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News : Technology

The axolotl—nature’s miracle healer—is on the brink of extinction

Sunday  19:36,   17 june 2018

The axolotl, or Ambystoma mexicanum, is the ultimate survivalist: When an axolotl loses a leg, tail, or a bit of its heart, the body part…The axolotl is also a conservation paradox: The iconic creature is Mexico’s national symbol, and, because it[...]

Black Holes Can Maybe Turn Into Dark Matter Lasers

Saturday  02:25,   16 june 2018

Black holes are already some of the strangest objects in the universe, and scientists sometimes dream up some pretty wild theories about their behavior. Like maybe they can accumulate dark matter particles and turn into black hole lasers, beaming[...]

The Ocean Is Getting More Acidic — What That Actually Means

Saturday  02:13,   16 june 2018

Thanks to carbon emissions, the ocean is changing, and that is putting a whole host of marine organisms at risk. These scientists are on the front lines.Load[...]

E3 2018: The 15 games we're most excited about

Saturday  01:31,   16 june 2018

Another E3 has come and gone, and the gaming expo has left us with a lot to chew on in the coming months. Titles that have been years in the making are now coming to fruition, while fledgling works seek to chart their own paths in a landscape[...]

NASA's record-breaking spacewoman retires as astronaut

Friday  21:30,   15 june 2018

<p>NASA's record-breaking astronaut, Peggy Whitson, retired Friday less than a year after returning from her last and longest spaceflight.</p>She's spent more time off the planet than any other American: 665 days over three space station[...]

Smart Robots Are the Secret to Spaceflight's Future

Friday  18:27,   15 june 2018

How automation will revolutionize launches, orbital operations, and building huge things in space.Load[...]

Instagram won’t alert people if you screenshot their stories

Friday  18:22,   15 june 2018

Instagram confirmed to BuzzFeed News today that it’s no longer testing a feature that would have let people see when someone took a screenshot of their story.&nbsp;The company said in February that it was testing this feature and that some users [...]

On-device AI will help you Google Translate when offline

Friday  18:22,   15 june 2018

Whether lost in Hong Kong's crowds or sitting in a Parisian café without any internet, Google Translate's offline version can more accurately get your point across with on-device AI.&nbsp;Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology is[...]

Samsung targets 100 percent renewable energy use by 2020

Friday  18:05,   15 june 2018

Samsung has announced plans to power its US, Europe and China operations entirely by renewable energy sources within two years.&nbsp;It's an ambitious but achievable goal, no doubt spurred by the environmental credentials its rivals already[...]

Upgrade to boost capacity of CERN's giant particle smasher

Friday  16:17,   15 june 2018

A major upgrade began Friday for the world's most powerful proton smasher to increase the number of particle collisions inside the Large Hadron Collider and help further explore the fundamental building blocks of the universe. The work[...]

NASA’s Opportunity rover is fighting for its life in a Martian dust storm

Friday  05:00,   15 june 2018

The seemingly unstoppable rover has already defied the odds by surviving on Mars 55 times longer than its original mission.Load[...]

Speck's new iPhone cases allow you to show your World Cup team spirit

Friday  04:20,   15 june 2018

The company's Presidio Grip World Edition case comes in six flag-matching color combos.With the FIFA 2018 World Cup officially underway, maybe it's time to change your iPhone case to match your team's colors. Or so Speck[...]

10 Years of Data Appears to Show Black Hole Eating a Star

Friday  04:20,   15 june 2018

When a star meets the gravity of a black hole, chaos ensues. A newly published study relies on 10 years of observations from a slew of well-known telescopes to sort through that chaos and reveal what seems to have happened when a star met a black[...]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate feels familiar in all the right ways

Friday  02:13,   15 june 2018

One of the main attractions of E3 this year is the Switch’s upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Lines to get hands on with the latest entry in the popular brawler series wrapped around Nintendo’s massive installation on the West Hall show floor,[...]

Many animals are shifting from day to night to avoid people

Thursday  23:15,   14 june 2018

Scientists say many animals around the world are becoming night owls to avoid people. Fear of humans has caused many species to increase their nighttime activity by 20 percent. The findings were published Thursday in the journal Science. Researchers [...]