Politics GOP rep: US Constitution doesn't give president 'authority to strike Syria'

06:00  14 april  2018
06:00  14 april  2018 Source:   The Hill

Dem lawmaker resurfaces 2013 Trump tweet criticizing Obama for Syrian airstrikes

  Dem lawmaker resurfaces 2013 Trump tweet criticizing Obama for Syrian airstrikes <p>Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler (N.Y.) on Friday resurfaced an old tweet from President Trump criticizing his predecessor for striking Syria without congressional approval after Trump announced his own military strikes in Syria.</p>Trump authorized airstrikes in Syria on Friday in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack the U.S. has blamed on Syrian leader Bashar Assad. Nadler said he agreed with the measure but said Trump needed to get congressional approval for such action.

Let us point out up front: This article is not designed to say whether or not the United States should attack Syria in response to its use of chemical weapons After the Constitution , statutory law offers some justification for the claim that the President has authority to launch a strike without Congress.

A president who attacks Syria is a president these GOP Trump skeptics can get behind. Or, alternatively, they could undertake to revise the US Constitution by conferring on the president the additional title of Supreme Warlord and then just see what happens.

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Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) lashed out on Friday at President Trump's decision to launch "precision strikes" in Syria, saying that the U.S. Constitution does not give the president the ability to authorize such an attack.

"I haven't read France's or Britain's 'Constitution,' but I've read ours and no where in it is Presidential authority to strike Syria," Massie tweeted.

In criticizing Trump's decision, Massie joined a growing chorus of lawmakers - most of them Democrats - questioning the president's constitutional authority to launch an attack on a foreign country without congressional approval.

Dem senator rips Trump for not seeking congressional approval for Syria strikes

  Dem senator rips Trump for not seeking congressional approval for Syria strikes Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) said Friday that President Trump's decision to launch a military strike on Syria without obtaining congressional authorization is "unacceptable.""While Bashar al-Assad must be held accountable for his unlawful use of chemical weapons against civilians, the strikes that are being carried out are being done without an au thorization from Congress, which is unacceptable," Casey tweeted.

There is a current discussion regarding if President Trump had the authority to strike a Syrian airbase Myth #25: The President Has To Ask Congress for Permission to Wage War Because The Constitution Gives The Moscow suspends US -Russian memorandum on flight safety over Syria .

“If we concede that President Trump has unilateral authority to decide to strike Assad, do we concede He’s a president , not a king, and Congress needs to quit giving him a blank check to wage war Netanyahu reportedly believes the US will order a military strike in Syria following suspected

His comments came minutes after Trump announced that the U.S., France and the United Kingdom had begun military strikes in Syria in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack in a suburb of Damascus.

The U.S. and other Western countries have blamed the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad for carrying out the chemical strike. Syria and its allies, Iran and Russia, have denied that the government used chemical weapons.

Trump announced earlier this week that he would consider a potential response to the chemical attack. That announcement prompted warnings from several lawmakers, who said that the president needed to seek congressional authorization before he ordered any military action in Syria.

Russia warns of 'consequences' for US-led strike on Syria .
Russia warned the U.S.-led coalition, which struck Syria on Friday response to a suspected chemical attack, of "consequencesRussia on Friday night warned of unspecified "consequences" against a U.S.-led coalition that struck Syria, stoking fears the conflict could escalate.

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