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How to keep your personal information safe without completely unplugging from social media

Sunday  14:10,   22 april 2018

If you plan on staying on the social media network but are still concerned, CNET gives CNBC tips on how users can stay plugged in, but safeguard their data.It seems every other week there's a new data breach, hack or security issue. It's no surprise [...]

How to proactively secure your business apps

Sunday  12:40,   22 april 2018

<p>Despite increasingly sophisticated and far-reaching cybersecurity implementations, there isn’t a day when we don’t hear about new data breaches and vulnerabilities.</p>According to Breach Level Index, more than 5 million records are[...]

Apple offers battery replacement for some MacBooks after flaws reported

Sunday  05:30,   22 april 2018

Apple Inc on Friday said component failure in a limited number of MacBook Pros has caused built-in battery to expand, adding, it will offer worldwide free replacement for such batteries. Apple said the flaw, reported in some 13-inch Macbook Pros[...]

Can Dirt Save the Earth?

Sunday  03:20,   22 april 2018
The New York Times

Agriculture could pull carbon out of the air and into the soil — but it would mean a whole new way of thinking about how to tend the land.When John Wick and his wife, Peggy Rathmann, bought their ranch in Marin County, Calif., in 1998, it was mostly [...]

7 things we’ve learned about Earth since the last Earth Day

Saturday  22:05,   21 april 2018

Our understanding of Earth — and how we’re changing it — just keeps expanding.Earth Day turns 48 this Sunday, April 22, and Google is celebrating it with a Google Doodle of conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall, who nudges us in a video a “do our part[...]

Mystery disease spreads, threatens coral reefs in the Lower Florida Keys

Saturday  18:41,   21 april 2018
Miami Herald

A mysterious disease hammering Florida's dwindling reefs was found for the first time this week in the Lower Keys, alarming scientists who've used epoxy band-aids, amputated sick coral and even set up underwater "fire breaks" in a[...]

Apple’s recycling robot disassembles 200 iPhones an hour

Saturday  17:25,   21 april 2018

Named “Daisy,” Apple’s new robot builds on its previous iteration, Liam, which Apple used to disassemble unneeded iPhones in an attempt to scrap or reuse the materials. Like her predecessor, Daisy can successfully salvage a bulk of the material[...]

Cracks on Mars Reveal a System of Ancient Lakes

Saturday  13:30,   21 april 2018

<p>A study published Thursday confirmed that the cracks identified on Mars' surface last year by the Curiosity rover are indeed evidence of ancient lakes that likely dried up about 3.5 billion years ago.</p>The study, published online in[...]

Critics are slamming the new iMessage-like feature coming soon to all Android phones for not being secure

Saturday  12:30,   21 april 2018
Business Insider

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider A new feature called "Chat" will soon be deployed across every Android phone, as it will be automatically turned on within the default "Messages" app. Chat is not a Google service, although Google[...]

Exclusive: Chat is Google’s next big fix for Android’s messaging mess

Saturday  02:45,   21 april 2018
The Verge

How the successor to SMS will take on iMessage&nbsp;&nbsp;It’s a problem. In fact, it’s been always been a problem. Google has spent nearly a decade trying — and failing — to fix it with an ever-rotating cast of poorly supported apps. While[...]

New iPhone SE coming in May without a headphone jack, report says

Saturday  02:40,   21 april 2018

Apple is preparing to launch the second-edition iPhone SE this spring, a new report says, and it will come complete with a few radical design changes. The phone will still resemble the 2016 model when it comes to overall design. But it’s supposed to [...]

New 'exploding ant' species puts on a gory, goo-filled show

Saturday  01:05,   21 april 2018

A new kind of exploding ant found in Borneo will simultaneously fascinate you and gross you out with its toxic self-sacrifice.Load[...]

The Yellowstone supervolcano is a disaster waiting to happen

Saturday  00:36,   21 april 2018

Scientists have new insight into the restless magma chambers underlying Yellowstone National Park.Yellowstone has been a national park since 1872, but it was only in the 1960s that scientists realized the scale of the volcano — it's 44 miles across[...]

Who shot the dodo? Technology reveals famous bird's violent end

Saturday  00:31,   21 april 2018
FOX News

Experts in the U.K. have uncovered new details about a famous 17th-century Dodo that challenge a long-held theory about the unfortunate flightless bird.The “Oxford Dodo” at the University of Oxford’s Museum of Natural History has long been a source[...]

How the New 'God of War' Game Was Inspired by Real-Life Parenting Challenges

Saturday  00:15,   21 april 2018

There are many characteristics that make Santa Monica Studios’ new God of War game different than any other. But the most obvious of them is the introduction of Kratos’ son Atreus, who accompanies his father on a trying and treacherous pilgrimage to [...]