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Roy Moore 'Probably' Still Thinks Homosexuality Should Be Illegal, Spokesman Says

Wednesday  04:07,   13 december 2017

Roy Moore “probably” still thinks homosexuality should be illegal, the Republican Alabama Senate candidate’s campaign spokesman said Tuesday. Roy Moore “probably” still thinks homosexuality should be illegal, the Republican Alabama Senate[...]

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Hang on in the Swamp

Wednesday  04:06,   13 december 2017
Vanity Fair

Despite their narrowing roles, the second First Couple appears to be surviving in an upside-down West Wing. “You have Trump robo-calling for Moore, and Jones using Ivanka in an ad,” one person close to the White House told me. “If that doesn’t show[...]

White House qualifies false Trump claim he doesn't know his accusers

Wednesday  04:06,   13 december 2017

President Donald Trump claimed on Tuesday that he didn't know or had never met the women accusing him of sexual harassment and assault, despite evidence to the contrary. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders qualified the comment during her[...]

Trump lawyer: Mueller done with White House interviews, probe will be done within 'a few weeks'

Wednesday  04:06,   13 december 2017
The Hill

President Trump's personal attorney Ty Cobb said Tuesday that special counsel Robert Mueller has finished interviews with all the White House staff members he intends to speak with, according to multiple media reports. The special counsel's[...]

Already on the 2020 radar, Kirsten Gillibrand catapulted into the spotlight by President Trump

Wednesday  01:27,   13 december 2017

Trump's attacks played right into Gillibrand's signature issue of equal rights for women.But not Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand[...]

Congressional Republicans in advanced talks to reduce the tax rate for top earners to 37 percent as part of final tax bill

Wednesday  01:27,   13 december 2017

Lawmakers are on the verge of striking a tentative agreement that would reconcile tax bills passed separately by the House and Senate, and an announcement could come later Tuesday or sometime Wednesday, a top Senate Republican said Tuesday.The move[...]

“They’re not on the same team”: why Trump’s lawyers keep clashing over the Russia probe

Wednesday  01:27,   13 december 2017

Here’s a simple guide to the various lawyers representing President Trump. Here’s just one example: After reports suggesting Trump fired FBI Director James Comey because he wouldn’t end the Trump-Russia probe, Trump’s top personal lawyer,[...]

Growing Number of Congress Members Call for Action Over Trump Assault Allegations

Wednesday  01:26,   13 december 2017
Rolling Stone

Democrats are calling for a congressional investigation into the allegations, with others saying the president should resign.The recent twister of sexual assault allegations continues to rip through Washington – taking out a senator and numerous[...]

Republicans propose to delay, pause Obamacare taxes

Wednesday  01:26,   13 december 2017

U.S. House Republicans proposed on Tuesday to delay or suspend several taxes under former President Barack Obama's healthcare law, including a tax on medical devices and the so-called "Cadillac" tax on generous health insurance plans.[...]

'He can't get away with this': Donald Trump accuser says he groped her at Mar-a-Lago

Tuesday  23:50,   12 december 2017

In an exclusive interview on Megyn Kelly TODAY, Melinda McGillivray describes how Donald Trump groped her in 2003 at a Ray Charles concert at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida."I had adrenaline rushing through my body. I was scared, I was upset,"[...]

McConnell vows the government will not shut down

Tuesday  23:50,   12 december 2017
CBS News

Republicans and Democrats are negotiating a budget deal to lift spending caps and a government spending packageSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed Tuesday that the government would not shut down in the next few weeks as Democrats and[...]

Polls: Majority of voters say Senate should expel Moore if he's elected

Tuesday  23:50,   12 december 2017
The Hill

A majority of American voters say Alabama GOP candidate Roy Moore should be expelled from the Senate if he wins Tuesday's special election, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.It's the second poll out Tuesday with such a result,[...]

Many G.O.P. Blunders Put Seat at Risk, Even Before Scandal

Tuesday  21:21,   12 december 2017
The New York Times

Republicans made a lengthy list of errors, giving Democrats an opening well before Roy Moore was accused of sexual misbehavior.In Alabama and Washington, party leaders have taken to describing Roy S. Moore, their embattled Senate nominee, as a kind[...]

Either outcome in Alabama is a self-inflicted wound by Senate GOP

Tuesday  21:20,   12 december 2017

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell helped elevate Roy Moore in the GOP primary. It backfired.It's easy to view Roy Moore's controversial candidacy as a self-inflicted wound by Senate[...]

What Alabama voters saw on TV about Roy Moore vs. what the rest of the country saw

Tuesday  20:09,   12 december 2017

Analysis of local TV reveals how local news coverage made Roy Moore more palatable to Alabama voters.Moore, the Alabama senate candidate accused of pursuing relationships with underage girls when he was in his 30s, is facing off against Democrat[...]