Sport Kobe Bryant reignites Kobe vs. LeBron debates with a single Twitter like

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" Kobe Bryant Is Better Than LeBron James According To Michael Jordan | SPEAK FOR YOURSELFSkip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED. " LeBron Vs Jordan THE BEST DEBATE EVER Nick Wright Vs Skip BaylessSkip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED.

Kobe vs Lebron (Scoring-Shooting) I've already proven Kobe is a better free throw shooter, and a 3 point shooter. Welcome once again to the third round of the LeBron vs Kobe debate ! Pro still has not given a single source past which doesn't have a direct link

Kobe Bryant et al. posing for the camera: USA TODAY© USA TODAY USA TODAY

Ah yes, one of the fiercest NBA debates of all time (well aside from when you toss Michael Jordan into this): Who is the better player, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?

You could debate stats, rings, records, personalities, how much help they had on each championship run, and on and on and on for days. In fact, this probably does happen every single day around the world. On Saturday, Kobe caused it to really spark up again with a like on Twitter.

The five-time champ only has 59 total likes ever, so this one was quickly noticed. The tweet says, "If you were a baller, you'd know that Kobe is more skilled than LeBron."

VIDEO: SNL Mocks LeBron's Teammates in Hilarious Skit

  VIDEO: SNL Mocks LeBron's Teammates in Hilarious Skit The Cleveland Cavaliers took a 3-0 series lead Saturday with a game-winning shot from who else than LeBron James. He has essentially carried the Cavs on his back, with a lot of heat from experts on how bad the rest of his team is. This has led to Saturday Night Live striking again, mocking the rest of the Cavaliers in a promo video on the show last night.​​My personal favorite: "Whatever LeBron needs, we'll get it done. As long as what he needs isn't basketball."So far in the playoffs, LeBron is averaging 34.8 points, 9.5 rebounds and 8.8 assists.

LIKE COMPLEX Infographic comparison: Jordan, Kobe & LeBron at age 28. LeBron is a The Kobe Bryant vs . LeBron Jun 27, 2013 · LeBron James & Kobe Bryant Career typical KOBE VS . 3M followers.

Kobe vs . LeBron : The definitive debate . Then, remember that James and Bryant never faced off during a single playoff game.

It was posted underneath Kobe's most recent tweet about his new video that looks into the Cavaliers and Celtics, since they're facing off in the Eastern Conference finals.

Here's the full thread that the liked tweet came from:

a screenshot of a cell phone: File Photo© File Photo File Photo

Did Kobe's finger slip and like the tweet on accident? Did Kobe like the tweet to draw more attention to his new video? Did Kobe like the tweet because he wants everyone to know he believes he's definitely more skilled than LeBron?

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Kobe Bryant 's last ever dual versus LeBron James was a great one, and most of it was due to the Black Mamba. Of all the things the " Kobe vs . LeBron " debate was, there was one thing it certainly wasn't: legitimate.

Michael Jordan reignited the Kobe vs . LeBron argument, but James ended that debate a long time ago. Here are five more compelling arguments. Prime Kobe vs . Prime Wade. Who was the better player in their prime—Wade or Bryant ? Kobe ’s durability and overall game gives him several

Who knows, but Twitter is going crazy now. If only the two had gotten to meet in the Finals, huh?


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Brad Stevens joked Jayson Tatum should be careful taking advice from Laker great Kobe Bryant .
Celtics coach Brad Stevens made it clear he was joking and said he watched the Kobe video too."Well, I think you gotta be careful taking it from a Laker, first of all, right? No, I'm kidding," Stevens told reporters before Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals. "I watched it too.

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