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'IPhone Pro' will arrive on time but in limited quantities, JPMorgan says

Thursday  11:36,   20 july 2017

JPMorgan says the iPhone Pro will arrive on time but only in limited quantities.Instead, the bank said, Apple's highest-end iPhone will launch on time but will only be available in limited quantities at[...]

Amazon launches shopping social network Spark for iOS

Thursday  11:36,   20 july 2017

Spark, which is currently only available for Amazon's premium paying Prime members, encourages users to share photos and videos, just like popular social media platforms Instagram and Pinterest. The new feature publicly launched on Tuesday for[...]

New Exoplanet-Hunting Instrument Provides Wider View of the Night Sky

Thursday  11:36,   20 july 2017

MASCARA's cameras take repeated calculations of the brightness of stars all across the evening sky , and if its software detects that the light dimmed and then brightened, scientists can deduce that a planet may exist and might have passed in[...]

Review: The 2DS XL Is the Dedicated Nintendo Handheld to Get

Thursday  04:30,   20 july 2017

The New Nintendo 2DS XL, still as much of a mouthful as the New Nintendo 3DS XL, doesn’t do 3D. It’s a member of the 3DS family per Nintendo’s rubric, but won’t trick brains into believing they’re peering into a beguiling, pint-sized shadow box[...]

Boy trips, falls and discovers million-year-old fossil

Thursday  00:30,   20 july 2017
CBS News

In Las Cruces, New Mexico, clumsiness and science collide in a remarkable discoveryJude Sparks said he literally fell on the 1.2-million-year-old skull of a stegomastodon -- a massive prehistoric creature with tusks like an elephant -- while on a[...]

When Pac-Man Met Hello Kitty: ’80s Icons Join Forces in Mobile Game

Wednesday  23:10,   19 july 2017

It’s a match made in 1980s pop-culture heaven: Legendary video-game gobbler Pac-Man is teaming up with the superlovable cat-like Hello Kitty character in a limited-time mobile-game collaboration. Hello Kitty will join Pac-Man to chomp dots, weave[...]

Samsung No Longer Interested In Making A Bixby Speaker?

Wednesday  22:16,   19 july 2017
International Business Times

An anonymous source claims that Samsung doesn't see smart speakers as marketable because of the crowded market and lack of development for Bixby.“Samsung currently does not view Al speakers as marketable, as the global market is already[...]

Apple launches a machine learning blog to placate its researchers

Wednesday  21:05,   19 july 2017

Apple hasn't always been very open about its technology or its research, but the company surprised everyone last year when AI director Russ Salakhutdinov announced that Apple would begin publishing its machine learning research. In a[...]

Vevo’s new Watch Party Live is Twitch meets for music artists

Wednesday  21:05,   19 july 2017
The Verge

Vevo today launched Watch Party Live, a new, multiple-screen live stream experience geared toward connecting musicians with fans through their music videos. The World's Richest Agree: This Will Impact Everything See The Tech Sponsored [...]

Augmented reality startup Blippar hopes to turn your face into a digital billboard

Wednesday  20:55,   19 july 2017
The Verge

The latest product from augmented reality startup Blippar has a simple, if somewhat unnerving, pitch: what if you could turn your face into a digital billboard? The company’s new Halos feature allows you to do exactly that. You scan your[...]

Telltale Games announces new seasons of Batman, Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us

Wednesday  20:55,   19 july 2017
The Verge

Telltale Games is bringing back three of its best series. Things will kick off with a second season of the developer’s take on Batman, the first episode of a planned five-part series will debut on August 8th. The first season of the game wrapped up[...]

Google's new feed uses your searches for a more personal homepage

Wednesday  18:20,   19 july 2017

Last December, Google made a change to its mobile search app: the addition of a news feed. While Google tries to make its current feed as personalized as possible, it can't always figure out exactly what your likes and dislikes are. That's[...]

Everything that might be slowing your Wi-Fi down

Wednesday  17:45,   19 july 2017

Everyone loves fast Wi-Fi, but unless you're perched on a stool right next to your router you might not get the speeds you're expecting.Some are obvious, like the three floors that lie between you and your Wi-Fi box; others are a little less [...]

Facebook disables modified link previews to fight fake news

Wednesday  17:00,   19 july 2017

Facebook has begun implementing a new feature that can prevent fake news from making it onto the social network. In our sample Facebook Page post below, you'll see our article's headline in big, bold letters and the text snippet underneath[...]

Rare birth of endangered hairy-nosed wombat in Australia

Wednesday  16:05,   19 july 2017

The population of one of the world's rarest species has been boosted with the birth of a northern hairy-nosed wombat joey, Australian wildlife officials said Wednesday.The arrival of the furry marsupial comes as a conservation program to save[...]