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Another Trump failure: Infrastructure

  Another Trump failure: Infrastructure The president is trying to pass off a privatization scheme as a public works project. Subscribe to the Post Most newsletter: Today’s most popular stories on The Washington PostDespite calling for a $1.5 trillion boost in infrastructure spending, Trump is proposing just $200 billion in federal funding. The remaining $1.3 trillion is expected to come from a combination of state and local governments and the private sector. Yet in most places with the greatest need for new infrastructure, cash-strapped governments won't be able to pay for it without raising taxes.

The address bar is given a red background and the red security icon is present, along with the words “certificate error”. Is an https connection really all that safe ? https is an important part of keeping your data safe , but it’ s A slash line comes on https (red color) when i open the web page,when i

Download UR, a fast and free web browser that respects user privacy. Security Privacy Other Features Blog Our Commitments. Because staying safe shouldn't be complicated. HTTPS , however is newer and it encrypts your data on the website . This is especially important for sensitive

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HTTPS makes a difference in who can see data about your web surfing.

It has probably been a while since you typed "http" in front of a URL to cruise around the web, but those simple letters are still crucial to your experience on the internet.

That familiar abbreviation stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and it’s the system that helps bring all that sweet content from the web down in front of your eyeballs. It’s the protocol that enables us to interact with the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, it can also provide an opportunity for bad people to inject all kinds of shenanigans into the browsing process, from secretly sending bad software to your machine to tricking you into looking at a site that’s not what it claims, like imitating your bank’s website, for example, and getting you to enter your username and password

Greg Schiano Staying At Ohio State, Not Leaving For Patriots

  Greg Schiano Staying At Ohio State, Not Leaving For Patriots Contrary to a published report Monday that Greg Schiano was expected to join the New England Patriots as their new defensive coordinator, the Ohio State defensive coordinator told SI Wednesday morning that he is staying at OSU. Schiano told SI a few minutes after the nation’s top offensive tackle prospect, Berkeley Prep (Fla.) five-star Nick Petit-Frere, picked the Buckeyes. Schiano played a key role in helping Ohio State pluck Petit-Frere out of Tampa.

The HTTPS indicator will appear in the address bar when you are viewing a secure site. A secure connection is not important for many websites , like a news source or weather forecast. Review our Internet Safety tutorial to learn more about staying safe online.

That green padlock that appears in your browser ’ s address bar when you’re on a secure connection is even more important when you’re on public wi-fi. Think long and hard—and then think again—before doing anything important across an unsecured connection

So why do you see the “S” at the end of it sometimes? HTTPS is a secure version of the HTTP protocol. It has become the standard on the web, and now companies like Google are giving it a push for total internet saturation. Late last week, Google announced that its Chrome browser will label any site using HTTP as "not secure" in an effort to push consumers and site creators toward a safer internet experience.

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Google will go beyond denying HTTP sites the green lock icon and explicitly label them "not secure" starting in July.

What do HTTP and HTTPS actually do?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the way in which your web browser (like Chrome or Safari, which are both applications) sends a request for content to a web server. It’s how an app like Chrome can request specific content for a web page like the one you’re reading right now. HTTPS is a secure version of the protocol that encrypts data flowing to and from your web browser. “HTTP is data transfer on the web,” says Emily Schechter, product manager for chrome security team. “It’s what’s going back and forth over the lines.”

Trump donates salary to Transportation Dept. amid infrastructure push

  Trump donates salary to Transportation Dept. amid infrastructure push President Trump donated his fourth quarter salary to the Department of Transportation (DOT), a spokesperson said on Tuesday, as he promotes his administration's infrastructure plan. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the announcement at her daily news briefing, standing alongside Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and other DOT official"Today, the president is proud to donate his fourth quarter, 2017 salary to the Department of Transportation to support their programs to rebuild and modernize our crumbling infrastructure," Sanders said.

Understand browser security and your chosen web browser ' s security features in this free Internet safety lesson. Some websites will display a lock symbol in the address bar . This means the website is using an HTTPS connection, which makes it safe to enter your personal information.

Use a safe browser , like Avast SafeZone browser . Look for the green HTTPS padlock next to the website ’ s address in your address bar . HTTPS is a protocol that encrypts your data when it is being sent over the web .

How is HTTPS more secure?

The primary benefit of HTTPS comes from encryption. Observers can’t see the content of the information as it moves between the application and the web server. So, it’s a basic layer of privacy between your data and the outside world.

This also ensures that the information isn’t modified or corrupted in transit without detection. So, if an internet service provider tries to sneak some malicious code in with the content you requested, the browser will notice. Finally, it stops what are typically called “man-in-the-middle” attacks, in which a third party sneaks in between the browser and the server and replaces the data with other, typically harmful data.

By encrypting the data transferred between your machine and the web server, HTTPS makes sure that the site you’re viewing adds a basic layer of security.

Even if you’re not sending sensitive data like personal info and passwords to a HTTP site, it’s still possible for outside observers to look at aggregate browsing data of the users and “deanonymize” their identities by analyzing behavior patterns.

Trump to make national address after Florida school shooting -spokeswoman

  Trump to make national address after Florida school shooting -spokeswoman U.S. President Donald Trump will make a national address at 11 a.m. (1600 GMT) on Thursday, a White House spokeswoman said, about a massacre at a Florida high school on Wednesday in which a 19-year-old gunman killed 17 people in one of the country's deadliest school shootings.Earlier on Thursday, Trump wrote in a Twitter post: "So many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed, even expelled from school for bad and erratic behavior. Neighbors and classmates knew he was a big problem.

In these days of less privacy and growing online threats, it is vitally important for you to have information that can help to keep you and your family safe . Any time you’re on a Web page, look at the address bar (above the Web page) and the website ’ s name. If you see “ https ” at the beginning

This article will enumerate a few best practices and techniques to help computer users stay safe and securely browse the Internet. Address Bar Spoofing: This happens when a user’ s browser address bar is altered to display Web pages as dictated by the Cyber attacker.

How does a site get the HTTPS designation?

“Unfortunately, it’s not trivial,” says Schechter, “which is why it hasn’t happened automatically. Google has a site with specific instructions about how to switch to HTTPS by obtaining a security certificate.

If you’re an individual or a business and you have a site through one of the big site providers like Squarespace or Wix, they will handle most of the process for you. Even old sites on those services can typically switch a simple setting in order to enable the secure version.

What should you do if you find a site that isn’t HTTPS?

Schechter suggests you don’t send sensitive data over the connection in case someone is snooping on it. Google says between 70 and 82 percent of the sites Chromes users interact with on computers use HTTPS. That number is around 70 percent for mobile users.

Other browsers are taking a similarly hard stance against sites that might expose user data. Firefox indicates that a site isn’t secure when it requires users to submit passwords.

So, while you don’t have to type the HTTPS anymore in your browser, that extra “s” will play an important part of your life on the web going forward.

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