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Prayer, principle guide women voters in Roy Moore's Alabama hometown

Tuesday  20:08,   12 december 2017

In a U.S. Senate race rocked by allegations of sexual misconduct against Republican candidate Roy Moore, some women in his hometown said they were sticking by the embattled nominee while others said prayer would guide their votes on Tuesday. Caroll[...]

Kirsten Gillibrand hits back at Trump for ‘sexist smear’ after Twitter jab

Tuesday  19:25,   12 december 2017
NBC News

<p>Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., called President Donald Trump's Twitter attack on her a "sexist smear" meant to silence her and those who have accused him of sexual misconduct after the two sparred on Twitter on[...]

Voting underway in contentious Alabama Senate race

Tuesday  19:24,   12 december 2017

Voting has begun following last-ditch efforts by a raft of national leaders to sway the race.BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Alabama voters headed to the polls Tuesday for a pivotal special election in which allegations of inappropriate behavior against[...]

Trump attorney says conflicts require second special counsel

Tuesday  19:24,   12 december 2017
NBC News

Lawyer Jay Sekulow says the Justice Department and FBI can no longer ignore the 'multiple problems' created by 'obvious conflicts of interest.'Jay Sekulow confirmed his remarks, which were first reported by Axios, in which he said[...]

Alabama Result Likely to Impact 2018 Senate Races

Tuesday  17:22,   12 december 2017
Real Clear Politics

Regardless of outcome, the high-stakes and volatile Alabama Senate special election Tuesday will likely ripple through the 2018 midterm elections and have a significant impact on the race for the Senate majority. For Democrats, the stakes are clear: [...]

Which Alabama Will Claim Victory Tonight?

Tuesday  17:00,   12 december 2017
The Daily Beast

It’s “let’s not embarrass ourselves—again” versus “let’s not let those Yankee snobs tell us who we are.” It’s Sir Charles vs. Falwell Jr. Place your bets, folks.By the end of the race, Democrat Doug Jones finally found his message. In one of the[...]

Trump Says Gillibrand ‘Would Do Anything’ For Campaign Donations

Tuesday  16:56,   12 december 2017
Roll Call

President Donald Trump on Tuesday alleged that Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand “would do anything” for his campaign contributions before he ran for president.  In a morning tweet, the president dubbed the New York Democrat[...]

A Doug Jones win could be the beginning of the end of tax reform

Tuesday  16:56,   12 december 2017

+ Doug Jones and - Susan Collins = real trouble for the GOP’s big tax overhaul.But looming over the final steps in the legislation is the possibility that it could all fall apart. The worst-case scenario for Republicans — and the only plausible path [...]

How could Roy Moore win? Because parties are weak and partisanship is strong.

Tuesday  16:56,   12 december 2017

Republican elites lost control of the primary, and rank-and-file voters don’t care.The same way Donald Trump happened. The most important feature of our political age is that parties are weak while partisanship is[...]

Where Alabama Senate candidates stand on 8 key issues

Tuesday  15:38,   12 december 2017
NBC News

Jones and Moore differ on the issues facing the country, though matters of policy have been largely overshadowed by the scandal dogging Moore's campaign.Voters in the Cotton State will choose between conservative former Chief Justice of the[...]

5 things to watch in Alabama's Senate election

Tuesday  15:37,   12 december 2017

On Tuesday, Alabama voters will deliver their verdict on Roy Moore. Doug Jones has benefited from help from Barack Obama and other key DemocratsTwice ousted as state Supreme Court chief justice, criticized nationally for opposing the rights of LGBT[...]

Turbulent Senate race now in hands of Alabama voters

Tuesday  15:37,   12 december 2017
Associated Press

<p>Depending on who is making the case, Alabama's special Senate election Tuesday is about either continuing the "Trump miracle" in Washington or allowing "decency" to prevail back home.</p>At the center is Roy Moore —[...]

Sean Spicer announces he's writing a book

Tuesday  09:37,   12 december 2017

Sean Spicer is writing a book to "set the record straight" about what he says happened during the election, transition and his time in the administration."I looked back at the coverage of the campaign, the transition in the first six,[...]

Alabama Senate Latest Polls: Who Is Leading?

Tuesday  09:36,   12 december 2017

The stakes are high for both candidates.Polls gathered by RealClearPolitics today show conflicting spreads for each candidate. Fox News, for example, reveals a 10-point advantage for Jones, whereas CBS News/YouGov indicates that Moore is beating the [...]

CNN Responds to Trump's Tweet, Calls Him a Bully

Tuesday  09:36,   12 december 2017

CNN fired back against Donald Trump, saying he is engaging in bullying behavior, less than an hour after Donald Trump used his favorite insult in calling CNN anchor Don Lemon "the 'dumbest man on television!'""In a world where[...]