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The weather looks fine on this nearby Earth-like planet

Wednesday  07:30,   18 july 2018

Ross 128 b is the second-closest rocky planet beyond our solar system, but it may be the nearest exoplanet worth checking for aliens.While the nearest star beyond our sun, Proxima Centauri, appears to blast its only known planet with nasty[...]
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The Longest Total Lunar Eclipse Of The Century Is Happening This Month

Wednesday  07:15,   18 july 2018

Space enthusiasts in certain regions of the world will get free seats to a potentially once-in-a-lifetime event on the celestial stage later this month.  On July 27, lucky stargazers will see the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century[...]

Astronomers have found a new crop of moons around Jupiter, and one of them is a weirdo

Tuesday  22:36,   17 july 2018

<p>Ten more moons have been confirmed to orbit around Jupiter, bringing the planet’s total known satellite count to 79.</p>Astronomers at Carnegie Institution for Science first found these moons in March 2017, along with two others that were[...]

Zombies run amok in new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 trailer

Tuesday  21:56,   17 july 2018

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 trailer brings on the zombie modeIn celebration of the 10-year anniversary of Call of Duty Zombies, Black Ops 4 is giving gamers three different story modes with the dead sprinkled in. “Voyage of Despair” will be set aboard [...]

Your first look at No Man’s Sky’s big multiplayer update in action

Tuesday  20:51,   17 july 2018

Explore the universe with other people, for real this[...]

Pokémon Go Fest 2018 ran without a hitch, unlike last year

Tuesday  20:51,   17 july 2018

Last year was a mess, but Niantic bounced back in a big way It’s fair to call 2017’s Pokémon Go Fest a total failure. The inaugural,outdoor event was plagued by connection errors, bad weather, angry fans, and a whole lot of nothing — and it was[...]

Worldwide Mobile Game Spending Grew to $26.6 Billion In First Half Of 2018 (Analyst)

Tuesday  20:51,   17 july 2018

Mobile games spending grew 19% in the first half of 2018 to an estimated $26.6 billion worldwide, according to market intelligence company Sensor Tower. They now represent about 78% of the total money spent in apps across both the App Store and[...]

NASA finds ‘spiders’ on Mars, but not the kind you’re thinking

Tuesday  17:56,   17 july 2018

<p>The search for evidence of past life on Mars is a long, complicated endeavor that NASA has devoted an incredible amount of time and money to. That investment may pay off one day soon, but in the <g class="gr_ gr_15 gr-alert gr_gramm[...]

Scientists Find 'Quadrillions' of Tons of Diamonds Beneath Earth's Surface

Tuesday  17:30,   17 july 2018

Unfortunately, the diamonds are buried so deep we'll probably never mine them.To discover what lies beneath the surface, scientists can’t simply look with their eyes. Instead, they use sound waves and listen. Unlike light, sound can travel[...]

Are You Using Your Favorite Emojis Right?

Tuesday  16:42,   17 july 2018

Here’s a little refresher course.The best way to show your appreciation is by learning what your favorite emojis actually mean and how they’re supposed to be used, according to one of the largest emoticon databases,[...]

Scientists learn to repair human bones by studying coral reefs

Tuesday  16:10,   17 july 2018

Protecting corals from climate change could save lives.Unfortunately, coral skeletons are made of calcium carbonite, which breaks down in the human body before new bone can grow on it, so it can’t be used as-is. While researchers have developed a[...]

Instapaper buys itself back from Pinterest

Tuesday  11:51,   17 july 2018

Back in 2013, developer Marco Arment sold his popular read-it-later app Instapaper to Betaworks, the company that had previously acquired Digg.&nbsp;Two years ago, Pinterest bought the little company to "accelerate discovering and saving[...]

Second Annual Pokémon Go Fest Draws Over 21,000 Attendees

Tuesday  01:35,   17 july 2018

“Pokémon Go” developer Niantic has apparently redeemed itself after its disastrous Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago last year. An estimated 21,000 people attended the 2018 event in Lincoln Park, and 180,000 participated in the surrounding Chicago area.[...]

New ‘Overwatch’ Social Features Lead To Major Drop In Toxicity, Blizzard Says

Tuesday  00:08,   17 july 2018

“Overwatch’s” new Looking For Group and Endorsement systems are already making the online hero shooter a friendlier place, according to developer Blizzard Entertainment. Abusive chat is down 26% in competitive matches in the Americas and 16% in[...]

All 2018 iPhones and two new iPads will get the iPhone X’s most controversial feature

Monday  21:24,   16 july 2018

The iPhone X has two signature features that also happen to be quite controversial, an all-screen design with a notch cut out of the display and a 3D depth-sensing front camera system that can securely identify users. Face ID is a solution Apple[...]