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Six ways Battlefield 5 will change the series’ traditional gameplay

Thursday  01:31,   24 may 2018

From how you move and shoot to how you unlock perks and gear, it’s a whole new ballgame Developer EA DICE unveiled Battlefield 5 today during a lavish livestreamed event. Earlier this week, Polygon was invited to a private, in-depth presentation on[...]

Facebook now requires your Social Security number to buy political ads

Thursday  01:12,   24 may 2018

US Facebook users who want to run certain ads on the platform will need to hand over their social security number.Load[...]

Uber shutters self-driving program in Arizona

Wednesday  22:20,   23 may 2018

Uber has shut down its self-driving car operations in Arizona two months after a fatal crash involving one of its vehicles, the company said on Wednesday. Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] is not shuttering its entire autonomous vehicle program, a[...]

RuneScape Classic is shutting down after 17 years

Wednesday  18:52,   23 may 2018

RuneScape Classic, the original version of the game released by developer Jagex in 2001, is shutting down. RuneScape Classic is the name of Jagex’s classic fantasy MMORPG that many people cite as their first foray into online gaming. A sequel to the [...]

Facebook expands its protection of potential revenge porn photos

Wednesday  13:55,   23 may 2018

After early trials, Facebook wants to take its fight against abuse across the world.Load[...]

HTC rejoins the dual camera fray with the U12+

Wednesday  12:31,   23 may 2018

There's no better Android underdog than HTC. Long before Samsung cemented itself as the high-end Android leader, HTC was pumping out innovative devices like the One X and One S in 2012. It followed up with the flagship One (M7), which featured[...]

US iPhone sales last quarter jumped by 16% as the rest of the market fell by 11%

Wednesday  08:05,   23 may 2018

The iPhone X may not have helped Apple shatter any quarterly sales records, but it's still performing incredibly well in the market place. In light of that, a new report from Counterpoint Research reveals that Apple during the first[...]

Next-gen Apple iPhone chips reportedly already in production

Wednesday  07:45,   23 may 2018

<p>Production on the next-generation processor that will power new iPhones launching later this year has reportedly already begun.</p>Apple manufacturing partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing has begun producing what is expected to be[...]

Twitter brings modern features to its web and Windows apps

Wednesday  06:55,   23 may 2018

Twitter's other clients now have some of the features you take for granted using its main apps. Its mobile web version, Twitter Lite and Twitter for Windows now support night mode, real-time updates on replies, likes and retweets as well as a[...]

Amazon is banning customers who make too many returns

Wednesday  02:55,   23 may 2018

Amazon is reportedly blacklisting customers who abuse the site’s policies by making too many returns. Amazon is reportedly blacklisting customers who abuse the site’s lenient return policy.“We want everyone to be able to use Amazon, but there are [...]

SpaceX Falcon 9 launches seven satellites

Wednesday  00:22,   23 may 2018

SpaceX is launching seven commercial and government satellites in West Coast flightThe launching, the 56th in the Falcon 9 family and SpaceX's 10th so far this year, came on time at 12:47 p.m. PDT (GMT-7; 3:47 p.m. EDT) from pad 4-East at Vandenberg [...]

How Shadow of the Tomb Raider makes Lara Croft more of a villain

Tuesday  22:06,   22 may 2018

Most Successful Video Game Franchises Most Successful Video Game Franchises Every villain is the hero of their own story, but what if the hero becomes the villain? Shadow of the Tomb Raider will mark Lara Croft’s darkest hour yet, as she reaches her [...]

Epic added a new item to Fortnite on accident

Tuesday  22:06,   22 may 2018

Fortnite's newest patch was released on Tuesday morning and players quickly noticed there was an addition to the game that wasn’t in the patch notes: a new backpack called, Eye of the Storm Tracker. As it turns out, the reason the item wasn’t in [...]

Twin sportscar-sized satellites to chase water changes on Earth

Tuesday  18:01,   22 may 2018

A pair of identical, sportscar-sized satellites are poised to zoom around the Earth and track changes in water and ice, offering new insights into global warming and sea level rise, NASA said Monday. Groundwater, oceans, lakes, rivers and ice sheets [...]

Apple is teasing a smarter Siri with a new voice to show off at June's WWDC

Tuesday  08:00,   22 may 2018

Apple historically has used the WWDC developer conference to announce new software changes to make Siri more useful. Will they work this time?This year's plan, according to a Siri trick Apple has put out there: Siri will be smarter, get a new look[...]