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Human remains buried at Stonehenge 5,000 years ago offer a clue to where they came from

Tuesday  02:15,   07 august 2018

At least some of the people who were buried at Stonehenge died and were cremated far from the site - probably in west Wales about 120 miles away, according to a new study. The finding, published last week in Scientific Reports, provides[...]
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‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ Brings in $8 Million for Glu Mobile

Tuesday  00:56,   07 august 2018

Glu Mobile reported a 20% increase in revenue for its last quarter, due in large part to the money generated by “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.” “According to our estimates, Kim Kardashian app revenue saw a year-over-year increase of about 28% bringing[...]

‘Fortnite’ Opens Doors to 250 Million More Players This Summer

Monday  21:11,   06 august 2018

The incredibly popular battle royale video game “Fortnite” opens its doors to another 250 million or so players when it arrives this summer on Android, the founder and president of the developer behind the gaming phenomenon told Variety. Tim Sweeney [...]

Dead Cells is the best Castlevania game in years

Monday  19:45,   06 august 2018

It’s a weird time to be a Castlevania fan. While Netflix has reinvigorated interest in the series with a gloriously violent animated show, the games themselves have dried up since the departure of long-time director Koji Igarashi. The most recent[...]

Later this year, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch its biggest batch of satellites yet

Monday  16:56,   06 august 2018

The 71-satellite rideshare, coordinated by Spaceflight Industries, includes art exhibits and a high school probeThe epic satellite rideshare was coordinated and brokered by Spaceflight Industries — a company dedicated to finding launch “real estate” [...]

Strange Low-Frequency Space Signal Detected On Earth

Monday  16:40,   06 august 2018

The signal was detected when astronomers were using a massive radio telescope to map hydrogen distribution in the universe.For years, astronomers have been exploring the mysterious case of transient radio pulses of unknown origin, named fast radio[...]

Google Pixel 3 launch date leaks: set for head-to-head battle with new iPhone X

Monday  16:20,   06 august 2018

We've known for a while now that Google has high hopes for its incoming Pixel 3 range of smartphones, and has seemingly engineered them with just one main focus, gun down Apple's new iPhone range. First a radical new updated design[...]

iOS 12 has a trackpad feature for easier text editing

Monday  16:20,   06 august 2018

Correcting typos has never been easier.With the addition of 3D Touch starting with the iPhone 6S, users could hard press on the keyboard to activate a trackpad-like feature. When pressing, you can move the cursor around with some precision and ease. [...]

Facebook Dating will be a feature, not an app. Here's a peek

Monday  16:20,   06 august 2018

Facebook Dating doesn't plan to launch a standalone dating app, which should temper expectations about how deeply it's diving into Tinder and Match Group's territory.Facebook gave a preview of its Dating features back in May at its F8[...]

NASA's Parker Solar Probe Set to Launch

Monday  13:26,   06 august 2018

The journey will last about seven years. [...]

Researchers Are Baking Up 24-Hour Fossils

Sunday  21:05,   05 august 2018

The artificial fossils look like real fossils, and even hold up under a microscope.The new approach, according to Evan Saitta, a Field Museum researcher and lead author of the new study in Palaeontology, “saves us from having to run a[...]

Chip labour: Robots replace waiters in China restaurant

Sunday  19:35,   05 august 2018

The little robotic waiter wheels up to the table, raises its glass lid to reveal a steaming plate of local Shanghai-style crayfish and announces in low, mechanical tones, "Enjoy your meal."The futuristic restaurant concept is the latest[...]

A NASA satellite revealed what a lunar eclipse looks like from Mercury

Sunday  15:05,   05 august 2018

The world experienced the longest total lunar eclipse in a century in July. In 2014, NASA's MESSENGER satellite, which orbited Mercury between 2011 and 2015, captured a lunar eclipse from that vantage point. In the footage, the he moon does a[...]

The catch to exploring water on Mars (and anywhere else in space)

Sunday  14:05,   05 august 2018

Scientists believe they have found an underground lake of liquid water on Mars, which has space explorers all the more eager to visit. “Seems like…“Seems like a good time to start working on landing BFR,” tweeted the SpaceX engineer in charge of[...]

NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Not Dead Yet, May Even Have Another Exoplanet Survey Left in It

Sunday  11:56,   05 august 2018

NASA’s $600 million Kepler space telescope, which is more or less running on thruster fuel fumes nearly a decade after its launch in 2009.After waking from its hibernation, Kepler began transmitting the data it gathered from the 18th 80-day survey[...]