Technology Office 2016 for Mac users get Google Calendar access for more scheduling options

01:42  17 may  2018
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You can now make Alexa your default assistant on Android

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Office 2016 just hangs trying to add the calendar . It's not a permissions error since the user can see everything in OWA. It's just limited to his Mac . I had him try it the other way by scheduling a meeting and then looking at the Free/Busy scheduler in Outlook, but that doesn't work either.

Office 365 users who are also Office Insider Fast users on version 15.36 have access to Send Later, a feature that will Tags: Microsoft , Microsoft Outlook , Office 2016 for Mac , Office 365. Would be nice to have both options - inline attachments (a la Apple), and message attachments (a la Outlook).

Microsoft's latest update to Office 2016 for Mac is adding support for Google Calendars and Contacts.

The move is sure to please Office for Mac users who rely on Google Calendar to keep track of their schedules, and will sync Gmail messages and Google Contacts as well.

The Office for Mac version 16.13 release also includes numerous security fixes that prevent remote code execution in Excel and PowerPoint.

How to enable Google Calendar sync in Outlook 2016 for Mac

The synchronization between Google Calendar and Outlook actually happens by connecting your Google account to Microsoft Cloud. It isn't as big a deal as it sounds — all it means is that copies of your mail, calendar appointments, and contacts are kept synced between Microsoft and Google.

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Get the most out of Outlook 2016 with these top tips. Search Macworld. Mac Software How to. Tips for Outlook for Mac 2016 . Unfortunately, our first tip for many users of Outlook 2016 is a warning that Office 2016 in general was quite royally screwed by the arrival of El Capitan (OS X v10.11)

The most commonplace example is where administrative assistants support managers and other knowledge workers and need access to their calendars to book appointments, schedule meetings The good news is that the new calendar sharing model has been enabled for all Office 365 users .

Getting your Google Calendar and Contacts to show up in Office 2016 for Mac isn't too complicated. For the sake of these steps we'll assume you don't already have a Google account connected to Outlook for Mac 2016.

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Note: Be sure Office 2016 for Mac is updated to version 16.13. You can do that by opening any Office application, clicking on Help in the top menu, and then clicking on Check For Updates.

With Outlook open look for the Tools option in the top menu bar. Click it and you'll see Accounts as one of the options. Click on that (Figure A).

Figure A © Image: Brandon Vigliarolo/TechRepublic Figure A

On the Accounts screen click on Add Email Account (Figure B).

Figure B © Image: Brandon Vigliarolo/TechRepublic Figure B

The screen that opens will prompt you to put in the email address you want to add (Figure C). After you enter the address, click Continue. You'll then be prompted to enter a password.

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Office 365 - Configure Resource Scheduling Options /Settings/Permissions. User attempts to run Outlook 2016 for Mac (or any other Office 2016 for Mac application) and receives an error similar to the following See Also: Office 365 - Get better performance when using Outlook desktop clients.

Outlook 2016 for Mac supports Google Calendar and Contacts for Office Insiders. Google makes good on promise to offset 100 percent of its electricity use. Microsoft releases Office 2019 preview. Gmail to get much -needed visual updates and advanced security features.

Figure C © Image: Brandon Vigliarolo/TechRepublic Figure C

Once you've entered your password and clicked Next, Outlook will attempt to connect to your Google account. Once it does you'll see the screen shown in Figure D, and that's it — you're done.

Figure D © Image: Brandon Vigliarolo/TechRepublic Figure D

Your Gmail messages will now show up in Outlook, your contacts will sync, and you'll be able to access your Google Calendar by clicking on the calendar icon on the bottom left of Outlook (Figure E).

Figure E © Image: Brandon Vigliarolo/TechRepublic Figure E

Those who already have their Google accounts connected to Outlook should simply be asked to verify their account credentials to import calendars and contacts.

a drawing of a face © Provided by CBS Interactive Inc.

Other changes in Office for Mac 2016 16.13

Several other features have been added to Office apps in this update:

  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have added in-app chat for collaborators.
  • Word will import LinkedIn profiles to make building a resume easier.
  • Excel can now filter pivot tables with a timeline filter.
  • Outlook swipe gestures are now customizable.

Security fixes include CVE-2018-8147 and CVE-2018-8162, both of which have to do with remote code execution vulnerabilities in Excel, and CVE-2018-8167, which addresses remote code execution vulnerabilities in PowerPoint.

Alexa now lets you avoid meetings by moving them with your voice .
Amazon has gradually been improving Alexa’s calendar features recently. You can say “Alexa, move my meeting” or “Alexa, move my meeting at 8AM to tomorrow at 10AM” to avoid those early morning meetings where, let’s be honest, you’d be better off in bed. The one-on-one scheduling also works just as easily, letting you create a calendar event by saying “Alexa, schedule a meeting with Tom.” Alexa will access your contacts and pick the colleague or friend, and suggest times based on the availability of both the organizer and participant.

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