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Apple acquires German company specializing in AR and eye tracking

Tuesday  13:11,   27 june 2017
The Verge

<p>Apple today confirmed its acquisition of a German computer vision company called SensoMotoric Instruments, according to a report from Axios.</p>Apple’s big push into augmented reality relies on tech like eye[...]

Nintendo announces mini Super Famicom for Japan

Tuesday  10:46,   27 june 2017
The Verge

<p>Right on the tail of the SNES Mini Classic’s announcement in the US and Europe, Nintendo has followed up with an equivalent product for Japan.</p>In Japan, the system will include Panel de Pon, Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, Ganbare[...]

How to Install the iOS 11 Public Beta (If You Dare)

Tuesday  10:46,   27 june 2017

Apple just launched the iOS 11 public beta for the whole world to try, and holy heck, don’t get too excited yet. Obviously, your iPhone or iPad will be cooler than all your friends’ are if you’re running the new software before any of them. There[...]

Do We Have To Worry About An Asteroid Strike?

Tuesday  10:46,   27 june 2017
International Business Times

<p>The asteroid Apophis seems like a friendly rock speeding through the space near Earth for now, but later on in its relationship with our planet, it might strike down to the surface with devastating results.</p>It may never happen, but it’s[...]

Study shows just glancing at your phone makes you dumber

Tuesday  04:36,   27 june 2017

<p>A recently conducted survey shows smartphones might make their owners dumber, at least when they are left in plain sight. Researchers surveyed nearly 600 people to find out if our phones were taking up space in our cognitive thought process[...]

Social media giants step up joint fight against extremist content

Tuesday  01:17,   27 june 2017

<p>Social media giants Facebook, Google's YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft said on Monday they were forming a global working group to combine their efforts to remove terrorist content from their platforms.</p>Social media giants Facebook,[...]

The Echo Show is a small step for Echo, a big leap for Amazon

Monday  22:55,   26 june 2017

<p>When it starts shipping on June 28, the Echo Show is going to be huge.</p>But none of this really matters. When it starts shipping on June 28, the Echo Show is going to be huge. So far I've been an Echo holdout. I’ve never seriously[...]

Facebook brings new masks, filters and reactions to Messenger video chat

Monday  22:50,   26 june 2017

Facebook is bringing a ton of new filters, masks and video reactions to video chats in Messenger, aiming to deliver a more fun experience to younger users on the app and shore up the service against competing video chat apps. The update is centered[...]

What the first iPhone tells us about tech's future

Monday  21:05,   26 june 2017

What does a look back at that original iPhone and its successors suggest about what tech might look like 10 years from now, or, for that matter, which companies will be in front of the pack?&nbsp;The opposite happened, of course. Not only have[...]

What if delivery drones could also drive?

Monday  20:47,   26 june 2017
The Verge

If delivery drones become widespread, then creating aircraft control systems to stop them crashing into one another is going to be a big challenge. (That’s why Google, NASA, and the FAA are all working on it right now.) But hey, if we’re going to[...]

Threatened Great Barrier Reef worth $56 billion, says Deloitte report

Monday  20:47,   26 june 2017

The largest living structure on earth supports 64,000 jobs, according to Deloitte Access Economics.The report also calculates the reef as supporting 64,000 jobs in Australia in the financial year 2015-16, and contributing $6.4 billion directly to[...]

The SNES Classic is real, arrives on September 29th for $80

Monday  19:51,   26 june 2017

The delicious rumors are true: Nintendo is gearing up to launch the SNES Classic, a miniaturized version of the glorious original Super Nintendo Entertainment System. According to Nintendo's Twitter account, the system will be available on[...]

How to completely lock down your sensitive PDFs

Monday  18:55,   26 june 2017
The Daily Dot

If you have important documents on your computer, there’s a good chance they’re PDFs. There’s also a good chance you’re not do everything you can to keep them secure.&nbsp;PDF documents have become a standard format for digitizing information.[...]

The Nokia 6 is coming to the US in July for $229

Monday  18:52,   26 june 2017
The Verge

The Finnish company that owns the rights to manufacture Nokia-branded smartphones — announced earlier this year that it would be releasing new midrange Nokia Android phones in the United States. We now have more information on the first Nokia phone [...]

Dutch scientists fete rare meteorite find

Monday  18:35,   26 june 2017

Dutch scientists on Monday celebrated the discovery of only the sixth meteorite found in recent history in The Netherlands, which at 4.5-billion years old may hold clues to the birth of our solar system. "Meteorites are very special because we do [...]