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Millions Of Android Devices Compromised, Mining For Monero

Wednesday  15:21,   14 february 2018
International Business Times

Security researchers say millions of Android devices have been hit by a "drive by" campaign designed to mine for the cryptocurrency Monero.Millions of Android devices have quietly fallen victim to a “drive-by” campaign that uses the mobile [...]

The HTTPS in your browser's address bar is important for staying safe on the web

Wednesday  12:50,   14 february 2018
Popular Science

Google Chrome will soon clearly indicate that sites without encryption are "not secure." Code HTTPS makes a difference in who can see data about your web surfing. It has probably been a while since you typed "http" in front of a URL to[...]

Watch Starman and its Tesla get swallowed by the darkness of space

Wednesday  12:50,   14 february 2018

Starman is drifting farther and farther away from us, that a lot of the telescopes that have been tracking its journey will soon no longer be able to see it. The Virtual Telescope Project, which has been keeping an eye on the spacefarer and its[...]

5 ways the iPhone X could be better

Wednesday  05:10,   14 february 2018

With about seven months to go until Apple unveils its new 2018 iPhone lineup, it seems like we shouldn't be talking about the company's iPhone X successors right now. According to Kuo, Apple plans to release not two but three new[...]

Google to debut emails that automatically update

Tuesday  23:50,   13 february 2018

<p>Gmail is about to get dynamic. Alphabet Inc's Google on Tuesday plans to demonstrate a software programming system that would enable emails to feature continuously updating information and greater interactivity.</p>Users could see[...]

A scientist captured an impossible photo of a single atom

Tuesday  23:46,   13 february 2018

A student at the University of Oxford is being celebrated in the world of science photography for capturing a single, floating atom with an ordinary…Using long exposure, PhD candidate David Nadlinger took a a photo of a glowing atom in an intricate[...]

Pokémon Go bug makes catching Pokémon way faster

Tuesday  20:35,   13 february 2018

No more staring at wriggling Poké Balls Pokémon Go players have discovered an apparent glitch that, unlike most of the game’s issues, comes with a great benefit: It enables users to bypass the catching animation during a Pokémon battle, dramatically [...]

'Olympic Destroyer' malware targeted Pyeongchang Games: firms

Tuesday  19:06,   13 february 2018

<p>Several U.S. cyber security firms said on Monday that they had uncovered a computer virus dubbed "Olympic Destroyer" that was likely used in an attack on Friday's opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Games.</p>Games[...]

New LG V30 2018 will use AI to help you take better photos

Tuesday  16:09,   13 february 2018

LG is expected to show off the new V30 for 2018 at MWC later this month where it will give us a glimpse at what AI can really do on smartphones.&nbsp;Load[...]

Panasonic’s new $999 GX9 is a mirrorless camera for monochrome film lovers

Tuesday  16:09,   13 february 2018
The Verge

<p>Panasonic has just announced the GX9, the company’s latest mid-range interchangeable lens camera. It’s coming next month for $999 with a 12-60mm (non-Leica) kit lens.</p>Perhaps most importantly, Panasonic has upped the megapixel count back [...]

Scientists Set To Explore Mysterious Seafloor Exposed By Antarctica's Giant Iceberg

Tuesday  14:15,   13 february 2018
Gizmodo Australia

Remember the massive iceberg that split away from Antarctica last year? An international team of scientists is about to embark on a mission to explore the newly exposed marine ecosystem underneath - one that's been hidden for over 100,000 years. [...]

Twitter Says It Will Crack Down on Posts Encouraging Others to Harm Themselves

Tuesday  12:16,   13 february 2018

Twitter, the social media website best known for ignoring its abuse problem until it metastasized into a full-blown presidency, has as of late been trying to change its image. It’s stripped some far-right and white supremacist users of their[...]

Boston Dynamics’ newest robot learns to open doors

Tuesday  04:35,   13 february 2018

We knew this day would come sooner or later. Like the cloned velociraptors before it, Boston Dynamics’ newly redesigned Spot Mini has figured out how to open doors — with either its arm or face, depending on how you look at it. The team behind the[...]

German court rules Facebook use of personal data illegal

Monday  21:40,   12 february 2018

The verdict, from a Berlin regional court, comes as Big Tech faces increasing scrutiny in Germany over its handling of sensitive personal data that enables it to micro-target online advertising. The Federation of German Consumer Organisations (vzvb) [...]

Google's Next Android Overhaul Is Said to Embrace IPhone `Notch'

Monday  21:40,   12 february 2018

Google is working on an overhaul of its Android mobile software for a new generation of smartphones mimicking Apple Inc.’s controversial new "notch" at the top of the iPhone X, according to people familiar with the situation. The Android[...]