. Because that's who he is. And what he does.The memo in question comes from House[...]

What Trump really means when he demands 'loyalty'

Friday  03:45,   02 february 2018

One law enforcement official after another gets the president's demand for loyalty.If you’re a high-ranking law enforcement official in the Trump administration, there’s probably going to come a time when the president of the United States will[...]

Without a gas tax hike, Trump's pricey infrastructure plan is pie in the sky

Friday  00:41,   02 february 2018
NBC News

The nation's roads, bridges and transit systems are overcrowded and in serious disrepair. Why can't we fix them?Load[...]

Release the Nunes Memo and the Other Russia Investigation Documents

Friday  00:41,   02 february 2018
U.S. News & World Report

The solution to the Russia investigation memo controversy is more transparency, not less.It looks like #ReleaseTheMemo, as the popular hashtag puts it, is a go. Per The Washington Post, a House Republican memo alleging FBI and Department of Justice[...]

It’s Time For A Trump Impeachment Investigation To Begin

Friday  00:41,   02 february 2018
The Daily Caller

Donald Trump's willful, material lies are violations of public trustI keep asking myself: If a Democratic president had conducted himself — or herself — as Donald Trump has in the first year, would I favor the beginning of an impeachment[...]

I Stand With the ‘She-Devils’

Friday  00:41,   02 february 2018
The New York Times

Progress on women’s rights was stalling, and then Donald Trump came along.In Missouri, an acolyte of President Trump is running for the U.S. Senate and denouncing “manophobic hell-bent feminist[...]

A Year In, Trump Epitomizes America’s Cultural Inflection Point

Thursday  19:05,   01 february 2018
The Federalist

The rise of the gig economy foretells changes in governance as the rise of Carnegie Steel and Standard Oil foretold the rise of big government. We’re headed somewhere else. The Old Guard Agape and AngryFaced with the sudden and rapid erosion of what [...]

Trump Wants Little to Do With His Own Foreign Policy

Thursday  06:27,   01 february 2018
The Atlantic

In recent months, the Trump administration has called for a dramatic shift in the direction of American foreign policy. How drastic of a shift? As the administration’s National Defense Strategy pithily put it: “Inter-state strategic competition, not [...]

Opinions | Hillary Clinton's fatal flaw

Thursday  06:10,   01 february 2018

A conversation with Post columnists.Hillary Clinton may have lost the 2016 election, but the postmortem continues. Last week, the New York Times revealed that in 2008, Clinton chose not to fire her faith advisor, Burns Strider, after he was accused[...]