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Seven Tough Questions for Sessions

Friday  21:05,   06 january 2017
The Daily Beast

The attorney general-designees confirmation hearing is next week. Democrats must grill him hard and here's what we need to know.The Senate confirmation hearing for President-elect Donald Trump’s controversial pick for Attorney General, Alabama[...]

Democrats can't just pretend ObamaCare is terrific

Friday  20:50,   06 january 2017
The Week

<p>As Republicans take power in Washington, their first priority is trying to figure out what to do about the Affordable Care Act. They have ferociously demonized the policy since the moment it was passed, voted to repeal it dozens of times in[...]

Trump just said his Great Mexican Wall is happening. He’s playing you again.

Friday  20:20,   06 january 2017

The Great Trumpian Wall is not where the big battles will be fought.THE MORNING[...]

Why does Trump go googly-eyed for Putin?

Friday  19:51,   06 january 2017

His admiration of Russia’s autocratic leader is alarming.Coming from a presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s misty-eyed admiration of Russia and its autocratic leader was weird. Coming from a president-elect, it’s nothing short of[...]

Why Rural America Voted for Trump

Friday  06:20,   06 january 2017
The New York Times

People in red counties resent the attention cities get — and don’t care for liberals.Knoxville, Iowa — One recent morning, I sat near two young men at a coffee shop here whom I’ve known since they were little boys. Now about 18, they pushed away[...]

What If a President Loses Control?

Friday  02:05,   06 january 2017
New Yorker

What is the Constitutional remedy in the case of imminent peril resulting from Presidential instability, or even insanity? In researching a book on the relationship between President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon, his Vice-President, I[...]

The Real Obama Legacy

Friday  02:05,   06 january 2017
The Daily Caller

The most significant Obama legacy may just be the Trump presidency .  For just as the final grim years of the Bush administration made an Obama presidency possible, so too have the Obama years catalyzed the anti-establishment movement that propelled [...]

Republicans are about to feel Obama’s pain on Obamacare — and he knows it

Thursday  22:50,   05 january 2017

The president knows the political minefield that awaits the GOP. His advice to Dems: let Republicans hang themselves.President Obama made a very good political point about Obamacare on Wednesday. So did his[...]

GOP needs to act fast on Obamacare: Column

Thursday  20:05,   05 january 2017

Republicans have campaigned against Obamacare since its passage. Democrats, struggling to defend it, have lost seats, statehouses, and now the White House. It has been a toxic issue for the left, as twice as many people say they have been hurt by[...]

Donald Trump didn't save the ethics committee. You did

Thursday  02:06,   05 january 2017
The Guardian

Many in the media gave Trump all the credit for the House Republicans caving on its ethics evasions. Welcome to the slippery moral slope of the new[...]

Democrats’ Obsession With Russia Is Getting Out Of Hand

Thursday  01:50,   05 january 2017
The Federalist

Democrats are more likely to believe the Russians installed Donald Trump into the presidency than Republicans are to have ever believed Barack Obama was a Muslim. 52% of Democrats believe Russia tampered with vote tallies to get Trump elected (per[...]

Why feminism didn't lose in 2016

Thursday  01:50,   05 january 2017

Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, and Hillary Clinton’s loss, was a devastating blow to feminism. America had a choice between its first woman president and an alleged sexual predator; between “women’s rights are human rights” and “grab[...]

House Republican Leaders Shouldn’t Misread The Election

Thursday  01:20,   05 january 2017
The Daily Caller

The House Freedom Caucus is the conscience of the congressional Republicans. They will work to advance limited government policies, but they will fight bad policies, regardless of whether they are pushed by Republicans or Democrats, to protect[...]

Donald Trump’s Disastrous Example

Thursday  01:20,   05 january 2017
The New York Times

The mess over a congressional ethics office reflects the muck of his own behavior.Donald Trump rightly reprimanded House Republicans on Tuesday for their move to disembowel the Office of Congressional Ethics, but let’s not be duped or dumb. This was [...]

How to Stop a Trump Supreme Court Nominee

Thursday  00:50,   05 january 2017
New Yorker

The politics of Supreme Court appointments operates at the speed of the modern news media, not at the stately pace of the Justices’ deliberations. Two examples—one recent, one practically ancient—prove the point. About an hour after the announcement [...]