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4 hidden Mac tweaks to speed up your computer

Wednesday  12:36,   23 august 2017
Popular Science

Take macOS to the next level. Get your Mac working like new again. It happens to the best of machines—after a few years of use, it just doesn't run as smoothly or quickly as it used to. Luckily, a few tweaks under the hood can rev up the[...]

Hulu will soon merge its two iOS apps into one

Wednesday  12:36,   23 august 2017

Say goodbye to confusing one Hulu app on your iOS device for another. Soon, the streaming service will condense both of them into a single one and phase out the Hulu Live TV app introduced earlier this year when the livestreaming service[...]

Facebook wants to end the ‘I read it on Facebook’ problem

Wednesday  09:05,   23 august 2017

Facebook today announced a feature designed to increase visibility on the platform. Publishers, as of today, can add several logos to a new Brand Asset Library (shown below). © Provided by The Next Web The reason we’re seeing the feature[...]

A special Nokia 8 may be heading to the US and China

Wednesday  09:05,   23 august 2017

Nokia's highest-end phone might come to these important markets after all.Up until now, it's been reported that HMD Global, the company that licenses the Nokia phone brand, had no plans to release its new flagship phone in these two countries.[...]

Sony owes Xperia owners a refund over faulty water resistance

Wednesday  09:05,   23 august 2017

When you buy a phone billed as water-resistant, you generally expect it to survive accidental dunks. Some Sony phone owners have a very different story, though -- their supposedly resistant phones took water damage that required an expensive fix.[...]

Star Wars Battlefront II unveils 10 minutes of Starfighter warfare

Wednesday  06:05,   23 august 2017
Entertainment Weekly

Producer Rob Wyle and designer John Stanley walk viewers through the preview, which goes over some of the different ships, classes, and objectives. Filling in the story gaps between the original Star Wars trilogy and The Force Awakens, the game sees [...]

White House cybersecurity czar warns of Russian threat

Wednesday  02:36,   23 august 2017
CBS News

Rob Joyce says the U.S. is lacking 300,000 cybersecurity experts needed to defend the country . He also had a warning for the public about using software from Kaspersky Lab. U.S. officials believe the company has ties to the Kremlin -- and the[...]

Another iPhone leak has some very bad news about Touch ID

Wednesday  02:30,   23 august 2017

The closer we get to Apple’s traditional iPhone event in September, the more iPhone 8 rumors we see. And most of them paint the same picture: the new iPhone will have a new all-screen design that has forced Apple to drop the fingerprint sensor.[...]

Nintendo Shows Off SNES Classic in Retro '90s Ad

Wednesday  01:16,   23 august 2017
The Hollywood Reporter

The system is available Sept. 29. [...]

Facebook’s colorful status updates are now available on WhatsApp

Wednesday  00:01,   23 august 2017
The Verge

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that lets users write status updates with a colorful background, reports VentureBeat. Facebook began adding the colored-background statuses in December 2016. While garish at times, the feature was[...]

Tech Goes From White House to Doghouse in Trump's Washington

Tuesday  21:02,   22 august 2017

Google once had Barack Obama’s ear, served as a revolving door for White House staff and saw its political agenda advance. In Donald Trump’s Washington, some conservatives say it’s gotten so powerful it should be regulated like a public utility. [...]

Your biggest SNES Classic questions, answered

Tuesday  18:19,   22 august 2017

 FAQ for Nintendo’s hottest product this yearNintendo created an interesting problem for itself with the NES Classic[...]

Here are your best chances at getting a mini SNES Classic Edition (update)

Tuesday  16:36,   22 august 2017

Nintendo The landing pages are up, and pre-orders may be coming soon Nintendo announced the Super NES Classic Edition today, and the company is adjusting its strategy by allowing retailers to accept pre-orders for what’s sure to be one of the[...]

Nintendo's second 'Classic' console is better, but not perfect

Tuesday  16:35,   22 august 2017

When Nintendo announced that the already impossible to find NES Classic Edition was going out of production, there were two reactions: outrage that the company could introduce such a popular product and fail to meet demand, and curiosity -- why[...]

This is the only eclipse photo you need

Tuesday  15:39,   22 august 2017

If your friends are anything like mine, every single social app that encourages over-sharing is full of blurry eclipse photos right now. A NASA photographer captured this incredible eclipse photobomb during the partial eclipse. If you look[...]