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T-Mobile lets parents control what their kids do online in or out of the house

Monday  22:03,   25 june 2018

T-Mobile's FamilyMode can also monitor what kids do online with their phones, tablets, laptops or gaming consoles.On Monday, T-Mobile announced its FamilyMode service. FamilyMode works in two ways: it gives parents control over what their kids[...]

Oculus TV is now available: VR gets its own streaming-TV hub

Monday  21:31,   25 june 2018

But no social viewing until later this year.Oculus TV is the second, and it's now available on Oculus Go (but notSamsung Gear VR) with a bunch of new video streaming apps. It aims to be a central place to find all the streaming videos to watch[...]

Mars Is Passe. Venus Is the Real Next Frontier

Monday  21:21,   25 june 2018

Research missions to the second rock from the sun could help us understand our own planet as well.But some are wondering if we shouldn't pay attention to Earth's other red—though warmer—neighbor:[...]

NASA's stunning new photo of Jupiter looks like a work of art

Monday  21:21,   25 june 2018

NASA's Juno spacecraft captured a mesmerizing new image of the planetary titan.Jupiter may be best known as the planetary titan of our solar system with a comparatively small red mark — that still dwarfs the entirety of Earth — and rows of[...]

China's New Space Station Makes Baffling Maneuver

Monday  20:56,   25 june 2018

Chinese authorities may be about to de-orbit the station.On June 13, the spacecraft unexpectedly dropped from its usual orbit of 242 miles to 183 miles before returning to its original position, according to Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer from the [...]

'Gold Rush' Star to Give Away His Gold Through Mobile Game

Monday  19:46,   25 june 2018

The star of the Discovery reality TV show is giving away two ounces of gold worth $2,550 weekly for 12 weeks.The former star of Gold Rush, a reality TV series on the Discovery Channel, will be giving a chunk of his own gold to the winners of a[...]

Accused Fortnite leaker files defense against Epic’s lawsuit

Monday  19:01,   25 june 2018

A quality assurance contractor sued by Epic Games and blamed for a late April leak of Fortnite Battle Royale season four spoilers filed a defense to Epic’s claims this past week, saying he did not work with a third party to disseminate the[...]

Reddit launches a 'News' tab into beta testing

Monday  17:06,   25 june 2018

Reddit is rolling out its "news" tab into beta, the company announced this week. The expansion follows on Reddit's initial test of a news-related feature that began this May, when an alpha version shipped to some users of Reddit's[...]

When Is the Upcoming Blood Moon?

Monday  14:01,   25 june 2018

Weather permitting, Mars will also glow especially bright that night.Mars will also appear especially large and bright in the sky that night as it moves towards its closest approach to Earth for 15 years. Weather permitting, this will give[...]

Samsung Galaxy S10 new feature leaks are just what we wanted

Monday  11:27,   25 june 2018

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is shaping up to be the future phone we've always wanted if the rumour mill proves accurate. A new supply chain leak has appeared via The Bell, which reveals what we could be getting when the S10 is expected to[...]

Some Rivers Are So Drug-Polluted, Their Eels Get High on Cocaine

Monday  09:50,   25 june 2018

Illegal drug residues in the water could be affecting native fish.And while societies have long grappled with ways to cope with the use of illicit drugs, less understood are the downstream effects these drugs might have on other species after they[...]

Stunning Blue Dune Discovered on Mars

Monday  07:50,   25 june 2018

Mars is more than just a red planet. There are sand dunes across the surface of Mars, especially in crater floors. In the bottom of Lyot Crater, there is a “ field of dunes.” According to a NASA press release, one dune is made of finer material[...]

NASA gives Jupiter the Van Gogh treatment with magnificent new image

Monday  07:20,   25 june 2018

Jupiter’s vociferous weather systems snapped on a Juno fly-by reveal a stunning cosmic oil painting.If it keeps producing images like this, showcasing Jupiter's writhing, stormy face, I really hope they never crash the Absolute[...]

Scientists validate theory of relativity on galactic level

Monday  07:20,   25 june 2018

Einstein's theory of general relativity is rather important when it's crucial to the modern understandings of the universe and technology like satellites. But does it hold up with something as vast as a galaxy? Thanks to researchers, we[...]

A big solar storm could wreak havoc on GPS and everything else on your phone

Sunday  20:41,   24 june 2018

Solar storms, which involve magnetized particles that shoot out of the sun, can shake up the balance of Earth's magnetic field.On the surface of the sun, giant fiery eruptions can send magnetically charged particles out into space. If these[...]