Sport Phelps explains why he's 'glad' he's not swimming and how he channels his competitiveness

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Michael Phelps thinks the USOC should do more for Olympians’ mental health

  Michael Phelps thinks the USOC should do more for Olympians’ mental health Since retiring from swimming for good after the 2016 Olympics, Michael Phelps has been spending his time on causes that matter to him. As a part of his work for Colgate's Every Drop Counts campaign, he talked to For the Win about his new son Beckett, his struggles with mental health and why water conservation means so much to him. The interview has been edited for clarity and length. 2 Savings Accounts Pay 10x What Your Bank Pays Learn More Sponsored by MyFinance Your second son Beckett was born in February.

He loves being outside. Phelps went on to add that he 'll let Boomer decide if he wants to pursue a pro- swimming career. Phelps is giving Boomer the opportunity to become his own person, and this proves that he ' s a thoughtful and considerate parent.

How Michael Phelps ' Body Made Him the Perfect Swimmer . But how exactly did all those parts work together? Phelps retired from competitive swimming in 2016 after winning five gold medals and a silver medal in the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

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  • Michael Phelps is two years removed from competitive swimming and said he doesn't miss it.
  • Since the Olympics, Phelps has become something of a mentor to other athletes, from winter Olympians to Katie Ledecky to Tiger Woods.
  • Phelps has also found passion in promoting several campaigns like water conservation, water safety, and mental health.

Michael Phelps has conflicting thoughts when it comes to swimming and racing.

Now two years removed from a successful campaign at the Rio Olympics, retired for good (so he says), Phelps says he misses the competition and the races themselves, but he doesn't miss competing. He likes to be around the pool and the sport of swimming, but has no real desire to jump back into it.

Olympics: Phelps says U.S. swim team can thrive without him in Tokyo

  Olympics: Phelps says U.S. swim team can thrive without him in Tokyo By Rory Carroll

Phelps said he would be glad to see someone else try to make history. Michael Phelps says he is done with swimming , retiring his career as the most decorated Olympian in history with 28 overall medals, 23 of them gold.

How can a Chinese guy win in swimming when they're sooo small by the .. He outpaced Phelps , who has won 16 Olympic medals in total, from the He ' s in his 11th season as a competitive swimmer .

"I'm going to go to a swim meet this afternoon here in Arizona, where a bunch of my old teammates from the Olympic team are going to be," Phelps told Business Insider last Friday. "And I'm going to stand there, and I'm probably going to come away from it and say, 'I'm glad I'm not swimming.'

"I love being around the pool, I love being around the sport, but I don't miss that grind that I put my body through for 25 years to get myself to be ready to be able to compete at a high level. I'm very happy with, I guess, the other side where I get to just watch."

Phelps, at 32, is now a mentor to the sport, to other Olympians, and to athletes in general. Phelps has recently been more open to discussing his battles with depression and promoting mental health. After the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang ended, Phelps said several winter Olympians reached out to him, asking for guidance in the post-Olympic transition.

USA second in 2018 World Cup ticket sales

  USA second in 2018 World Cup ticket sales Imagine if the USA had actually qualified for the World Cup in Russia…According to the latest statistics released by FIFA on Tuesday, only tickets requests from hosts Russia exceed tickets sales to applicants living in the USA.Why is this?It is highly likely that fans of the Mexican national team living in the USA have bumped up the number, while soccer fans in the U.S. who have links to other countries actually competing in the tournament are also likely to be buying plenty of tickets.

Phelps looked down at him and said, " Why did you go so fast?" What he ' s done for the sport of swimming , and his leaving -- it kind of broke my heart. I love racing against him , and I'm glad he ' s back. Racing against him is so much fun.

Swimming . He ’ s loving fatherhood – he and his wife, Nicole, are expecting their second child – he testified before Congress about anti-doping Lauer pressed Phelps about how he ’ s channeling his competitive side if he ’ s not going to return to the pool or train for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

He advised Tiger Woods as Woods battled injuries and hit dark times while trying to recover. Phelps said he believes athletes at the top of the game are wired similarly, and he understood what Woods was going through during his struggles. He's happy to see Woods healthy and back on the course.

Phelps also lent advice to Katie Ledecky, who recently decided to go pro, ending her swimming career at Stanford. Phelps said he told Ledecky to be in control of her career, particularly in the build-up to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

"The biggest thing is you have to understand how important training is," Phelps said he told Ledecky. "And I know she knows that. She's the one person I would never second-guess to wonder if she was still going to put the grind in that she needs to be able to as successful as she is."

And while Phelps is happy to be play mentor to other athletes, he still occasionally gets the itch to compete and push his body to the limit.

Ex-head of Hungarian swimming denies ordering rival slain

  Ex-head of Hungarian swimming denies ordering rival slain A defense lawyer says the former head of Hungary's swimming federation has firmly denied allegations that he ordered the 1998 slaying of a business rival.Tamas Gyarfas has been in police custody since late Tuesday on suspicion of ordering the February 1998 killing of media mogul Janos Fenyo, who was fatally shot in his car in downtown Budapest.

Here’s how Phelps does it. He eats a lot of calories. “ He ’ s just so lean now,” Bowman says, “ he ’ s like a furnace. I’m not saying he never has an In-N-Out burger because I know he does and I’m glad he does, but his focus on fruits and vegetables and using food as fuel has been important.”

MESA, Ariz. - - A slimmed down and happy Michael Phelps said his passion for swimming is bringing him back to the sport, 18 months after his retirement following the London Olympics. The 22-time Olympic.

Phelps has become an avid cyclist, buying a Peloton, and competing on the network of cyclists under an alias and "hammering" rides.

"I just got off of a 30-day-straight kinda kick where I just wanted to see what it would do and how my body would react to it," Phelps said. "And that's another thing where I have the competitive side of me that really comes out ... I've had somebody next to me racing every single stroke of my life I've ever taken in the pool. It's good for me to kinda be able to push myself."

Phelps, who spoke to Business Insider to promote the campaign "Every Drop Counts" with Colgate, said his competitive nature comes out in the work he does. He pushed himself to continue preaching water conservation, as well as water safety and mental health and said he's been excited by the positive feedback he's received for his work.

Despite being in retirement mode, Phelps said life hasn't slowed down since Rio. In addition to his various campaigns, he and his wife, Nicole, welcomed a second son in February.

"I can't really ask for any better way for stepping away from the sport by continuing to do stuff and talk about stuff for me that are meaningful."

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