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22:35  11 january  2017
22:35  11 january  2017 Source:   The Guardian

What to expect from the Nintendo Switch event

  What to expect from the Nintendo Switch event Nintendo Everything to look forward to during the big reveal Nintendo will fully reveal its next home console, the Nintendo Switch, during a livestream on Jan. 12. What can we expect to see and learn during the live presentation? Follow along below for our thoughts.

On Friday, Nintendo is set to reveal fresh details about its Switch console . Here’s what we ’ re hoping to discover. Nokia teases new Android phone for February 26th. 2 Сегодня в 06:58

We 've had quite the week in the world of tech, specifically Nintendo . They have announced Their brand new hybrid console . The thing we 've all been anticipating, all been expecting . We were talking about it that that game pad only worked with the console . And you think, well, they have a handheld, why doesn't all this stuff also work on the go? Sure. So in that sense it looks like the switch is that thing, it's a handheld and console .

The Nintendo Switch, a new gaming device, is seen in this undated image released by Nintendo October 21, 2016. © Reuters The Nintendo Switch, a new gaming device, is seen in this undated image released by Nintendo October 21, 2016. This Friday at 4am BST, Nintendo will reveal its big bet on future in the video game industry – the Switch. 

Back in March 2015, the company announced the successor to the beleaguered Wii U, which dramatically failed to match the huge success of its namesake. Originally codenamed NX, we first glimpsed Switch last October, when Nintendo showed the machine’s unusual design concept for the first time.

Billed as a hybrid system, the device is both a home console and a portable gaming device. The built-in 6.2”, 720p display means games can be played outside the home, and a local multiplayer technology will mean owners will be able to meet up and play together wherever they are. But bring it back to your living room and place it into the dock and you can continue to play using your TV screen.

How to preorder the Nintendo Switch

  How to preorder the Nintendo Switch Here's what you need to know about Nintendo's new transforming handheld game console.You're probably dying to get your hands on one. Well, hold up. Here's what you need to know about snagging the magically versatile $300 gaming system.

Nintendo is ever moving forward. The Wii U hasn't seen the financial success executives wanted and the 3DS is still selling great, but getting a bit long in the tooth. Enter the Nintendo Switch , Nintendo 's next console , which still has aspects shrouded in mystery. Let's dig into what we know, what's been reported, what's been rumored, and what's been speculated. A Note from the Editor: What to Expect From USgamer in 2017. Here's what we ' re looking to accomplish in the new year.

Classic games have been a key component of Nintendo 's console strategy for a decade, but will that remain true for its new system? Editorial by Jeremy Parish, 10/20/2016. When Nintendo launched the Wii console 10 years ago next month, everyone was excited about The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and curious about the "waggle" controller. So what can we expect Nintendo 's freshly announced next-generation console , Switch , to offer in terms of classic game support?

Two controllers known as Joy-Cons slot either side of the screen, creating a standard control set-up (with the screen in the centre, rather like the 3DS), but they can also be slid out and used separately. In an almost quaintly retrospective move, games will be sold on carts rather than optical discs.

That’s currently most of what we know, but this Friday Nintendo promises to reveal more via its Nintendo Direct streaming service. Here’s what we’re expecting:

The release date and price

All we have is the vague March date, and a leaked potential retail price: Y25,000, or about $225/£180 (although due to the import costs and state of the pound, we’re likely see something more akin to £200 or even £250 if this Yen price holds).

More detail on the games

Ultra Street Fighter 2 coming to Nintendo Switch

  Ultra Street Fighter 2 coming to Nintendo Switch “The Final Challengers” is a mix of old-school and remake Capcom is bringing seminal fighting game Street Fighter 2 to Nintendo Switch in an all-new way. Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers will include a mix of old-school, 16-bit era graphics and revamped artwork that was previously featured in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers will also include two newly playable characters: Evil Ryu and Violent Ken. According to the Japanese Ultra Street Fighter 2 website, players will be able to play cooperatively against a CPU opponent, and the game will feature a simplified mode with one-hit kills. The original Street Fighter 2 was first released in arcades in 1991, and ported the following year to Super Nintendo. Capcom later released Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting and Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers for SNES, all of which ultimately came to Nintendo’s Virtual Console service. The most recent entry in the Street Fighter series, Street Fighter 5, is currently exclusive to PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Whatever form the dashboard will take, expect the new cross-platform account and reward service My Nintendo to feature, following its debut on smartphone app Miitomo earlier this year. While Amiibo got a small cameo in the reveal trailer and will be supported by Switch , another fan-favourite feature of previous Nintendo hardware - Virtual Console - has been confirmed by Eurogamer sources, debuting GameCube Virtual Console games including Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros Melee and Animal Crossing.

Nintendo finally revealed the new Nintendo Switch console on Thursday, but we ' re likely to learn much more very soon. Companies and developers making Switch games will soon announce those. And we expect to learn more details about the console , like the launch games, the battery life of the Switch 's tablet component, the price, and much more. Nintendo says the Switch will launch in March 2017.

Zelda Breath of the Wild © Provided by Guardian News Zelda Breath of the Wild

So far only a handful of titles have been confirmed, with Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild being the major draw. A teaser shown last October hinted at a new Super Mario Bros, a Mario Kart thing and a possible port of Skyrim, the acclaimed action adventure from Bethesda. All those need to be confirmed, at the very least because they’re bloody exciting. Also, what plans does Nintendo have for its Virtual Console service which lets players download retro games? There’s talk of GameCube support which would be lovely. Super Mario Sunshine in HD? Oh yes.

Technical specs to be revealed

OK, so Nintendo has never been about bleeding edge technology, but we’d at least like to know what’s inside the box. We know there’s an Nvidia Tegra chipset in there (a decent smartphone-centred processor), but we don’t know which one. Can we expect 4K visuals when the machine is docked? We’ve also heard that the processing power may drop by 40% when the machine is undocked – which makes sense for battery life, but how will it affect graphically rich games? And on the subject of battery life, how long can we expect? Wii U’s GamePad launched with a poor 3-5 hours, and that wasn’t doing any of the processing grunt work.

Nintendo boss: Why Switch is different from Wii U

  Nintendo boss: Why Switch is different from Wii U Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime is ready for the question of what went wrong with the company’s poor selling Wii U video game console and how the fortunes of the make-or-break Nintendo Switch will be different when it launches March 3 for just under $300. “I would say the greatest challenge we had with the Wii U was being crystal clear in our communication of what the product was and what the product could do," he told USA TODAY on Friday.

Bait and Switch : Nintendo ’s new console is everything wrong with gaming hype. By Michael Rougeau — November 19, 2016 1:40 PM. Subscribe. This is what those games are called. Here’s a schedule. We know what we ’ re doing. We know what fans want.”

The Nintendo Switch , known in development as the NX, is an upcoming hybrid video game console developed by Nintendo , and the company's seventh major home console . Officially unveiled in October 2016, it is currently scheduled for release worldwide in March 2017.

An answer to the question: are the big publishers really onboard?

Nintendo Switch partners © Provided by Guardian News Nintendo Switch partners

Whenever a new Nintendo console comes out there’s this fun diplomatic period when the big powers of the industry – Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Activision, Bethesda, etc) – all make romantic proclamations about the hardware and their ardent support for it. Then everyone disappears faster than your teenage prom date, and Ubisoft releases a Just Dance title. This time, there have been firmer proclamations, including that Skyrim hint, but still – let’s see if we get a Mass Effect, Destiny or – ha ha – Read Dead Redemption 2.

To find out if Nintendo has discovered the internet?

OK, that’s a bit unfair, both the Wii U and 3DS offer a range of interesting multiplayer services: StreetPass, Miiverse, eShop, Virtual Console, as well as local and online multiplayer functionality. But via its tortured Friend Code and Nintendo Network ID systems, it can be complicated to manage your digital games and gaming friendships, and everything is tied to a particular machine – a stark contrast to the ‘download it once and it’s yours wherever you are’ approach favoured by much of the rest of the known consumer electronics universe. So will Switch offer a more seamless, accessible and intuitive digital service? It feels like this is quite important in the 21st century.

Nintendo Switch: Everything we still don’t know .
There’s just a few more weeks to goInstead, the livestream invited even more questions about the upcoming hybrid console, which can be played both in the home and on the go. Although Nintendo has continued to give more details about the Switch since last week’s conference, there’s plenty more that we’re waiting to figure out.

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