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13:51  19 june  2017
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The iPhone might get the iPad’s best iOS 11 feature

  The iPhone might get the iPad’s best iOS 11 feature Drag and drop is one of the coolest iOS 11 features we’ve seen in a while , a feature that should completely change the way we interact with iPads, especially when it comes to productivity apps, but not only. But it turns out that the feature could be just as useful even on the iPhone. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who’s usually digging inside iOS and macOS code for gems, discovered how to enable drag and drop on the iPhone, and suggested that Apple could easily let anyone use it. Here it is:But hey, doesn’t iOS 11 beta 1 for iPhone already support drag and drop? Yes, yes it does but with a big caveat.

Unfortunately the damage was done but we love to DIY and not much holds us back. So instead of buying a new iPad or living with a broken screen , we decided to fix it ourselves! So today, I am crazy excited to show you How to Fix a Broken iPad Screen .

Contents. > Get Apple to repair it. > Go to a high-street retailer. > Send your device to an online repair service. > Get your device repaired at your home. > DIY repairs. I've cracked the screen on my iPhone! What's the best (and cheapest!) way to repair it?

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No iPads were hurt in the process of this post.

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Apple iPads aren't cheap, and neither is getting one's screen repaired. Apple's one-year warranty doesn't cover accidental damage, so unless your iPad's screen has a hairline crack due to defective glass (and no obvious sign of drop impact), get ready to bust out your credit card.

Here's everything you need to know about getting an Apple iPad screen fixed.

Have Apple fix it

Getting your screen replaced by Apple is pretty cheap -- if you have AppleCare.

Have a third party fix it

There are other places to get your iPad screen fixed, but choosing a non-Apple repair shop will void your warranty. And yes, Apple can tell if a non-Apple employee has opened up your iPad. But if you're out of warranty anyway, there's a number of third-party Apple repair places that can fix your iPad's shattered screen.

How to Install the iOS 11 Public Beta (If You Dare)

  How to Install the iOS 11 Public Beta (If You Dare) Apple just launched the iOS 11 public beta for the whole world to try, and holy heck, don’t get too excited yet. Obviously, your iPhone or iPad will be cooler than all your friends’ are if you’re running the new software before any of them. There will be consequences, though. First off, not all Apple devices will run iOS 11. You’ll need an iPhone 5s or newer, a 5th generation iPad or newer, an iPad Mini 2 or newer, or an iPad Air (1 or 2). You can also install iOS 11 on a 6th generation iPod Touch, if that’s your jam. (Check out a full list of compatible devices here.)Next, you’ll definitely want to back up your old device.

How to fix a cracked iPad Air 2 screen yourself in 10 minutes. 12/18/14 ,via BGR. Why pay someone to fix your broken iPad screen when you can just do it yourself?

Ahead of time how to fix a broken ipad screen law that would affect a library information is. Jailbreaking your iPod Touch will allow you to tweak your device to suit your preferences. Of course, telling you how to reset an iPod Nano may work for some.

When you're shopping around for a good repair company, there are a few questions you'll want to ask before handing over your device:

  • How much will it cost?

  • How long will it take?

  • What type of warranty do you offer?

  • Where do they get their replacement parts from?

Since the third-party company will be voiding your Apple warranty, you want to make sure they'll stand behind their work and parts -- the last thing you want is a crack-free but defective screen.

Local mom-and-pop computer repair stores (yes, they still exist) are often a good place to try for a third-party repair. Just check for reviews and get a solid quote up-front. We recently profiled a handful of independent computer shops in New York, many of which specialize in Apple repairs.

Apple pays off its future-of-computing promise with iPad Pro

  Apple pays off its future-of-computing promise with iPad Pro <p>After playing with the new iPad Pro 10.5" for a few days, I am convinced that it's fairly impossible to do a detailed review of it in its current state.</p>Not because there is some sort of flaw, but because it was clearly designed top to bottom as an empty vessel in which to pour iOS 11.

How do you fix a broken PDA screen ? How much would it cost to fix your iPad screen ? A replacement screen for an iPod Touch can be had for about .00. So, it would probably be around twice that, at this time.

Here's how you can fix a broken iPhone screen , If you are ready for some DIY with a lot of patience. How to Remove “Other” Data from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Update: If you're trying to update to iOS 8 and facing storage issues (the 'storage insufficient' error), you will have to resort to

Don't do-it-yourself

You can find glass replacement kits and dense DIY tutorials online that show you how to fix your iPad screen yourself, but trust us, you don't want to do this yourself.

Replacing the glass is much more difficult than replacing the entire touchscreen, because you will need to separate the glass from the touchscreen and then glue the new piece of glass onto the old touchscreen. That's something you should leave to professionals.

If you really want to give it a shot, keep in mind that a touchscreen replacement kit, including the LCD screen and digitizer, can cost between $30 and $400, depending on which components you need and the model. We haven't tested these replacement parts ourselves and do not recommend it.

Plus, with the DIY approach, you will void your warranty and have nobody but yourself to blame if something goes wrong. Replacing the screen will cost you as much, if not more, than simply taking your device to the Apple store.

Deal with it

If you're short on cash, or are simply dealing with a small crack, you can also try to make the best of what you got.

It won't look pretty, but you don't need to replace your screen when it cracks. If the cracks are around the edges of the screen and don't interfere with actually using the phone, or if you have one or two large cracks that run across the screen, a glass screen protector such as Zagg's glass screen protector ($30-$50) so you don't cut your fingers as you swipe.

(If your screen is absolutely shattered, a glass screen protector will keep you from getting cut, but your iPad may still be unusable.)

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