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Flush with momentum, GOP speeds toward tax votes

Saturday  15:25,   16 december 2017
The Hill

The final pieces of President Trump's sweeping tax overhaul fell into place on Friday, giving Republicans a surge of momentum just days before they cast historic votes on the $1.5 trillion bill in the House and Senate.Two high-profile Senate GOP [...]

Millions of People Post Comments on Federal Regulations. Many Are Fake.

Saturday  15:25,   16 december 2017
The Wall Street Journal

A Wall Street Journal investigation uncovered thousands of fraudulent posts on regulatory agencies’ dockets, in hot-button areas including rules governing net neutrality and payday lending.Calling the old Obama-era policy an “exploitation of the[...]

Trump speaks by phone with Cindy McCain on husband’s status

Saturday  10:06,   16 december 2017
The Hill

John McCain was hospitalized this week at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington due to side effects from his cancer treatment. He was diagnosed earlier this year with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. He is currently undergoing[...]

Sen. Susan Collins takes huge leap of faith with tax bill. Critics say she’s getting played.

Saturday  05:20,   16 december 2017

The Maine Republican says the administration better live up to the promises it made her.The Maine Republican extracted key concessions in exchange for her support for the bill, including commitments from the Trump administration and Senate leaders[...]

Last Minute Tax Break Could Enrich Trump And GOP Leaders

Saturday  05:20,   16 december 2017
International Business Times

Experts said the new tax break specifically benefits people who own large real estate holdings through LLCs and partnerships.Republican congressional leaders and real estate moguls could be personally enriched by a  real-estate related[...]

Trump seeks public exoneration as Democrats and Republicans battle over Russia probes

Saturday  05:20,   16 december 2017
Los Angeles Times

The White House and Republican lawmakers are pressing for an end to multiple investigations into the Trump campaign's dealings with Russia, aiming to clear the president as soon as possible before the taint of scandal further damages his[...]

Democrats See Young-Voter Surge Growing in 2018

Saturday  05:20,   16 december 2017
Real Clear Politics

Democrats credited turnout and engagement from diverse coalitions for statewide election wins this year, but chief among these reasons was the increased participation and a large shift in support from a demographic that bedeviled the party last[...]

Democrats Threaten to Allow Medicare Cuts to Save Obamacare

Saturday  03:54,   16 december 2017

House Democrats are threatening to allow automatic spending cuts triggered by the Republican tax bill to take effect next year unless Speaker Paul Ryan ends an attempt to cripple Obamacare. Under a 2010 law known as PAYGO, the $1.5 trillion[...]

Doug Jones, eager to speak for the South, embraces the spotlight

Saturday  03:05,   16 december 2017

Jones, frequently said that Alabama could send a message by electing a Democrat who was willing to deal with anyone. “I think it helps because so many of the divisions in this country started in the South,” Jones told the Economist in November. [...]

Final GOP tax bill repeals ObamaCare mandate

Saturday  02:14,   16 december 2017
The Hill

The final Republican tax-reform bill unveiled Friday repeals ObamaCare's individual insurance mandate, leaving the GOP poised to blow a significant hole in the health-care law next week.The change, which takes effect in 2019, removes one of the[...]

Everything You Need to Know About the GOP Tax-Overhaul Bill

Saturday  02:13,   16 december 2017

Here are key changes to U.S. tax law for individuals and businesses that have emerged from the final Republican bill that’s headed for votes in the House and Senate next week.Individual Tax Rates (Note: Individual rate cuts would expire after[...]

Trump’s legal team to meet with Mueller next week

Saturday  02:13,   16 december 2017
The Hill

Lawyers for President Trump are set to meet with special counsel Robert Mueller's team next week. According to a CNN report, the president's team of private lawyers are hoping to gain insight into the special counsel's investigation into [...]

Here's when Trump's new tax plan will take effect if it passes

Saturday  02:13,   16 december 2017
Business Insider

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Image via AP Senate and House Republicans reached an agreement on their final tax bill on Wednesday. If President Donald Trump signs it before the end of the year, the new tax plan will take effect on January 1, 2018.Americans[...]

G.O.P. Establishment Declares Open Season on a Weakened Bannon

Saturday  02:12,   16 december 2017
The New York Times

Roy S. Moore’s loss in Alabama has stirred up fresh worry that Republicans are again descending again into Tea Party-type spasms of self-defeating rage. To avoid that, many Washington Republicans have no intention of patting Mr. Bannon on the head.[...]

House ethics committee investigates Democrat Kihuen on harassment reports

Friday  23:36,   15 december 2017

<p>The U.S. House of Representatives Ethics Committee said on Friday it has begun an investigation into public reports that Democrat Ruben Kihuen engaged in sexual harassment, adding that announcing the probe was not a sign the committee already[...]