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Report: Yankees, Marlins have discussed Stanton trade

  Report: Yankees, Marlins have discussed Stanton trade While most of the rumors surrounding reigning NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton have involved the San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals, one American League team might be his ultimate landing spot. According to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, the Miami Marlins and New York Yankees have discussed a trade that would send the slugger further east. Heyman goes on to note that the Yankees are “on the far fringes” of Stanton talks thus far, primarily because it would be difficult for them to fit in Stanton’s $25 million 2018 salary and remain under the luxury tax threshold. Though, it’s important to note that New York does rank among the top farm systems in baseball, according to This could enable the team to offer up a higher bounty of prospects in exchange for the Marlins picking up nice chunk of the remaining $295 million on Stanton’s contract. The idea of Stanton and his 59 homers teaming up with reigning AL Rookie of the Year Aaron Judge (52 homers) has to be appealing to the Yankees. Add in Gary Sanchez (33 homers) and that would be one potent lineup. It’s at least something to think about as the Stanton situation continues to take over the MLB world and slow down Hot Stove season.

Comments (0). The ongoing Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes have made for an intriguing Hot Stove season in baseball. Now comes the drama and excitement of Stanton and Ohtani.

Hot Stove Brings New Level of Drama . Giancarlo Stanton was supposed to dominate the Hot Stove conversation, but he has company thanks to Shohei Ohtani of the Nippon-Ham Fighters.

The ongoing Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes have made for an intriguing Hot Stove season in baseball. (Getty Images)© Getty Images The ongoing Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes have made for an intriguing Hot Stove season in baseball. (Getty Images) So now, after the baseball season we had and the October we all just watched, we get this kind of Christmas season in baseball. It is mostly because of two gifted young players whose availability makes this as intriguing a moment as we've ever had in a baseball offseason:

Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani.

Stanton and the Sho-Hey Kid.

Oh, there will be a lot more player movement over the rest of December and into January, when we'll also learn who will be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame next summer. And the Yankees introduced a new manager the other day in Aaron Boone, and that is always a big deal in baseball. Boone is a bit of an intriguing figure himself. He not only hit one of the most famous home runs in Yankee history -- 11th inning, Game 7, American League Championship Series, Yankees-Red Sox, 2003 -- Boone hit one of the most important home runs in Red Sox history at the same time, because you can make the case that if Boone doesn't beat them in 2003, maybe October of 2004, the greatest month in all of Red Sox history, doesn't play out the way it does.

US border arrests 'drop to 46-year low'

  US border arrests 'drop to 46-year low' The US border is under better control than for nearly half a century, immigration officials say.Despite the decline in Border Patrol arrests, officials at Immigration and Customs (ICE) report a significant increase in arrests within the US.

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But it is two young home run hitters who fascinate all of us who love baseball right now. Stanton. Ohtani. Say it again: One of them chased a Ruthian number -- 60 home runs -- for the Marlins last season, all the way to what will likely be his last at-bat for the Marlins on the last day of the regular season. The other, Ohtani, has been doing young, Babe Ruth things in Japan, a star pitcher who hits home runs the way Ruth was when he was Ohtani's age and was still playing for the Red Sox.

For the time being, no one knows for sure where either one of them will end up. It happens to be a beautiful baseball thing. At its best, the game has always been a 12-month-a-year sport. Never more than it is right now. The baseball renaissance that really began in October of 2016 with that Cubs-Indians World Series continues, and shows no sign of letting up soon.

Senate to vote to move to conference on GOP tax overhaul plan

  Senate to vote to move to conference on GOP tax overhaul plan The House voted Monday to move to conference with the Senate on the tax measure, the next step toward a final billThere will be 10 hours of debate on the motion, followed by a vote. The House voted Monday to move to conference with the Senate on the tax measure.

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Mets bring back Jay Bruce to break baseball's hot stove cold snap. His sample size of 328 innings there isn’t enough to tell us much beyond that he wasn’t great when he was out there, but the Mets must have some comfort level in believing he won’t be a disaster in center.

Baseball even had Jose Altuve, one of its spectacular, bright young stars, on the cover of Sports Illustrated as one of the magazine's Sportspersons of the Year, along with J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans, another way of honoring the inspiring story of Houston Strong.

Now comes the drama and excitement of Stanton and Ohtani. We hear about the Cardinals being in play, and big, with Stanton. We hear about the Giants. There is a story just about every day about how no one should count out the Dodgers, who came as close as they did to winning their first World Series since 1988, before everything really changed, the way the 2017 World Series changed, with Game 5, the most amazing game of World Series baseball we may ever see in our lives.

Do the Dodgers look at Stanton as being the kind of difference-maker Justin Verlander was for the Astros? How can they not? How can they not imagine how the team doesn't become an even bigger draw, in a star town, with young stars like Cody Bellinger hitting back-to-back in Dave Roberts' batting order for years?

Bill Walton brings the crazy, as usual, to ESPN telecast

  Bill Walton brings the crazy, as usual, to ESPN telecast A game is just two hours of "Stuff Bill Walton Says."His work Tuesday night in Phoenix was bonkers, if you looked at some of the internet reactions.

A major drawback of the off-season for Western fans is the inability to watch high- level LoL In just the past week, the North American scene has already produced scenes of mystery, drama , and Experts are unsure if Reginald will be able to find a new roster, given that he only has the largest budget out

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Ohtani? He and his representatives, after dismissing the early-favorite Yankees, have narrowed their list to these seven teams: Rangers, Dodgers, Giants, Cubs, Angels, Padres, Mariners. And it's worth pointing out that even among those finalists there is the concern that some of them or most of them are getting played here; that Ohtani, even with two weeks to go before his Dec. 22 deadline, might already have made up his mind about where he wants to play in the big leagues next season.

Here is what my friend Ken Rosenthal, who works for MLB Network and Fox Sports, wrote in The Athletic the other day:

"….predictably, some people in baseball are suspicious of the recruitment process, fearing Ohtani, 23, already had made up his mind. Some always were going to be suspicious, no matter what ground rules Ohtani and his representatives at CAA established, no matter what the outcome."

Whatever the outcome, it is a good thing for baseball. There is a part of me hoping that Ohtani does end up in San Diego and helps change the baseball culture there, and gets the Padres and the smart people now running them back into play. Or maybe the kid ends up in Seattle the way Ichiro did before him. There were so many people now who doubted that Ichiro Suzuki could come over here and become a true star in this country; doubted that his genius would travel. He showed everybody, showed up hitting and kept hitting into his 40s and belongs in our Hall of Fame someday.

A look inside LeBron James’ new jaw-dropping $23 million California mansion

  A look inside LeBron James’ new jaw-dropping $23 million California mansion Just wow.

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It is unlikely to think that either Stanton or Ohtani end up with the same team, in either San Francisco or Los Angeles. But, really, who knows? It is part of the pure Hot Stove fun of this, fun that just continues to pick up steam.

If there is life on the outer fringes of the solar system, even they know how Stanton is working on a contract that will pay him $295 million and that the contract has an opt-out clause and that it has a no-trade clause in it. (Come on, who wouldn't need sweeteners on a deal like that?) But the Giants want back in the World Series after hitting the skids the past couple of years. The Cardinals, as proud as ever, desperately need a big stick in the middle of their batting order, and everybody knows that, too.

Such interesting games being played off the field, games that seem to be moving into the late innings. With two young stars calling all the shots.

"Players never used to have the hammer," Don Mattingly, who managed Stanton in Miami, told me one time when he was a player. "The world sure has changed, hasn't it?"

It has. And all over the world. Fifty-nine home runs on the market. A kid who acted like the young Babe Ruth in Japan and once hit a home run that blew a hole in the Tokyo Dome. After the World Series, we get this kind of reality series from baseball. Baseball Strong.

Kevin Hart calls cheating on wife his 'dumbest moment' .
Kevin Hart explained how he ended up in the situation in the first place. The comedian — who admitted to cheating on his then-pregnant wife Eniko Parrish in September after an extortion attempt — discussed the ordeal to the extent of his ability during “The Breakfast Club” on Thursday morning.“You gotta ----ing just say exactly what it is. That's Kevin Hart in his dumbest moment. That's not the finest hour of my life. With that being said, you make your bed, you lay in it.

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