Politics Trump has declared it 'Made in America' week — here's what that title really means

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Trump congratulates Iraqi PM on Mosul 'victory'

  Trump congratulates Iraqi PM on Mosul 'victory' President Donald Trump on Monday hailed the "victory" of Iraqi forces over the Islamic State group in the northern city of Mosul. The retaking of the devastated city after nearly nine months of fighting signals the jihadist group's "days in Iraq and Syria are numbered," Trump said in a statement, praising Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.Earlier Monday, Abadi declared a victory over "brutality and terrorism" in Mosul, after his forces ended the Islamic State group's rule over the country's second city.

× Trump has declared it ' Made in America ' week — here ' s what that title really means . Textile workers in an American factory. AP/Dave Martin. President Trump has declared it " Made in America week ."

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Made in America© Provided by Business Insider Made in America

President Trump has declared it "Made in America week."

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The goal, according to the White House, is to honor "the incredible workers and companies who make 'Made in America' the world standard for quality and craftsmanship." Today, Trump is hosting companies from across all 50 states to showcase products that have been made in America.

There has been no time in recent memory when so much importance was placed on American manufacturing as it is in this moment.

Trump goes off record, then wonders why it wasn't published

  Trump goes off record, then wonders why it wasn't published Well, this is confusing. President Trump had an off-the-record conversation on Wednesday with reporters aboard Air Force One. According to pool reports, Trump spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders declared that it was off the record .And then, on Thursday, Trump asked why his comments weren't used.From the pool report:"Your pooler reminded him last night was off the record. POTUS asked if I had heard him say it could be on-record; your pooler replied truthfully no (co-poolers also were not under impression it was on-record, since Sarah Sanders had declared it off record).

Donald Trump has never served in politics, and his blunt style is almost the exact opposite of every other major candidate. Donald Trump is an expert at declaring bankruptcy. Here is what freedom really means

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Trump has pushed the issue to the forefront, proclaiming that his government will have two major economic goals: to buy American and hire American. He has promised to revive and re-shore American manufacturing through creating "fairer" trade deals.

But what does it actually mean to have a manufactured item be designated as "Made in America?"

made in america© Provided by Business Insider made in america The standards are stricter than you might think. "Made in USA" is a label protected by the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC. In order for an item to be called such, the item must be made within the United States' borders from "all or virtually all" American parts — that is, with parts also made in the US.

According to the FTC's website, "all or virtually all" means that "all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of US origin. That is, the product should contain no — or negligible — foreign content."

Baghdad probing rights abuses by Iraqi forces: officials

  Baghdad probing rights abuses by Iraqi forces: officials Baghdad is investigating allegations of torture and rights abuses meted out by Iraqi security forces to Islamic State prisoners in Mosul, two Iraqi officials said at the Pentagon on Thursday. 6 Incredible Cards You Can Upgrade To Today Learn More Sponsored by CreditCards.com A video released online shows men in Iraqi military uniforms beating a bearded detainee, then drag him to the edge of a cliff, throw him off and shoot him and another body at the bottom.

Connot connect to database. Ruppersberger Votes to Support “ Make it in America ”.

The article you requested was not found. Trump likely to reveal this week whether secret tapes exist.

The protection also applies to anything that implies such a claim. A gray area is anything that purports to be "assembled" or "built" in America, which is technically not the same claim. The FTC has recently forced some companies, like the Detroit-based company Shinola, to clarify their "built in America" claim. Shinola was forced in 2016 to clarify its claim by adding "from imported parts" to descriptions of some of its products, like watches.

It's important to note that this FTC designation is not considered when the US government is the purchaser. The US government is required to purchase only American-made goods if possible, according to the Buy American Act that was signed by President Herbert Hoover in 1933. However, any item assembled in the US with more than 50% American-made parts is considered American-made for this purpose, regardless of the FTC definition.

Elizabeth Warren Lays Out The Case For Taking Kid Rock's Senate Run Seriously

  Elizabeth Warren Lays Out The Case For Taking Kid Rock's Senate Run Seriously For the past few days, Kid Rock has been buzzing around in the political-news background while the Donald Trump Jr. scandal rages unabated. The self-declared American Badass and Detroit Cowboy did make headlines this week while teasing a U.S. Senate run in Michigan that many people had trouble taking seriously. Folks imagined that it could be a publicity bid to sell new music, not to mention a reason to flood the market with campaign merch that probably wouldn’t play well with his targeted Republican base. Still, Kid Rock insisted that his bid isn’t a hoax, and he’s still got time to file that all-important FEC paperwork. 

Now Playing: {{currentVideo. title }}. Come back the White House is also declared that this is made in America week which will highlight products made here in the USA.

For automobiles and textiles, as well as items made from fur and wool, additional FTC requirements apply. Clothing and other textiles are permitted to have a "Made in USA" label as long as the item was cut and sewn in the US and the fabric was created in the US, regardless of where the fiber was originated or where the yarn was spun.

Cars are complicated by additional factors outlined in the 1994 American Automobile Labeling Act. Per the law, in addition to where the car was assembled, automakers are required to list the percentage of equipment in the car that originated in the US or Canada, as well as the country of origin for the transmission. US and Canadian parts are listed together, and anything containing 70% US/Canadian parts or more can be rounded up and called 100% US/Canadian.

This is confusing, so third parties like American University's Kogod School of Business have created indexes to give a clearer picture of the cars that are actually made in America. They measure automakers' contributions to the American economy by taking into account the location of each company's global headquarters, as well as the site of its research and development center.

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Trump sent over 1,000 tweets in first six months as president .
President Trump has tweeted more than 1,000 times since taking office six months ago, and more than 9,000 times since launching his campaign in 2015.Trump has tweeted 1,002 times since taking office, a 45 percent drop in activity from the same length of time before his January inauguration, according to a Mashable report released Thursday. Since he announced his campaign on June 16, 2015, Trump has tweeted 9,146 times.The president's six-month Twitter milestone was also captured by a CNN news alert, which cited a slightly lower number of tweets. It's unclear exactly which dates CNN used to count Trump's tweets."In 6 months, Pres.

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