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Kingdom Hearts 3 is a whimsical spectacle full of Disney cheer

Friday  23:00,   18 may 2018

We played two sections of the game for the first time  Kingdom Hearts 3 captures the whimsical charm of Disney and Pixar’s animated films in an action-packed game that, even if you don’t follow the Kingdom Hearts series[...]

China to Launch Lunar Communication Station

Friday  20:36,   18 may 2018

<p>The rocket launching Sunday will also carry a Dutch radio antenna.</p>The satellite, called Queqiao, is essentially infrastructure for China's lunar plans. After the satellite launches, it will make its way to hover over the far[...]

LocationSmart reportedly leaked phone location data onto the web

Friday  20:16,   18 may 2018

<p>According to security site KrebsOnSecurity, tracking firm LocationSmart leaked real-time location data on its own web site.</p>LocationSmart aggregates real-time data on the location of subscribers' mobile phones. It's all opt-in, but Krebs [...]

Fortnite is coming to Android this summer

Friday  19:05,   18 may 2018

Epic Games’ massively popular battle royale game Fortnite is coming to Android phones this summer, the company announced in a developer blog post this morning. The post, titled “The State of Mobile,” broke down a number of new features the game’s[...]

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Royale Mode Revealed

Friday  01:20,   18 may 2018

After weeks of teases and speculation, Activision finally pulled back the curtain on this year's anticipated Call of Duty game, Black Ops 4. Like previous entries, Black Ops 4 will come with a variety of different game modes, including the[...]

Pressure Inside a Proton is Greater Than a Star

Friday  00:50,   18 may 2018

Can you count to 100 decillion?The scientists found that a proton’s building block, known as a quark, faces a pressure of 100 decillion Pascal near the center of a proton. How much is 100 decillion?1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.[...]

Mario Tennis Aces gets free demo on Nintendo Switch next week

Thursday  19:57,   17 may 2018

Mario Tennis Aces, due to launch June 22 on Nintendo Switch, is getting a free demo beginning next week, and a three-day multiplayer tournament at the beginning of June. Switch owners may try out the game from June 1-3 in a pre-launch tournament,[...]

The Surprising Secrets of the Fastest Stars in the Milky Way Galaxy

Thursday  16:26,   17 may 2018

April 25 changed the trajectory of how we understand supernova — and our mysteriously expanding universe.Type 1a supernovae are important, despite their brief glimmer. Their existence, after all, was used by astronomers to prove that the universe[...]

Oxygen presence in distant galaxy sheds light on early universe

Thursday  12:26,   17 may 2018

<p>After detecting a whiff of oxygen, astronomers have determined that stars in a faraway galaxy formed 250 million years after the Big Bang -- a rather short time in cosmic terms -- in a finding that sheds light on conditions in the early[...]

YouTube to launch new music streaming service on May 22

Thursday  09:10,   17 may 2018

Google's YouTube said on Wednesday it will launch a new music streaming service, YouTube Music, next week and unveil soon a premium service that will charge more for its original shows. YouTube Music, which will be launched on May 22, comes[...]

Our Understanding of the Early Universe May Soon Shift

Thursday  07:20,   17 may 2018

“Since we are all made of processed stellar material, this is really finding our own origins.” [...]

An Alien Planet's Tilt Could Kill Life

Thursday  07:16,   17 may 2018

Terrestrial life is intimately influenced by the tilt of Earth's axis, so it shouldn't surprise us if the same is true elsewhere.That's the finding of a new paper accepted for publication in The Astronomical Journal. The study[...]

Future iPhones Could Scan the Veins Beneath Your Face, Apple Patent Suggests

Thursday  01:42,   17 may 2018

Apple has been granted a patent, first filed in 2015, that could lead to huge enhancements in the iPhone’s biometric powers by using “pulsed radiation” to peer into users’ veins. A relatively recent wave of similar patents could point to a new[...]

Office 2016 for Mac users get Google Calendar access for more scheduling options

Thursday  01:42,   17 may 2018

Microsoft has added Google Calendar and Contacts support to Outlook 2016 for macOS, as well as fixing several serious security flaws.The move is sure to please Office for Mac users who rely on Google Calendar to keep track of their schedules, and[...]

A speech scientist reveals why the viral 'laurel' versus 'yanny' argument has only one right answer

Thursday  01:42,   17 may 2018

Brad Barket/Getty Images for DJ D-Nice The internet is aflame about whether a robotic-sounding recording says "yanny" or "laurel." Speech scientists say there's a simple reason for the audio trickery that has to do with the[...]