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HTC is launching a blockchain-powered phone

Thursday  01:21,   17 may 2018

HTC is developing a new Android phone that will be powered by blockchain technology. The phone, named Exodus, will feature a universal wallet and a built-in secure hardware enclave to support cryptocurrencies and decentralized[...]

Onkyo’s receivers will work with Sonos, thanks to upcoming June firmware update

Thursday  01:21,   17 may 2018

Thanks to a firmware update coming to a plethora of receivers from Onkyo and its brands — Integra, Pioneer, and Pioneer Elite — they will all work with the Sonos app. The official list of supported network AV, stereo receivers, and processors will[...]

The Honor 10 is exactly the budget Huawei P20 Pro we were expecting

Thursday  01:21,   17 may 2018

Honor, Huawei’s sub-brand that happens to have its own CEO, is out with a new Android flagship today, and it’s a lovely, more budget-friendly reinterpretation of the Huawei P20 Pro. The new Honor 10 exhibits the same design philosophy as the P20[...]

The SEC made a fake cryptocurrency to show you how ICO scams work

Thursday  01:21,   17 may 2018

HoweyCoin, a new digital currency, was launched today through a pre-initial coin offering and the team behind it said it would be "the cryptocurrency standard for the travel industry." Load[...]

How Giant Dinosaurs Sat on Their Eggs Without Crushing Them

Wednesday  20:36,   16 may 2018

Fossil nests from oviraptorosaurs show the special strategy these birdlike dinosaurs used to keep their young safe.Load[...]

Samantha Bee to launch This Is Not a Game mobile game for midterm elections

Wednesday  19:57,   16 may 2018

Voting can be fun! Just ask Samantha Bee. The host of Full Frontal is launching a new mobile game pegged to the 2018 midterm elections. This is Not a Game: The Game is the nonpartisan trivia game we’ve apparently been waiting for. Specifics are[...]

'Street Fighter' Characters Square Off Against Power Rangers in Video Game Crossover

Wednesday  18:51,   16 may 2018

'Power Rangers: Legacy Wars' will welcome fan-favorite characters like Ryu, Chun-Li and Cammy to face off in the popular mobile game.The worlds of Power Rangers and Street Fighter are about to[...]

Islamic Militants Urge Followers to Spread Malware

Wednesday  18:31,   16 may 2018

Jihadists are urging their followers to engage in "cyber jihad" for the holy month of Ramadan.On Wednesday, a group of jihadists used the MuslimTec channel of Telegram, an encrypted messaging app, to urge fellow Muslims not to be lazy[...]

Spacewalkers work on coolant pumps "Leaky" and "Frosty"

Wednesday  17:31,   16 may 2018

Two space station astronauts ventured outside the lab Wednesday to reposition two critical coolant pumpsTwo astronauts worked outside the International Space Station on Wednesday to help reposition two spare solar array ammonia coolant pump[...]

Mars Probe Captures Photo of Earth and Moon from Afar

Wednesday  13:41,   16 may 2018

The original "Pale Blue Dot" is a famous image of Earth taken from a distance of around 3.7 billion miles by the Voyager 1 spacecraft.Load[...]

Scientists Lost Track Over Over 900 Asteroids

Wednesday  08:10,   16 may 2018

Scientists aren't sure of where these asteroids are anymore, or how close they may come to Earth.Load[...]

Facial-recognition software inaccurate in 98% of cases, report finds

Tuesday  17:52,   15 may 2018

Metropolitan Police in the UK have had sketchy results with the crime-fighting tool.According to figures published by The Independent (based on data obtained under freedom of information), only two of the 104 alerts generated by the[...]

Lenovo teases what might be the first true ‘all screen’ phone

Tuesday  17:36,   15 may 2018

Lenovo teases what might be the first true ‘all screen’ phoneThe sketch of the upcoming Lenovo Z5 follows the earlier release of a partial image alongside a claim that the phone would feature an impressive screen-to-body-ratio of 95 percent. Cheng[...]

Facebook adds option to report conversations in Messenger following widespread criticism

Tuesday  17:31,   15 may 2018

In reaction to criticism around the use of Messenger in some countries worldwide, particularly Myanmar, Facebook has introduced new tools that it allow users of the app to report conversations that violate its community standards. A new tab inside[...]

Fastest-Growing 'Monster' Black Hole Ever Discovered Devours Sun's Mass Every Two Days

Tuesday  17:31,   15 may 2018

The behemoth gobbles up the equivalent of our sun's mass every two days.Astronomers have found the fastest-growing black hole ever discovered. This enormous beast, they've found, gulps down a mass equivalent of the sun every two[...]