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News : Technology

Speck's new iPhone cases allow you to show your World Cup team spirit

Friday  04:20,   15 june 2018

The company's Presidio Grip World Edition case comes in six flag-matching color combos.With the FIFA 2018 World Cup officially underway, maybe it's time to change your iPhone case to match your team's colors. Or so Speck[...]

10 Years of Data Appears to Show Black Hole Eating a Star

Friday  04:20,   15 june 2018

When a star meets the gravity of a black hole, chaos ensues. A newly published study relies on 10 years of observations from a slew of well-known telescopes to sort through that chaos and reveal what seems to have happened when a star met a black[...]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate feels familiar in all the right ways

Friday  02:13,   15 june 2018

One of the main attractions of E3 this year is the Switch’s upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Lines to get hands on with the latest entry in the popular brawler series wrapped around Nintendo’s massive installation on the West Hall show floor,[...]

Many animals are shifting from day to night to avoid people

Thursday  23:15,   14 june 2018

Scientists say many animals around the world are becoming night owls to avoid people. Fear of humans has caused many species to increase their nighttime activity by 20 percent. The findings were published Thursday in the journal Science. Researchers [...]

Fortnite players aren't satisfied with Sony's response to the PlayStation-Nintendo Switch controversy

Thursday  21:55,   14 june 2018

Epic Games After it became clear that Fortnite players who owned a Nintendo Switch and a PlayStation 4 were only able to use their account on one of the platforms, players were not happy with Sony. The company issued a response, but they didn't[...]

Scientists find ancient stardust on Earth, and it’s even older than our Sun

Thursday  21:52,   14 june 2018

Everything you see around you — from the birds flying above to the grass below your feet and even the digital display you're reading this on — is made up of particles that were once floating listlessly in outer space. Over billions of years, a[...]

World's Oldest Rain Forest Frogs Found in Amber

Thursday  20:59,   14 june 2018

“It was exhilarating to hold these small fossils up to the light to reveal the frogs within.”More than a third of the 7,000-odd living species of frogs and toads are found in rain forests around the world. But the fossil record for amphibians from[...]

Do you know who’s using your DNA data?

Thursday  20:57,   14 june 2018

You’re in search of your roots, on a quest to uncover your ancestors. You submit DNA to a public genealogy service and in exchange get… You’re in search of your roots, on a quest to uncover your ancestors. You submit DNA to a public genealogy[...]

We aren't ready for a solar storm smackdown

Thursday  20:41,   14 june 2018

From CNET Magazine: The sun is constantly sending out megatons of charged particles that could crash the world's electrical grid. Here's what we can do about it.Damage from the solar storm, called the Carrington Event, was pretty limited —[...]

Spacewalking astronauts set up TV cameras for arriving ships

Thursday  20:41,   14 june 2018

Spacewalking astronauts have set up TV cameras for new crew capsules set to arrive in coming months. The International Space Station's commander, Drew Feustel, and Ricky Arnold completed the installation — their main job — after struggling[...]

Contrary to most doomsday visions, climate change will probably make for smaller waves and calmer seas

Thursday  20:40,   14 june 2018

Catch the monster waves while you can. Catch the monster waves while you[...]

'Stranger Things' Video Game in the Works

Thursday  20:37,   14 june 2018

The best news to come out of the E3 Expo in Los Angeles is that "Stranger Things" fans will soon be able to visit the Upside Down with their gaming[...]

Waterproof Wireless Speakers for Outdoor Summer Fun

Thursday  20:28,   14 june 2018

It’s a no-brainer that food tastes better al fresco, but the decision to take music outdoors is a little more complex. It’s a no-brainer that food tastes better al fresco, but the decision to take music outdoors is a little more complex.[...]

How to start a smart home for $200

Thursday  20:27,   14 june 2018

Over the past few years, smart home tech has become more and more accessible. It connects to our phones and routers, it speaks our language, and it’s increasingly easy to find that you’ve bought a product that includes smart home features, without[...]

Sony’s response to Fortnite controversy is embarrassing

Thursday  18:31,   14 june 2018

For almost two days, Sony had stayed silent about the growing anger over Fortnite accounts that were locked out of playing on the Nintendo Switch due to use on the PlayStation 4. Now the company has finally issued a statement, but it says so little[...]