Technology 5 tips to help first-time users fall in love with your app

08:45  16 july  2017
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Instagram fixes bug that had kept users logged out

  Instagram fixes bug that had kept users logged out Instagram says it has squashed a bug that had prevented some users from logging into the popular Facebook-owned photo sharing service or even seeing their accounts. Instagram insisted that no accounts were deleted as a result of the issue, and that the bug affected only a small percentage of users.Many of those users, of course, ranted about the issue on social media, including some who hadn't received word that their accounts, even if they temporarily vanished, were intact.Instagram previously issued a statement to USA TODAY indicating that it was  "working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Nobody is busy all of the time, but you also don’t know what users are doing when they launch your app for the first time . And if you can design it in such a way that users complete actual actions, instead of passively reading hints and tips , you’ll end up getting users invested in the app at the

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  5 tips to help first-time users fall in love with your app © Provided by The Next Web

Take a moment to look at the home screen of your smartphone. How many of the apps there have been on your phone for more than three months? What about six months? A year?

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For whatever reason, it’s usually only a handful of apps that find a long-term home on the phones of most users. Working with Quettra in 2015, Andrew Chen found that the average app loses 77 percent of its users within three days. Localytics latest benchmarks show that this figure hasn’t improved much, sitting at 64 percent churn within the first 30 days.

Twitter lets users mute notifications from unknown accounts

  Twitter lets users mute notifications from unknown accounts Twitter Inc (TWTR.N), in its latest step to curb abusive behavior on its platform, rolled out new features on Monday to help users disable notifications from accounts that they want to avoid. The microblogging website said its "advanced filter settings" will now have options for users to mute notifications from accounts that they do not follow as well as from accounts that do not follow them. ( can also filter lower-quality content from notifications such as content that appears to be automated and mute notifications related to certain words and phrases.

Here are five tips to drive user adoption of SharePoint throughout your company. They all come from our own experiences with the platform we came to fall in love with ! Don't tell me it isn't the first thing you check when you arrive on a website for the first time .

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Users try out a lot of apps but decide which ones they want to ‘stop using’ within the first three to seven days. For ‘decent’ apps, the majority of users retained for seven days stick around much longer. The key to success is to get the users hooked during that critical first three to seven day period. — Ankit Jain, Head of Search and Discovery, Google Play

Jain’s comment raises the question of how do you actually hook users in the first three to seven day period?

One way to do this is through a great onboarding experience. Decent apps — to use Jain’s term — are functional, and benefit users in some way. And although you know your app is functional and will benefit users, people installing your app don’t. You could hope that they discover this for themselves, but given that three to seven day ‘hook’ period, why take the chance?

Google Play Music's New Release Radio is available for all users

  Google Play Music's New Release Radio is available for all users Google has officially announced New Release Radio, a station on Google Play Music that provides users with a daily selection of new songs they may like based on their listening history. Now, Google is saying that it was "gathering feedback" from Samsung users before officially rolling it out to everyone -- but the screenshots we saw from users on Reddit last month clearly called it a "Samsung exclusive" feature. Oddly enough, Reddit also quickly discovered a workaround for people who didn't have Samsung phones to try the station -- I got it working on my iPhone with no fuss.

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The ideal way to show them the benefits of your app is through clever use of onboarding where, instead of showing them how to use your app, you expose users to the benefits of your app.

1) What is your ‘Why’?

Your app

description probably gives a nice explanation of why your app would be valuable to users. Peppered with a few choice buzzwords, you might even have split it up into neat bullet points. But when did you last read the full app description? No matter how you try and frame it, scanning is not reading.

A great onboarding experience will explain the ‘why’ again. But this time it will be short, pithy, and more visual. You want to elicit an “A-ha!” from your users, because while that doesn’t mean they’re hooked, it does mean they’re more interested than they were five seconds ago.

  5 tips to help first-time users fall in love with your app © Provided by The Next WebHootsuite’s onboarding process is only four screens long, with the first screen introducing the value proposition, and the next three reinforcing it.

Google will nudge SMS two-factor users to try its way instead

  Google will nudge SMS two-factor users to try its way instead Google rolled out a new look and feel for two-factor authentication earlier this year, and soon it will encourage people still using the text message-based system to try it out. It's easier to understand than an SMS, sent over a secured connection and isn't as susceptible to phishing. Also, it avoids the problem of someone taking advantage of phone company customer service to hijack your phone number and intercept SMS verification, which has happened in some cases. On the downside, it requires a data connection.

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2) Keep it brief

Nobody is busy all of the time, but you also don’t know what users are doing when they launch your app for the first time. And honestly it shouldn’t matter whether they are doing this while waiting for their next meeting to get started, or while waiting for the next show in their Netflix queue to start playing. Nobody has time, or patience, for a

10+ step onboarding process. If any of your proposed steps doesn’t demonstrate value, or explains something that is painfully obvious to even novice users, lose it.

  5 tips to help first-time users fall in love with your app © Provided by The Next Web The onboarding process for Google Trips is only three screens, but it still manages to communicate a lot of information and value.

3) Get users invested in your app

The IKEA Effect is a cognitive bias that sees people place a higher value on any product they have partially created themselves. And it is something you can take advantage of during the onboarding process for your app. The easiest way to get users invested in your app is by getting them to create an account during onboarding. But providing an email address and password isn’t too much of an investment, so try encouraging users to create a partial profile.

HTC's phone keyboard is pestering users with ads

  HTC's phone keyboard is pestering users with ads It's one thing to voluntarily put up with ads on your phone in return for a lower price or free apps, but it's another to have ads delivered without warning and unfortunately, HTC owners are dealing with that right now. We've asked HTC for comment and will let you know what it says. At first glance, though, it looks like HTC was just as surprised as anyone else. It's asking users to uninstall TouchPal's updates, and TouchPal itself has claimed that a server issue led to the unwanted promos. Whatever the exact cause, it looks like a mistake -- TouchPal flipped the wrong virtual switch and started sending ads to customers who were never supposed to see them.

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User onboarding is also the process of transforming first time users into valued customers. 6 Tips To Help You Build An Effective Product Prototype. May 23, 2017. Does Your App Need To Offer A Service To Stay

There is considerable risk in asking for too much information this early, so depending on your industry, you could try any of the following:

  • Ask them to create/upload an avatar for their account.
  • Ask them to add a short bio.
  • Ask them to create a wishlist, or their first shopping list.

  5 tips to help first-time users fall in love with your app © Provided by The Next Web Music and video streaming services often ask you to select your favourite genres, artists, and more. This helps them improve their recommendations, but it also gets you invested in using the service. And with Snapchat, you are taken straight to your camera after creating your account. Your are immediately encouraged to take your first Snap, because then you are more invested.

4) Use contextual hints

Mobile games are quite good at skipping the whole onboarding process, and providing contextual hints instead. Users learn the game controls by actually playing a few levels, with concise hints appearing on screen only when needed. This works because mobile games don’t need to have any value proposition, but elements of this approach can still be used with other apps.

Combine a very brief onboarding process — little more than value proposition and signup/login screens — with an interactive tour. And if you can design it in such a way that users complete actual actions, instead of passively reading hints and tips, you’ll end up getting users invested in the app at the same time.

Bryant insults Twitter users while defending Elliott

  Bryant insults Twitter users while defending Elliott Dez Bryant didn't appreciate people jumping to conclusions after reports about Ezekiel Elliott's arrest.As a result, Elliott's teammate Dez Bryant was dragged into the conversation when Twitter users began messaging him Monday morning about it. Some of the users compared Elliott's string of troubles to Bryant's, and the wide receiver didn't appreciate that, responding with profanity.

Some good times to ask your users : After leveling up. Passing a difficult level for the first time . It helps boost your 5 star ratings quickly by letting you identify those who love your app , and then motivate them to rate you on the app store.

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  5 tips to help first-time users fall in love with your app © Provided by The Next WebDuolingo does a great job of providing both contextual hints and an interactive tour that not only provide answers at just the right moment, but also get you deeply invested in the app.

5) Create an emotional connection

Whether they admit it or not, everybody enjoys knowing when they’ve done something right, when they’ve done a “good job”. You don’t need to admit it now either, just smile and nod.

Great job!

Motivation is, in part, driven by spikes in dopamine , and spikes in dopamine can be triggered through positive feedback. By getting users to complete small tasks as part of the onboarding experience — and then positively recognising their achievement — you’re not only getting them invested, you’re also creating an emotional connection. Adding success states, simple positive messages that acknowledge a user’s achievement, offer a psychological reward, while also encouraging users to continue exploring your app.

Although not part of the onboarding process, anybody who has ever created a campaign using Mailchimp will be quite familiar with the primate themed success state, and how it makes you feel.


What works and doesn’t work with onboarding experiences differs from one app to another. The process should be shaped by the app itself, and the app’s audience, not solely by what you have read. And naturally you should be looking at which of your metrics can be used to evaluate your onboarding process. Because it is unlikely, even by following the tips discussed here, that your first onboarding experience will be perfect.

How a popular Chrome extension became adware .
Particle, a popular Chrome extension which allowed users to customize their YouTube UI, became adware practically overnight — and its creator is cautioning users. The creator sold the extension at some point before July 11, and informed users they’d no longer be able to make changes to it. But the new owners did make a few changes.

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