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Turns out Android flip phones are still a thing

Friday  04:41,   23 june 2017

Samsung's Galaxy Folder 2 appeals to nostalgia -- and it's[...]

Virtual Reality Needs to Fix Stomach-Churning Experiences

Friday  04:41,   23 june 2017

<p>Virtual reality has yet to become a mainstream hit, but many companies, investors, and developers still have high hopes.</p>Virtual reality has yet to become a mainstream hit, but many companies, investors, and developers still have high[...]

Virtual Reality Is a Disappointment? Not in the World of Video Gamers

Thursday  23:45,   22 june 2017
The New York Times

The video gaming industry continues to pour money and resources into virtual reality, cementing its development and advancement.Sign Up For the Morning Briefing[...]

The Steam Summer Sale is live: Here are some of the best bargains

Thursday  23:25,   22 june 2017

Polygon Your guide to the best PC sale of the year Summer. It’s the season to spend money on the essentials: a new air conditioner, backup pairs of sunglasses, hand-woven picnic baskets and 15 or so video games you probably won’t even install on[...]

Super Mario Bros. strangely works in first-person augmented reality

Thursday  23:25,   22 june 2017

YouTube This HoloLens demo is weirdly good The original Super Mario Bros. doesn’t seem like a great fit for a first-person remake. A demo for the HoloLens, Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, proves that might not be the case; Super Mario Bros.[...]

Facebook wants to nudge you into 'meaningful' online groups

Thursday  21:36,   22 june 2017
Associated Press

At Facebook, mere "sharing" is getting old. Finding deeper meaning in online communities is the next big thing. 2 Credit Cards Charging 0% Interest Until 2019 See The Best 0% APR Cards Sponsored by NextAdvisor CEO Mark[...]

New orbiters for Europe's Galileo satnav system

Thursday  21:10,   22 june 2017

The European Space Agency signed a contract with a German-British consortium Thursday to build eight more satellites for its Galileo satnav system, an alternative to America's GPS.The deal was signed at the International Paris Air Show with[...]

Google pushes framework for law enforcement access to overseas data

Thursday  20:06,   22 june 2017

<p>Alphabet Inc's Google pressed U.S. lawmakers and the international community on Thursday to update laws on how governments access customer data stored on servers located in other countries, hoping to address a mounting concern for both law [...]

Nissan-Renault plan driverless ride-hailing service to beat off startup competition

Thursday  19:58,   22 june 2017

<p>The Nissan Motor Co Ltd and Renault SA alliance plan to launch driverless ride-hailing and ride-sharing services in coming years, as the automakers look beyond making and selling cars to survive an industry being quickly transformed by new[...]

I Chased an Eclipse at 60,000 Feet (and Set a World Record)

Thursday  19:45,   22 june 2017
NBC News

Miles above the ground, one of the world's most renowned solar eclipse experts spent a record-breaking 74 minutes in totality aboard a supersonic jetliner that flew twice the speed of sound."Concorde ready to intercept the fleeting shadow.[...]

Why go to Mars when you can telecommute there instead?

Thursday  19:36,   22 june 2017
Popular Science

<p>As people discuss the best ways to explore other planets, some wonder if it’s even necessary to send people to the ground—why not just send a robot avatar instead, and basically Skype with Mars?</p>At first, it was surprising to hear the[...]

GE is working on a massive 3D printer for jet engine parts

Thursday  19:31,   22 june 2017
Engadget UK

The company reveals plans for the 'world's largest' 3D printer that uses metal powders.GE Additive is a new business under the larger GE umbrella. It is developing what it calls "the world's largest laser-powered 3D printer" to create[...]

Amazon's Echo Show now displays security camera feeds

Thursday  19:30,   22 june 2017

View your camera's live video feed on the Echo Show's screen with a quick Alexa command.While Amazon says you will be able to listen to your camera's audio on any Alexa speaker, the Amazon Echo Show's 7-inch screen is the most logical point[...]

Girl Scouts to offer badge in cyber security skills

Thursday  19:00,   22 june 2017

Girl Scouts of the USA and Palo Alto Networks has announced a collaboration to introduce a series of 18 cybersecurity badges for girls K-12.&nbsp;Or at least they will be. Girl Scouts of the USA and Palo Alto Networks has announced a[...]

Verizon is killing Tumblr’s fight for net neutrality

Thursday  17:46,   22 june 2017
The Verge

One of the open internet’s fiercest defenders has a new boss.In 2014, Tumblr was on the front lines of the battle for net neutrality. The company stood alongside Amazon, Kickstarter, Etsy, Vimeo, Reddit, and Netflix during Battle for the Net’s day[...]