Technology Why a $1,000 iPhone Isn't as Crazy as It Sounds

22:27  12 september  2017
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iPhone 8 might let you activate Siri with the sleep/wake button

  iPhone 8 might let you activate Siri with the sleep/wake button Since the upcoming, premium iPhone won’t include a physical home button, Apple has reportedly come up with at least one new way of triggering Siri with an actual button on the device: it will use the sleep/wake/power button. Developer Guilherme Rambo, who has already unearthed details about the “iPhone 8” and other coming Apple products like the HomePod and a 4K Apple TV, claims to have found a “gesture to invoke Siri by holding the lock button.”9to5Mac and MacRumors both reported on the discovery. Apple’s preferred way for users to interact with Siri will almost certainly remain voice and the “Hey Siri” callphrase.

Tech in Real Life. Why a $ 1 , 000 iPhone Isn ' t as Crazy as It Sounds . In other words, it 's upgrade time, baby, and we all deserve the latest and greatest. This time around, however, Apple's top-of-the-line iPhone will probably be more expensive than in years past.

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Smartphone dispensing 100 dollar bill.© Tim Robberts—Getty Images Smartphone dispensing 100 dollar bill.

It’s iPhone day, the annual non-holiday where smartphone addicts cozy up to Apple’s keynote to find out what the touchscreen fairies are bringing good little fanboys and girls. If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting with especially bated breath, because your handset is several years old, loses power faster than an overthrown dictator and inexplicably smells like fish tacos. In other words, it’s upgrade time, baby, and we all deserve the latest and greatest.

This time around, however, Apple’s top-of-the-line iPhone will probably be more expensive than in years past. In addition to trumpeting an exciting array of new features, the rumor mill has been spinning claims that Apple’s next must-have handset could cost as much as $1,000. That’s 147 pieces of avocado toast! And like that mortgage-busting breakfast option, the question everyone has about the new iPhone is: Will it be worth it?

New rumor says the most expensive iPhone 8 will cost $1,200

  New rumor says the most expensive iPhone 8 will cost $1,200 Apple will finally announce the iPhone 8 next week, which is the most talked about phone of the year. Leaks from China suggested the iPhone 8 will be available in only two storage configurations, including 128GB and 256GB, while the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will also get an entry-level 64GB option. Meanwhile, Twitter user Benjamin Geskin heard a different story. He says the iPhone 8 will be available in three versions, including 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB, priced at $999, $1,099, and $1,199, respectively.

Tech in Real Life Why a $ 1 , 000 iPhone Isn ' t as Crazy as It Sounds . Speaking of, the original NES Classic Edition is getting a second life: Nintendo says it 's bringing back its crazy -popular original Nintendo Entertainment System homage in summer 2018.

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Here, absent final specs, are four reasons I think it will be, and one reason it won’t.

The first is a matter of economics. Most people don’t remember this, but when Steve Jobs revealed the first iPhone, the device’s steep $599 price tag was practically bigger news than its beautiful 3.5-inch, 320-by-480 pixel screen. (I remember what a big deal this was, because I was gifted one by a very generous family member.) In 2017 dollars, that handset would cost $707 — but that’s not the whole financial story.

Apple’s first-ever iPhone was introduced on January 9, 2007 and released at the end of the following June. In the interim, the world (which had been used to paying around $99 for cellphones) went crazy speculating about whether anyone would actually buy the thing. But just five days after the iPhone was released, Apple had sold one million units. The takeaway: people will pay big for a new gadget if it’s extraordinary enough.

Here’s another reason it may be impossible to buy an iPhone 8

  Here’s another reason it may be impossible to buy an iPhone 8 Manufacturing glitches reportedly will delay shipments of Apple's new flagship phone by about a month.

In fact, Apple’s most expensive iPhone 7 Plus will set you back 9.00 before taxes and fees, which easily bring the full cost over $ 1 , 000 . That’s not cheap, but it ’s a lot less scary than $ 1 , 000 , isn ’ t it ? And that’s why you probably don’t always realize that Apple and other smartphone makers, whether

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Second, the new iPhone is rumored to have exciting new features that more than offset the $300 difference between the original iPhone’s adjusted cost and the new one’s potential price tag. Some people are moonstruck over the possibility of slender bezels, a full-frontal touch screen and a disappearing home button. But to me, the only thing that truly matters with any new iPhone is how I’ll use it. In that sense, Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone will reportedly be more powerful than anything you’ve clutched to browse Instagram or Facebook while using the toilet at work. (And like the iPhone 7, this new iPhone should be waterproof, too.)

Beyond its big, beautiful slab of uninterrupted glass, the most valuable features on the new iPhone will be its updated cameras. On the front, the FaceTime camera will likely be better than ever (because it almost always is). Leaked schematics say the front-facing camera will be accompanied by new expression detection technology and something called “ARFaceAnchor,” which is a short way of saying “Snapchat filters for the rest of us.” If you want to send a video of your face morphing into the heart eyes emoji to your special someone, you may be able to do that with a simple text message and not a social networking app. (All while keeping your mug off social media? Priceless.)

Apple's New Phone to Be Called `iPhone X,' Code Leaks Show

  Apple's New Phone to Be Called `iPhone X,' Code Leaks Show Apple Inc.’s most important new phone for years will be called the iPhone X, according to a leak of the company’s latest mobile operating system on Saturday. Strings of software code inside of the leaked operating system, first detailed by Apple news website 9to5Mac, show the expected three new phones will be called the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. App and game developer Steven Troughton-Smith discovered the names in the software and tweeted about it on Saturday.

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That sounds fun, sure, but there’s a practical purpose behind beefing up the FaceTime camera. To keep the new phone’s front seamless, Apple reportedly ditched the old, mechanical Home button, replacing fingerprint scanning with facial recognition to unlock the device. Creepy? Maybe. But winter is coming, and having artificial intelligence scan your mug to hail an Uber works far better than having to take your mittens off to thumb your Touch ID sensor in the middle of a blizzard. Even more important: My young ones look nothing like their old man, so in this new iPhone, I’ll finally have a mobile phone smart enough to keep my kids locked out.

Apple’s new iPhone will probably have a better quality back-facing camera, too. The rumor mill expects it to be capable of shooting 4K video at 60 frames per second (up from the current top-end 4K at 30fps), perfect for capturing my little one’s first steps, my oldest’s first home run, or my neighbor’s sad attempts at parallel parking. The new iPhone is also rumored to have some sort of “smart cam” technology, essentially an A.I.-powered version of automatic exposure that instantly optimizes for different subjects like babies, fireworks, snow, sunsets or documents. People don’t buy point-and-shoot cameras anymore, but if they did, they’d easily drop several hundred bucks for something decent. So why not justify the outlay on an improved iPhone camera instead?

iPhone Upgrade Program customers can now trade in phones through the mail

  iPhone Upgrade Program customers can now trade in phones through the mail Apple seems to be making it easier to trade in iPhones through the iPhone Upgrade Program with a new mail-in kit option, as spotted by John Angarano over at the MacRumors forums. Apple launched the iPhone Upgrade Program two years ago alongside the iPhone 6S as an alternative for customers looking to upgrade their phone without being tied to any one carrier. But if you were looking to upgrade your phone to a new model, you had to schedule an appointment in an Apple Store to trade in the old phone, something that seems to finally be changing with the new mail-in kit.

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The third reason the new iPhone will be worth its price is because buying the most powerful Apple device you can afford is almost always the best policy. In the near term, buying a higher-powered iPhone will give you better computing power, whether it comes from a faster processor, a bigger stack of memory chips, or even a better camera. And in the long term, when you eventually resell that handset to upgrade to whatever Apple dreams up next, you’ll get more money in return than if you bought the basement level version. Think about it. If you were in the market for a used iPhone today, which would you rather buy: an iPhone 7, or an iPhone 6s?

If you opt instead to hold onto your once-mighty handset, it’ll be even more useful than an underpowered model. When I upgrade gadgets like tablets and computers, I almost always sell my old models on eBay, but never smartphones. With all the personal data they now collect, to say nothing of all the clever alternative things you can do with an old iPhone, they’ve become too valuable to pawn.

The last reason the new iPhone will undoubtedly be worth its price is that all its newfangled features combined will turn it into a powerhouse for Augmented Reality. Long-hyped by Apple, AR promises to give us new ways to look at (and interact with) the world. How exactly that pans out is going to depend on the apps themselves, but peeks at what developers are up to have been delightful. And delight is exactly what we need right now. Anyone who’s been lucid through 2017 knows how depressing Standard Reality has become. And blowing an insane amount of money on a life-optimizing gadget is a well-known way to make yourself feel better. In theory, with AR we’ll finally be able to visualize exactly why.

4 reasons to choose the iPhone 8 over the iPhone X

  4 reasons to choose the iPhone 8 over the iPhone X As excited as I was about the iPhone X heading into the Apple event today, I walked away conflicted. There is no question that the iPhone X is one of the most fascinating phones the company has ever released, but its faults are significant and difficult to ignore. Below, I've come up with four compelling arguments for why, if you are dead set on upgrading your phone this year, you should choose the iPhone 8 instead. 1. Avoid the dreaded notch We talked a lot about the notch atop of the iPhone X display in the lead up to the event, but it didn’t really hit me until they showed a video running on the iPhone X on stage at the event.

Apple is said to be contemplating a price in the $ 1 , 000 to $ 1 ,400 range for its coming 10th-anniversary iPhone —which would be Chinese Prefer Sound of Silence When Getting Messages From Mom. Why American Students Need Chinese Schools. Uber Faces FBI Probe Over Program Targeting

Of course, the answer isn ’ t that black-and-white, either. Not all work is mentally stimulating, for example. And working until you die just to stay sharp sounds like a pretty depressing This is why a lot of early retirees, including Mr. Money Mustache, use the term “financially independent” instead.

Lest you think I’m not eyeing this new iPhone’s potential price premium critically enough, there’s one great reason Apple’s next-gen mobile won’t be worth its cost. When I told my wife how much money I was squirreling away for this purchase, she replied, “That’s wrong.” And you know what? She’s right.

$1,000 is a lot of money for a computer these days, let alone a phone. In real world terms, the new iPhone will cost the equivalent of seven weeks of groceries for my family, a half month of daycare for my kids, four months of minivan payments for the missus, or nearly 12 seasons of the Red Sox on MLB.TV. Try as I may, it’s hard to argue with those numbers.

So, I won’t argue — I’ll buy. Besides, if price isn’t a question and the rumored features are in the ballpark, all that’s left to wonder is what Apple’s planning to call its new flagship handset. iPhone 8? iPhone X? iPhone Pro? iPhone Edition? They’re all in the running.

Considering the cost, I’m partial to a little truth-in-adverstising, say “iPhone Grand.” But since Apple’s marketing wizards are probably going to bury the lead, and given how scarce availability may turn out to be, I’ll be happy just to call it “mine.”

John Patrick Pullen has written about smart devices and home automation for TIME and Fortune since 2009. His column, “Tech in Real Life,” appears weekly on and explores the ways that technology impacts people in their daily lives. He lives (in a home that’s much smarter than he is) in Portland, Oregon.

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Netflix adds HDR support for iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPad Pro .
Netflix is adding high dynamic range (HDR) support to more mobile devices. Now, thanks to the release of iOS 11, iPhone users suffering from FOMO can get in on the action too. You'll be able to binge watch in Dolby Vision HDR on the newly launched iPhone 8, 8Plus, and the upcoming iPhone X. Along with Apple's new smartphones, iPad Pro (2nd-gen) owners will also receive the bump in picture quality -- that goes for both the 10.5 and 12.9 inch models of the tablet.

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