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12:02  12 june  2018
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  'He looks ill': Fan fears for Johnny Depp after he appears pale and gaunt during European tour with his band The women shared them excitedly on social media afterwards but, among comments from other fans who told them how lucky they were to have met their idol, were concerns over Depp's appearance.Depp, 54, happily posed for two photographs with female fans before setting off for a performance with his band, The Hollywood Vampires.

A new soldier beetle belonging to the family Cantharidae, the subfamily Malthininae and the tribe Malthodini has been discovered from Upper Cretaceous Burmese amber , which is about 99 million years old .

Similar bacteria were found on a 20 mil. yo. flea trapped in amber . Number 8. First carnivorous plant. Some 40 million years old Number 7. 52 million years old parasitic beetle .

a close up of food © Provided by IBT Media You need a microscope to see the details of Kekveus jason, a tiny beetle that was trapped in amber 99 million years ago. Scientists recently discovered the 0.536-millimeter creature, and found that it has feathery fringes on its wings so that it can float like a paraglider.

The species name “Jason” is in reference to the Greek hero from Jason and the Argonauts, who sailed around the world (and then crashed his ship into a rock.) This beetle, like some species’ of beetle alive today, had gliding “featherwings.” Researchers at The Field Museum in Chicago published a study on the creature in the journal Cretaceous Research.

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Researchers have found traces of ancient birds in amber before, but only single feathers. The discovery of a pair of 99 - million - year old bird wings fossilized in amber is now offering an unprecedented glimpse into these early birds and what they must have looked like.

99 - Million - Year - Old Tick Preserved in Amber Likely Feasted on Feathered Dinosaur. In another piece of amber , two ticks are attached to microscopic hairs that are similar to hairs found on a type of a beetle larvae, which today are found in birds nests.

Without amber, it’s unlikely that scientists would have ever discovered this long-extinct creature. Tiny insects are fragile and have no bones, and they rarely fossilized in the same way that larger animals like dinosaurs did. The chance that remains of any animal could leave an impression that would last millions of years is slim, and noticing the fossil of something the size of a period at the end of a sentence would be nearly impossible. However, that’s where amber, fossilized tree resin that sometimes captures plants and animals, comes in, preserving ancient flora and fauna with incredible detail.

Miners excavate ancient amber by the tons in Myanmar, mostly to be cut and sold as jewelry. However, sometimes this amber yields well-preserved bits of animals from the the dinosaur era, like a dinosaur tail, dinosaur feathers and even ticks that may have once contained dinosaur blood, just like in Jurassic Park.

Police call off search for missing 14-month-old New York boy

  Police call off search for missing 14-month-old New York boy Authorities are calling off the search for the 14-month-old son of a woman who was found buried on the New York farm where she worked. Crews spent nearly two weeks looking for Owen Hidalgo-Calderon, who was last seen with his mother, Selena Hidalgo-Calderon on May 16.

The oldest termitophile from 99 - million - year - old Burmese amber , Cretotrichopsenius burmiticus. Credit: Cai et al., 2017. The discovery reveals that ancient termite societies were quickly invaded by beetles about 99 million year ago.

99 - million - year - old mushrooms found perfectly preserved in Burmese amber . The researchers also found similarly pristine beetles that are 125 million years old , again encased in amber , which is clear tree resin that sets hard then fossilises over time.

The researchers gave Kekveus jason a temporary, meaningless genus name, because they believed that it likely would be put into another genus later. However, they know that it is in the phylogenetic group Ptiliidae, which includes many species of modern “featherwing” beetles. This discovery changes what we know about the evolution of this group, demonstrating that some members of this species became exceptionally small at least as long ago as the mid-Cretaceous.

Dinosaurs lived between 254 million and 66 million years ago, so the 99 million-year-old amber formed during the dinosaur era.

“This tiny beetle lived during the Cretaceous Period, it saw actual dinosaurs,” The Field Museum’s Shuhei Yamamoto said in a press release. “The amber the beetle was found in is like a time capsule.”

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