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WhatsApp joins other messaging platforms with live location sharing

Wednesday  11:56,   18 october 2017

Sharing your current location with someone is a great way to passive-aggressively explain that you're on your way when they ask where you are. But it also has other uses, and WhatsApp has now joined rivals Facebook Messenger and iMessage in[...]

German soccer team puts players on your iPhone for AR selfies

Wednesday  11:56,   18 october 2017

Sports teams and broadcasters have been going all-in on high-tech initiatives lately. The NFL was an early adopter, with AR features appearing on Fox Sports broadcasts. You can choose which of the three "strips" Robben wears in the app, and [...]

Google's first mobile chip is an image processor hidden in the Pixel 2

Wednesday  11:56,   18 october 2017
The Verge

One thing that Google left unannounced during its Pixel 2 launch event on October 4th is being revealed today: it’s called the Pixel Visual Core, and it is Google’s first custom system-on-a-chip (SOC) for consumer products. The coolest[...]

Apple iOS 11.0.3 Starts Causing Problems

Wednesday  09:21,   18 october 2017

iOS 11.0.3 is Apple's latest rushed iOS 11 bug fix and once again it is causing more problems than it fixesI warned about this last week in my iOS 11.0.3 Upgrade Guide given the flurry of user complaints across reddit and social media, leading[...]

Google launches advanced Gmail security features for high-risk users

Wednesday  03:35,   18 october 2017

Google Inc said on Tuesday that it would roll out an advanced protection program in order to provide stronger security for some users such as government officials and journalists who are at a higher risk of being targeted by hackers. The internet[...]

Alligators are out there eating sharks, no big deal

Wednesday  00:06,   18 october 2017

Alligators in Florida and Georgia were documented eating stingrays, too.But its diet may extend further than previously thought. When given the chance, these gators will travel into saltwater environments and feed on marine animals such as stingrays [...]

Mass die-off of Antarctic penguin chicks alarms researchers

Tuesday  22:50,   17 october 2017
Associated Press

<p>Almost the entire cohort of chicks from an Adelie penguin colony in the eastern Antarctic was wiped out by starvation last summer in what scientists say is only the second such incident in over 40 years.</p>Researchers said Sunday the mass[...]

2018 Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7 To Feature Thin Bezels

Tuesday  21:22,   17 october 2017
International Business Times

The 2018 Samsung Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 will both be adopting the same bezel-less design of the Galaxy S8.The high quality renders for the 2018 Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 were created by Steve Hemmerstoffer (@OnLeaks) in collaboration with[...]

Tracking down a kilonova: The story of how thousands of scientists decoded the year’s biggest discovery

Tuesday  20:58,   17 october 2017

This is the backstory to the biggest scientific discovery of 2017.&nbsp;&nbsp;It began, as most things do these days, with a notification on phones and computers. Scientists working on the LIGO and Virgo collaboration stared at their[...]

Google Maps ditches misleading walking calorie counter

Tuesday  17:32,   17 october 2017

<p>Google is ditching a planned feature for Maps following criticism on social media.</p>Taking note of the negative reaction, Google is now dumping the experiment. It confirmed to Engadget that the update was briefly tested on iOS, and has[...]

Microsoft Surface Book 2 is bigger and better

Tuesday  17:12,   17 october 2017

A new 15-inch size, updated Intel CPUs and gamer-ready Nvidia graphics hit Microsoft's pro-level Surface two-in-one.The Surface Book 2 now comes in both the original 13-inch size and a new 15-inch version. The timing makes them some of the first [...]

The first iPhone X units have shipped from China, but things aren’t looking good

Tuesday  17:12,   17 october 2017

Some lucky buyers will get their iPhone X on November 3rd when the handset is set to launch in initial markets, but most Apple fans will have to wait weeks or even months to have one shipped to their door.&nbsp;A new report says that Foxconn has [...]

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update bets big on mixed reality

Tuesday  17:11,   17 october 2017

<p>Microsoft's next major Windows 10 release for 2017, the Fall Creators Update, doesn't make any huge waves. But you might have gathered that from its name alone.</p>With its latest OS, available today, Microsoft is preparing for the[...]

Wi-Fi has a serious vulnerability. Here's how to stay safe.

Tuesday  16:11,   17 october 2017
Popular Science

The weakness is in the encryption protocol we all use constantly.Here’s what you need to know about the problem, and what to do about[...]

4 Surprising Facts About the Universe We Just Discovered in a Cosmic Breakthrough

Tuesday  16:10,   17 october 2017

News from space always arrives late — and in a discovery announced Monday, that meant 130 million years late.&nbsp;&nbsp;It was that long ago that two neutron stars in Galaxy NGC 4993, in the Hydra constellation, spiraled in toward one[...]