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Lopez scores 20, Lakers top Thunder 108-104

  Lopez scores 20, Lakers top Thunder 108-104 The Oklahoma City Thunder appeared to be on their way to their lofty preseason expectations during an eight-game win streak. BOX SCORE: LAKERS 108, THUNDER 104Then they hit another rough patch.Oklahoma City dropped its fourth straight game Sunday when Brook Lopez scored 20 points and Julius Randle added 19, leading the Los Angeles Lakers to a 108-104 victory.Thunder guard Russell Westbrook said the team won't panic."Me personally, I love adversity," he said. "It gives you an opportunity to bring your teammates together and bring everybody together. Looking forward to positive things.

I think you could maybe slide in as a Lakers Nation writer, maybe Forum Blue and Gold could get you a guest column. If the Lakers trade for Anthony Davis , suddenly this gets a lot realer. This makes more sense than people want to admit, I guess is what I’m trying to say.

Makes just about as much sense ! The Lakers don't have their pick this year so they are trying to win as many games as possible. Anthony Davis ,Omer Asik, for Al Horford,Jayson Tatum,2018 lakers pick,2019 grizzlies pick,2022 Boston1st,Terry Rozier.

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The Anthony Davis-to-Boston rumors have circled around the NBA ether for years, but Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver discuss the possibility of the Pelicans star landing with the Lakers. Of course, several events have to take place in order for Davis to land in L.A., but that didn't slow this discussion. The constant effort to challenge the Warriors has spawned super teams all over the NBA, and the latest episode of the Open Floor podcast offers up yet another.

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Longtime Clinton confidant blames Comey for 2016 loss

  Longtime Clinton confidant blames Comey for 2016 loss Longtime Hillary Clinton confidant Lanny Davis visited his old friend shortly after President Trump’s inauguration, hoping to cheer her up after her loss. But the former Democratic presidential candidate was just as worried about him."I'm fine. You're the one that's not OK. Are you all right?" Davis recalled Clinton saying. "It's been tough, but you're the one that needs to move on. You and all my friends, we've got to move on."Instead, Davis studied polls and recently declassified Justice Department documents to try to make sense of why Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election.

But [the Pelicans] aren’t trading Anthony Davis … He wants to make it work in New Orleans. (Ainge has long liked Irving more than most of his peers for some of the same reasons, sources say.) At end of meeting, there was a sense with some that team had worked out some issues, but that

Here are five trades that make sense for New Orleans over the next year but won’t happen, because they’re stupid and either think they can get Davis to stay Lakers . New Orleans gets D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle, and Jordan Clarkson. Los Angeles gets Anthony Davis .

Andrew Sharp: Marcos says, ‘I know it’s way too early, but every time anyone talks about a possible trade for Anthony Davis, they only mention the Celtics because nobody can compete with a package of Tatum, Jaylen Brown and the unprotected Sacramento pick. I know this is a big if, but if the Lakers end up with LeBron and Paul George and the Pelicans decide to trade Anthony Davis, L.A. could offer Ingram, Kuzma, Ball, Hart, picks and filler for A.D. What package would you prefer if you were the Pelicans GM? And is there a better trio to fight Golden State than LeBron, Paul George and Anthony Davis?’ What’s your reaction, Ben?

Ben Golliver: My first reaction would be there’s like six ifs in one paragraph. That’s a red flag because that means you’re asking me to take three or four steps away from reality in sequential order.

Astros reportedly have talked with Marlins about JT Realmuto

  Astros reportedly have talked with Marlins about JT Realmuto The Miami Marlins have gotten rid of nearly all of their top players, but one remains: JT Realmuto. Since the Marlins have cleaned house this offseason, it makes sense that teams have been asking about Realmuto. According to one report, the Houston Astros are among the teams to inquire about Realmuto. SiriusXM MLB Network Radio’s Craig Mish reported on Saturday that the Astros have engaged the Marlins about Realmuto. He says the Marlins have asked for Houston prospect Kyle Tucker in return.Source : Houston Astros have engaged in trade discussions for JT Realmuto. OF Kyle Tucker is the ask by Miami.

When people think of the Lakers ’ young talent, they usually think about D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson and Brandon Ingram. Hopefully, the Lakers can give Anthony Davis fits just like they gave DeMarcus Cousins fits in the Lakers Trade Rumors: No ‘ Sense Of Urgency’ To Make Move Before

She could not make sense of the strategy employed by her brother and Kupchak. They had cycled through four coaches in five seasons and under their watch the Lakers won a Three Things to Know: Anthony Davis gives Celtics fans 45 reasons to drool over him more . Associated Press.

Sharp: No, no, no. You know what I’m asking you to do? I’m asking you to take a couple steps back and just look at the chessboard. All the pieces are out there. The moves are just waiting to be made, OK? I’m asking you to stay woke on what’s really coming in L.A.

Golliver: The problem is that Marcos used a laser pointer to knife half of the chess pieces off the board so they don’t exist anymore. It’s not a real chess game here. In terms of his question, I think this is a fundamental preference. Let’s say you did have LeBron and Paul George, would you prefer to have all those young players making sure you have a full rotation set around those two guys? Or would you rather have Anthony Davis? The thing is, if you have those three big salaries it’s going to be slim pickings from players four through 10 or 11 in your rotation. I think you can make a pretty strong argument given what we’ve seen the last couple years in Cleveland where the depth gets tested really quick and they don’t have enough behind their top three guys until recently.

La La Anthony Shares Update on Kim Kardashian's Baby Girl Chicago: She's 'Doing Great!' (Exclusive)

  La La Anthony Shares Update on Kim Kardashian's Baby Girl Chicago: She's 'Doing Great!' (Exclusive) The actress spoke with ET at the New York premiere of 'Black Panther' and opened up about her friend's brand new baby girl.ET caught up with the actress at the New York premiere of Black Panther on Tuesday, hosted by The Cinema Society, where she said she hasn't been able to meet Kardashian's new baby girl, or friend Kylie Jenner's new bundle of joy, Stormi.

If Anthony Davis becomes available — and the Celtics’ eyes are very much trained on him — Boston could throw together a package more compelling than just about anyone else’s. The Nets are bad, let’s say they’re number one. The Lakers land in the two through five range.

Makes just about as much sense ! Davis is fantastic, but I don't think I'd move Horford, Brown, the Lakers / Kings pick and more draft capital for him. They need to max out George to keep him from going to the Lakers , then figure out a way to buy out Anthony .

You might prefer the deeper approach; you might not want more than two max-level players on the same team if you’re trying to compete with Golden State. Now, that is not what Marcos wants to hear because Marcos wants to dream big and he wants to imagine Anthony Davis, LeBron and Paul George just wreaking havoc. But when you construct it that way, you’re taking on five or six guys on veteran minimum contracts who are going to have to play for you, and you probably have your pick of those aging vets because everyone would want to be in L.A. with these amazing stars. But I think you’re really increasing your instability much more than you would think if you pursued that route.

Sharp: I hear what you’re saying, but I think you might be over basketball nerd-ing it on this one. You could make an argument that the Pelicans would want to just go extremely young and get a top five or top 10 pick from the Kings if they’re going to tear it down. Ingram looks like he’s more likely to be a star than Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown. No shots at Celtics nation. Sorry.

Golliver: That’s going to be a red headline.

Gibson, Butler lead Timberwolves rally past Lakers, 119-111

  Gibson, Butler lead Timberwolves rally past Lakers, 119-111 Taj Gibson scored a season-high 28 points and Jimmy Butler added 24, providing the Minnesota Timberwolves with the production and energy for a 119-111 comeback victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night. Jeff Teague pitched in 20 points and Jamal Crawford added 15 for the Timberwolves, who rallied from a deficit as large as 15 points in the second quarter and 12 points late in the third to raise their home record to 24-7 on an emotional evening that started with a tribute to former coach and executive Flip Saunders.

It's more complicated than you think . The key of a good roster So, if we need to throw Nance to make another deal happen, OK. - Page 2. We'd be giving the Lakers too much salary from Davis and Vonleh compared to Randle.

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: C Alexis Ajinca, SG/SF Ian Clark, PF/C Anthony Davis . Ya think ? Atlanta is not netting expiring salaries and a first-rounder for Bazemore alone. Both of Cleveland's prospective positions make sense . Keeping the pick in the chamber to soften the blow of LeBron

Sharp: All I’m saying is that I think there is one reason that I am skeptical of Anthony Davis to Boston. It’s just because things rarely play out as we expect them to, especially when you look two or three years in advance. And I feel like everybody has been calling A.D. to Boston for so long, and that’s just not the way the NBA has worked over the last five or 10 years. Generally, people think they know exactly how things are going to happen, and then summer arrives and someone just picks up the chessboard and flips it over and everything gets turned upside down. And I think that could really happen in L.A. Magic and Pelinka, as I’ve said on this podcast a couple times, are much smarter than people realize. This is in play.

Every time people say the Celtics have the best package for Anthony Davis, it is technically incorrect because the Lakers have just as good a package to throw at New Orleans, and I think the main thing is going to be if the Pelicans miss the playoffs, does everyone down there just keep their jobs and keep it status quo? Because if that’s the case I don’t think they trade A.D. The only way he moves is if there is a full-on regime change and New Orleans hires someone like Sam Hinkie to just come in and clean house and build from the ground up.

Golliver: This proves my point about you and the consensus because I think you were one of the first people saying Anthony Davis to the Celtics. Now that you’ve convinced other people to say it you want to run in a different direction. I totally get that reaction from you because the Lakers package is pretty solid. I guess I was looking at it for the Lakers standpoint. Do you want to take on this big three model where those three salaries are going to be just huge.

Viola Davis Says If Hollywood Wants to Call Her the 'Black Meryl Streep,' They Better 'Pay Me What I'm Worth'

  Viola Davis Says If Hollywood Wants to Call Her the 'Black Meryl Streep,' They Better 'Pay Me What I'm Worth' The 52-year-old actress is done playing around.The Oscar winner sat down with journalist Tina Brown for the Women in the World Salon event on Tuesday night in Los Angeles, where she shared her reaction to being called the "black Meryl Streep" -- and why she's no longer settling for less than what she's worth.

And in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, they were up by more than 25 points—until Zaza The Sixers turn around and send the Los Angeles Lakers ' unprotected first-round pick Trading Davis for three building blocks that should bloom once the Warriors start to crumble makes sense , so let's

But you ’re kidding yourself if you don’t think Lebron James, the most powerful athlete in American sports for the better part of the last decade Make no mistake: The Lakers are the favorites right now to land Paul George and LeBron in 2018. They could throw four 1st round picks at Anthony Davis .

One other question I have for you about Davis to the Lakers: Do you agree with me that Anthony Davis has probably the least charisma of any top 10 player in the NBA? It’d be hard to sell him. We talk about how much we’ve love to be on Giannis Inc. I mean, A.D. Inc., there’s a lot of open seats on that board right now. They’ve milked that eyebrow far more than they can. They’ve taken it every direction. I’m sure his environment down there in New Orleans doesn’t help things as far as the national stage because he’s not getting the primetime minutes and all that, but personality-wise, story-wise, do we even know this guy? He’s been in the league for five years and feels like kind of a blank slate. And I think he likes it that way. Does he want to be in L.A.? Does he want to be a Laker like so many of these guys do?

Sharp: The point on his personality is fair. If you go across the top 10 players, Kawhi has very little charisma but he’s almost so stoic that it’s become a bankable brand, whereas Anthony Davis no one has heard him speak in the last five years. I’m sure a lot of mainstream fans just don’t care about him. I would add, though, that Anthony Davis had 38 and 10 against Detroit and that’s why you make the deal for Anthony Davis. That’s why you don’t worry about filling out the bottom half of your rotation because he is ridiculous. And if we’re being real, the next team to beat the Warriors is the team that beats Anthony Davis. That’s why I think it’s in play for the Lakers. And you wouldn’t necessarily have to give up all of those young players. I just want the Lakers to keep Ingram. They probably have to give up Ingram in that deal, but they are a factor.

Hannover 96 fined for racial slur towards Mainz 05’s Leon Balogun, Anthony Ujah

  Hannover 96 fined for racial slur towards Mainz 05’s Leon Balogun, Anthony Ujah The Reds have been punished for unsporting behaviour by their fans towards the Nigeria internationalsAfter Mainz 05’s 3-2 defeat to Hannover 96, Balogun took to social media to report the racist incident involving him and his compatriot which the HDI-Arena outfit condemned immediately.

Golden State Warriors. LA Lakers . This is the season when Anthony Davis truly takes control of the franchise that is so dependent upon him. Not more in the sense of putting up bigger numbers, but more in the way the true greats do more .

After four years, Anthony Davis hasn't played 70 games in a season. Is it time to start worrying? While we’ve seen some deals drop already, there is still a sense in NBA circles that as many as For several weeks the Lakers had been downplaying the idea they were going to make a major trade.

Golliver: I think what you need to do right now is say the Lakers can get Anthony Davis for Josh Hart and a first-round pick. You know, Serena Winters just made a big move from Lakers Nation to Portland, she does a great job, but that’s an open slot. I think you could maybe slide in as a Lakers Nation writer, maybe Forum Blue and Gold could get you a guest column. I don’t know exactly what you’re angling for here in terms of this pro-Laker propaganda you’re trying to throw out.

Sharp: Everyone for the last nine months has asked why LeBron would ever want to go to the Lakers, or play with Lonzo, or play in the West. If the Lakers trade for Anthony Davis, suddenly this gets a lot realer. This makes more sense than people want to admit, I guess is what I’m trying to say. It’s the kind of thing that is very easy to make fun of on Twitter, but if a couple things fall into place it could get very real very quickly.

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Lakers' Frye has appendix removed, will be re-evaluated next week .
Los Angeles Lakers center Channing Frye underwent a Laparoscopic Appendectomy in Cleveland on Friday night and will be re-evaluated when he returns to L.A. next week, according to Lakers reporter Mike Trudell. The veteran big man was in good spirits after the operation, taking to Twitter with a joke.

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