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Samsung rolls out updated Smart Switch website to lure iPhone users

Monday  18:31,   26 june 2017

Samsung wants to make it even more effortless to ditch your old smartphone and switch to one of its new Galaxy handsets. To this end, the company is rolling out a redesign to its Smart Switch website.© Provided by The Next Web samsung, iphone,[...]

Australia pushes for weaker encryption at 'Five Eyes' meeting

Monday  16:27,   26 june 2017

Australia says tech companies should be "thwarting" messaging encryption to stop terrorists, and it's pushing US companies in particular.The world's biggest tech companies could soon be compelled to weaken encryption in the name of[...]

How the cloud has changed education and training

Monday  16:16,   26 june 2017

A few years ago, the cloud was a promise to reduce costs of IT and improve flexibility and scaling by providing on-demand computing, storage and services to every organization. Today, the cloud is a ubiquity we take for granted. We expect every[...]

Liftoff! SpaceX Nails Second Launch in Three Days

Monday  15:51,   26 june 2017

SpaceX nailed its second launch in three days today (June 25) with liftoff of a Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California carrying 10 satellites owned by Iridium Communications. The World's Richest Agree: This Will[...]

WhatsApp is becoming a top news source in some countries

Monday  15:30,   26 june 2017

WhatsApp might not be all that popular in the US, but in some places, it's fast becoming a place where people can safely share and get the latest news. Next to 47 percent, the percentage (15) of respondents who said they use WhatsApp to [...]

Gender-Neutral, Headscarves and Breastfeeding: New Emoji Face Serious Issues

Monday  08:00,   26 june 2017
NBC News

Smile! A whole set of new emojis are coming your way and this round includes gender-neutral characters, a woman in a headscarf and even a breast feeding emoji. The Highest Paying Cash Back Cards Available Today See The Best Cash Back Cards [...]

Got a teen driver? Here is tech to help keep them safe

Sunday  22:50,   25 june 2017

My daughter is 16 and just about to get her driver’s license. She’s thrilled. I’m terrified. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not her. She does all the right stuff: Drives the speed limit, stops for a full three seconds when she’s supposed to, and doesn’t[...]

How To Make Your Old, Slow Laptop Feel Like New Again

Sunday  22:50,   25 june 2017
Popular Mechanics

Just like the day you got[...]

How actress Hedy Lamarr became the ‘mother of Wi-Fi’

Sunday  22:41,   25 june 2017

Known as “the most beautiful woman in the world,” Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr starred in dozens of films over a career that spanned decades. But there was more to Lamarr than met the eye. An avid inventor, she worked on everything from a tablet[...]

This covert technology listens for gunshots 24/7 and calls the police on its own

Sunday  22:21,   25 june 2017
Tech Insider

The technology builds on existing surveillance tools, many of which are aging, grainy-video cameras that don't record sound and produce footage officers review only after a crime has been committed. ShotSpotter also sends alerts to apps on[...]

The Sony A9 inches the mirrorless camera market forward

Sunday  22:20,   25 june 2017

Mirrorless cameras. On paper, some of them seem perfect. They're quick and powerful with lightweight bodies, but their main drawback has been equally light lens catalogs. Having a variety of prime, telephoto, macro, sport and the like, all with[...]

Self-driving cars are safer when they talk to each other

Sunday  22:20,   25 june 2017

Most current self-driving technology relies on cameras, radar and lidar. These sensory devices serve as eyes for the car, mimicking what a human driver can see. But a University of Michigan public-private partnership called Mcity is testing V2V, or[...]

What it will take for cybersecurity to become common sense

Sunday  22:20,   25 june 2017

Changing your password needs to become like washing your hands after the bathroom -- a habit. We’re a long way off from that.Look both ways before you cross the street. Wash your hands before leaving the bathroom. Put a seat belt on when you get in[...]

Huawei Matebook X review: watch out Apple, Huawei is coming for you

Sunday  19:35,   25 june 2017

The Huawei Matebook X is a triumphant entry into the ultra-portable laptop segmentDespite it's initial appearance, the Matebook is actually a pretty innovative device, with the company using its knowledge and experience in the smartphone industry to [...]

iPhone 8 Dummy Photos Show Bezel-less Screen, Vertical Dual-Camera

Sunday  19:21,   25 june 2017
International Business Times

Dummy images of the iPhone 8 show device with no Touch ID button, vertical-dual camera system, more features.Images of a dummy model of the upcoming iPhone 8, posted by Onleaks on Twitter Friday (via 9to5Mac), backs up previous rumors regarding[...]