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Lenovo unveils its thinnest and lightest professional notebook

Monday  07:35,   13 august 2018

Lenovo's Thinkpad range has long offered solutions for power users with notebooks like the X1 Carbon. Its Thinkpad P series aimed to preserve functionality in a slimmer overall package, and the Thinkpad P1 and Thinkpad P72 -- its two latest[...]
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Elaborate hack turned Amazon Echo speakers into spies

Monday  07:05,   13 august 2018

Some people worry that hackers could infiltrate their smart speakers and spy on them, but that hasn't been the practical reality -- not for Amazon's Echo, at least. The team created a rogue Echo by removing a flash memory chip from[...]

VR in education is promising, but expensive

Sunday  21:55,   12 august 2018

It’s your first day at a new job, and you’re stuck going to corporate training. But instead of going to a training room and listening to the HR director drone on about the vacation policy, you’re directed to the IT desk. You’re greeted there by a[...]

Gravitational Waves Could Help Find Secret Alien Worlds

Sunday  19:15,   12 august 2018

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast When physicists announced the first direct detection of gravitational waves in 2016, the discovery sent ripples through the scientific community. Now, in a pre-print article published on arxiv, a group[...]

Police expose SIM card hijacking ring

Sunday  12:55,   12 august 2018

There's a good chance you've had to ask your carrier for a SIM swap, whether it's to replace a faulty card or to switch to another size (say, from micro SIM to nano SIM). Crooks, however, are increasingly abusing those swaps to steal[...]

New Horizons probe may have detected Solar System's hydrogen 'wall'

Sunday  12:55,   12 august 2018

Scientists have learned a bit about the edge of the Solar System from Voyager 1, but there hasn't been a lot of corroborating data without follow-up spacecraft. They appear to be getting a second chance, though. NASA's New Horizons spacecraft[...]

Meteor shower lights up skies over Bosnia

Sunday  11:25,   12 august 2018

A meteor shower lit up the skies above eastern Bosnia on Saturday night, giving star gazers a rare opportunity to see a display of shooting stars with the naked eye. "I think that everybody should see this," said Miralem Mehic, a Bosnian from an[...]

NASA spacecraft rockets toward sun for closest look yet

Sunday  10:55,   12 august 2018

A NASA spacecraft is on its way to the sun. The Parker Solar Probe rocketed away from Cape Canaveral, Florida, early Sunday. It's on an unprecedented quest that will take it straight through the wispy edges of the sun's corona, or outer[...]

This AI-Powered Robot Can Find Waldo Instantly

Saturday  22:41,   11 august 2018

This AI-powered robot can pinpoint Waldo within seconds, thereby ruining Where's Waldo foreveThe agency used Google’s AutoML Vision service to train AI on photos of Waldo. The drag-and-drop tool allows users to train AI tools without previous[...]

Ready for tech buying season? New Note, iPhones, Pixels, here we go!

Saturday  22:41,   11 august 2018

With the launch of the new Samsung Note 9, it's time again for tech buying season, the fourth quarter. Get ready for new iPhones, Pixels, a GoPro Hero, DJI Mavic drone and more. Look for Apple to follow Samsung's head-start in early[...]

Designing the Death of a Plastic

Saturday  15:56,   11 august 2018

Decades ago, synthetic polymers became popular because they were cheap and durable. Now, scientists are creating material that self-destructs or breaks down for reuse on command.Adam Feinberg had no sooner made a bright yellow thin sheet of plastic[...]

Last-minute technical problem delays NASA's flight to sun

Saturday  12:35,   11 august 2018

A last-minute technical problem Saturday delayed NASA's unprecedented flight to the sun.The early morning launch countdown was halted with just one-minute, 55 seconds remaining, keeping the Delta IV rocket on its pad with the Parker Solar Probe. [...]

Mystery of Jupiter’s Colored Bands Solved

Saturday  08:15,   11 august 2018

Thanks to data from the Juno probe, scientists are learning more about Jupiter’s clouds behave.Thanks to measurements taken by Juno, the NASA probe that arrived at Jupiter in July 2016, scientists discovered that the colorful bands of ammonia clouds [...]

Eugene Parker, the pioneer behind the 'mission to touch the sun'

Saturday  02:21,   11 august 2018

"Let's see what lies ahead": That is the message of 91-year-old pioneering astrophysicist Eugene Parker.It's a humble, hopeful and scientific message that perfectly embodies Parker, the first living person to have a spacecraft named[...]

Germany Will Now Allow Some Nazi Symbols in Video Games. Here's What to Know About the History of That Ban

Saturday  01:35,   11 august 2018

The country continues to grapple with its pastThe Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body, which decides on national ratings for computer and video games in Germany, will now allow games with Nazi symbols such as swastikas to be deemed “socially [...]