Technology Why This Huge Full Moon Seems to Be Falling From the Sky

12:21  07 june  2018
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Russia restores Crimea power supply after blackout

  Russia restores Crimea power supply after blackout Russia's state-controlled power grid company said it has restored power supply in Crimea after it had suffered a total blackout. Crimea Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov said on social media that the power cut had been caused by a surge in electricity at a power station in Taman, southern Russia, triggering an automatic shutdown. Rosseti said it needed "just over an hour" to restore power supply.Russia supplies some power to Crimea, which it annexed from Ukraine in 2014, via a cable that runs beneath the Kerch Strait.

The Moon , Earth's natural satellite, seems to hover in the sky , unaffected by gravity. The solar system is full of satellites. Earth has many satellites, including the natural Moon as well as artificial satellites placed in orbit for Why doesn't the Moon hit Earth even though it is " falling " toward it?

Weather could be the culprit. High-altitude hail or lightning might have hit the birds, which caused them to fall from the sky . The only problem is the birds don't seem to have any of the telltale bruises or injuries that a weather-related explanation would cause.

Moon Setting Behind Teide Volcano© Daniel López (El Cielo de Canarias) Moon Setting Behind Teide Volcano

“These people are not in danger.”

So begins NASA’s explanation of a stunning video published June 1, which shows a monster moon quickly approaching a dozen or so humans perched on a ridge. Just as rapidly, the looming lunar orb then starts to sink behind the ridge, looking for all the world as if it is falling from the sky.

Why, you might ask, is NASA getting so excited about a sci-fi movie clip, or some internet illusion created with a dash of editing skulduggery? Spoiler: They’re not.

Daniel López, a photographer based in the Canary Islands, shot this scene on the morning of May 30 from a perch near Tenerife’s Mount Teide volcano, capturing the otherworldly landscape as the sun rose and the full moon set. (The first of its kind for the month of May, this particular full moon is traditionally known as the flower moon, corn planting moon, or milk moon by various cultures, in case you’re curious.)

Recovered Tapes Solve A Moon Mystery

  Recovered Tapes Solve A Moon Mystery The big Moon mystery has now been solved. And yes, humans are to blame.The results confirm that inexplicable changes in the moon’s temperatures recorded in the 1970s were not the result of some strange inner heat source, but rather the by-product on astronauts stomping around and stirring up moon dust.

You can see that the moon has hundreds of shallow holes on it made by rocks which fell from space. Have you ever wondered why the sun seems to be moving in the sky ? When the moon has made one complete circle around Earth, it too, has made one full revolu-tion.

So the Ponzo Illusion kicks in: your brain sees the Moon as being huge , and it looks like you could fall into it. The Illusion works for the Sun, too. In fact, years ago I saw Orion rising over a parking lot, and it looked like it was spread across half the sky .

The resulting video is real and unaltered—and it’s a great illustration of how science can play tricks on us.

First, the reason for the moon’s seeming humongousness is surprisingly simple. López used a telephoto lens to capture the scene, which can dramatically compress the apparent distance between objects in the foreground and those in the background. This is a very common effect in photos of whales far off the California coastline, which often appear to be breaching within several feet of the shore.

In this particular shot, the mini-humans are perched atop a volcano roughly 10 miles away. Our celestial companion is really about 240,000 miles behind them, positioned so that its fully illuminated disk perfectly frames the volcano’s summit.

As for why the moon appears to move so quickly, that’s the result of Earth’s rotation and not a trick of time-lapse photography or an accelerated video playback.

Spinning at about a thousand miles an hour, Earth’s perpetual pirouetting is normally imperceptible to those of us on the surface, except when we stare for a long while at objects in the sky and or shadows on the ground. Once again, the extremely compressed distance in these images both illuminates the rate at which our planet twirls and accentuates the size of Earth’s lunar friend.

Cable car to famed Rio peak suspended after nearby shootout .
A cable car service which runs to Rio de Janeiro's Sugarloaf Mountain, one of Brazil's most famous tourist attractions, was suspended Friday after a nearby shootout that wounded a policeman. "The Sugarloaf cable car service is temporarily suspended due to a police operation," the firm that runs the service told AFP.Military police in Rio confirmed in a statement that an operation began Friday morning in favelas in the hilly areas of Leme district, a popular tourist area in the city's south, where a number of shootings have occurred in recent days near the famed Copacabana beach.

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