Politics Analysis | Here’s more, real evidence that Trump is slowly rupturing the Republican Party

19:53  13 september  2017
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GOP Strategist Slams Party Leaders Who Back Trump

  GOP Strategist Slams Party Leaders Who Back Trump Sally Bradshaw said she could no longer call herself a Republican under Trump.Sally Bradshaw, strategist and one of the authors of the Republican National Committee’s Growth and Opportunity Project, slammed Trump’s leadership as divisive and spoke about her disappointment with the party as rumors circulated that the president was preparing to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

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President Trump at a rally in Phoenix last month.© AP Photo/Alex Brandon President Trump at a rally in Phoenix last month.

President Trump's ability to fracture and even destroy the Republican Party has been chewed over plenty in recent days, as he — for the moment, at least — flirts with working with Democrats. The New York Times's Peter Baker wrote that Trump is, “in many ways, the first independent to hold the presidency” since the Civil War. I've looked at what might happen if Trump actually ditched the GOP.

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Whether that comes to pass or you agree with Baker's characterization, though, there are now some early signals that Trump is diminishing the GOP brand.

Perez: Trump is a 'champion for cruelty'

  Perez: Trump is a 'champion for cruelty' Tom Perez blasted President Trump on Tuesday, calling him a “champion for cruelty” after his administration announced it was ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. "Rescinding DACA is the latest tactic in the Republican playbook to promote hate and discrimination. Because of the Republican party, DREAMers will lose their ability to go to work and contribute to their communities. Deportations will tear families apart and drive immigrants back into the shadows," Perez said. "DREAMers share our values and strengthen our nation.

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The Pew Research Center released a poll Wednesday showing a sharp drop in Republican-leaning independents who say the GOP label describes them well. While 49 percent said it described them at least “fairly well” back in 2016, just 33 percent say that today. About two-thirds of these nominal Republican voters now say the term describes them “not too well” or “not well at all.”

Among Democratic-leaning voters who subscribe to the “Democrat” label, it has remained basically steady at 42 percent.

  Analysis | Here’s more, real evidence that Trump is slowly rupturing the Republican Party © Provided by WP Company LLC d/b/a The Washington Post

We're also seeing this bit in Quinnipiac University's regular polling on the GOP brand. Three Q polls this month have shown between 22 and 25 percent of Americans rate the brand favorably — all three ranking lowest in more than four years of polling.

There's A Potential Crack In Trump's Base: Supporters Who Once Voted For Obama

  There's A Potential Crack In Trump's Base: Supporters Who Once Voted For Obama Very few Americans outright regret their votes in last year’s election. But such regrets, new data reveals, are highest among voters who may now make up the most tenuous part of the base that swept Donald Trump into office: those who supported Barack Obama in 2012. “I’m off that boat,” said Hildegarde Evans, a registered Democrat from Sacramento, California, who supported Obama in 2012. She says she voted for Trump because she hoped his business experience would give him a different perspective, but is now adamant that she’d never support him for re-election.

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A big reason for the decline: Republican respondents. Earlier this month, the percentage of Republicans with a positive view of their party dipped to a new low in Quinnipiac's polling: 58 percent. It has since rebounded to 64 percent.

  Analysis | Here’s more, real evidence that Trump is slowly rupturing the Republican Party © Provided by WP Company LLC d/b/a The Washington Post

These numbers, it bears noting, are not terribly worse than they have traditionally been in Quinnipiac's polling. Back in early 2013, 63 percent of Republicans had a favorable image — pretty close to where it is today. The GOP brand hasn't been great in years and is usually worse than the Democratic brand.

But according to Pollster, the 22 percent, 23 percent and 25 percent GOP favorable ratings measured by Quinnipiac this month are all lower than any high-quality poll that asks a binary favorable-unfavorable question since 2012. (The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has measured it lower, but that poll offers a “neutral” option, which many people opt for.)

A rare Republican moderate decides to walk away from Congress

  A rare Republican moderate decides to walk away from Congress There are only a handful of Republican "moderates" in Congress -- and they're quitting.As the Morning Callreported last night, after nearly three decades of serving in elected office, Dent has apparently seen enough.

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And the damage among independents was always going to be a little tougher to measure. Pew pegs GOP-leaning independents at 17 percent of the electorate, so even a sharp decline in the GOP label among this group would only register a few percentage points overall. That doesn't mean damage isn't being done, though, and this is the first group in which it would register.

It could very well be a blip on the screen, as could Trump's flirtation with going the independent route with his presidency. But for a Republican Party that has long worried about Trump's impact on it, these polls — along with polls showing GOP voters turning on their leaders — suggest there is some restlessness with the party that nominated him and that the GOP is ripe for Trump slamming a wedge right through the middle of it.

Trump lashes out at GOP opponents of health care bill .
President Donald Trump is lashing out at a Republican senator who opposes the last-ditch effort to overturn the Obama-era health care law. On Twitter Friday, Trump says: "Rand Paul, or whoever votes against Hcare Bill, will forever (future political campaigns) be known as 'the Republican who saved ObamaCare.

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