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Technology Twitter wants to send you personalized news notifications

20:16  13 june  2018
20:16  13 june  2018 Source:

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It also sent the news , as a notification , to my mentions tab inside the Twitter app. These alerts are personalized , which means you won’t necessarily get the same news push that other users get. It’s obvious to understand why Twitter is using these notifications : It wants to drive user engagement in

Whereas your phone used to only chime when a loved one was sending you a message, it’s now going off all day, every day: local news , incoming If we want to reduce the time-consuming task of constantly filtering By implementing personalized notification systems, we can decrease our anxiety and You can follow Haim on Twitter at @knowmail. We welcome your comments at

Twitter today announced an upcoming addition to its suite of mobile notifications. Namely, it will soon offer users personalized news updates, generated based on their interests.

Currently, Twitter offers news notifications, for those who want to be kept up-to-date on what’s happening around the world. Now the company is expanding on that with personalized updates. This could offer a better option for all those people — including me — who have opted out of news updates due to them cluttering up their phones with stuff they don’t find interesting.

These notifications would ping you with news based on the kinds of accounts you follow and things you tweet about. Tapping on one will take you to a curated page with related tweets and video on the topic, same as if you found the story on your Explore tab.

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You are here: InfoQ Homepage News Personalized Notifications at Twitter . Personalized fanout is the concept of only sending a notification to a user if it is about their interests. Build your own feed by choosing topics you want to read about and editors you want to hear from.

Twitter is experimenting with sending breaking news via direct messages to its users via Twitter is experimenting with delivering breaking news notifications via @eventparrot. Direct messaging is likely something that Twitter wants to develop further, as the tool can push more personalized

Similarly, you’ll also see curated events on the top of your timeline. These “Happening Now” panels are already used for live sports, but now Twitter is expanding that to include the same personalized news it proposes to notify you about: “At the top of your timeline, you’ll see news that’s relevant to you along with the surrounding Tweets and videos.”

More updates, to roll out in the coming months, put further emphasis on the site’s news credentials. Twitter is also updating its Explore tab to include topics instead of just content type — meaning you could potentially sort your tweets by entertainment, science…dare I hope for a “tech” tab?

a screenshot of a cell phone © Provided by The Next Web

At the moment, the greatest drawback of the basic Twitter timeline is the inability to sort tweets into different categories. If you follow certain accounts for news, and some for gossip, and others for humor, then it all gets jumbled together into a big tweet stew. That’s always been both a source of charm and mild frustration. But if the new Explore tab is actually in-depth enough, it’ll be more relevant for most users.

Personalized news notifications will roll out in the coming weeks, while the new Explore tab and Happening Now tweets will roll out in the coming months.

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