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17:21  21 april  2017
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After errors, ICE suspends reports designed to embarrass 'sanctuary' cities

  After errors, ICE suspends reports designed to embarrass 'sanctuary' cities Immigration and Customs Enforcement is suspending a recently adopted practice of reporting cities that don't cooperate with federal detention efforts after the first few reports were plagued by errors.The new policy, an attempt to pressure cities and counties that refuse to hold people in the country illegally for immigration agents, was a priority for President Donald Trump. Last month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions promised to push back against these "sanctuary cities," possibly by denying them federal funds and using other methods of pressure.

Sport : 7 Freaky - Accurate Sports Doppelgängers - PressFrom - US. 616 x 333 jpeg 91kB. 570 x 238 jpeg 29kB. sports After loss to Iowa, Nebraska coach Bo Pelini says ‘if they

It’s pretty freaky when people meet their doppelgängers . Somehow someone has a similar genetic makeup to you and is just walking around? Like they’re you? Okay, it’s not that weird. There are like 12 different faces total. But what is weird is going to a museum and seeing yourself in an old painting.

hunter pence doppelgänger © Provided by HERO Sports hunter pence doppelgänger

Bo Pelini's doppelganger is the scariest one on this list by a mile.

Our hard-hitting, comprehensive investigative reporting recently provided you with an exclusive inside look at the nine most horrific mustaches in the history of sports. We hope you were able to digest that astonishing content that took hours of qualitative and quantitative research on our end.

But fear not, for today we will take things -- as my grandfather likes to say -- to, 'Nuther level.

Today we're giving you the most freakishly accurate doppelgängers in sports. We're talking features so similar that even facial recognition software can't tell these folks apart.

Navy SEALs accused of profiteering, putting lives "in danger"

  Navy SEALs accused of profiteering, putting lives As Navy SEALs talk publicly about drug abuse in the ranks, one member tells CBS News that teammates must stop "seeking the limelight"As Navy SEALs talk publicly to CBS News about drug abuse in the ranks for the first time, some members of the elite force say drugs aren’t the only problem.

10+ Times People Accidentally Found Their Doppelgängers In Museums And Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes.

It is pretty freaky that all of these girls look so much alike and do not even know each other in any way. Needless to say, the internet was losing its mind over these discoveries…and it seems like Santana was losing her mind, too!

Steven Adams - Captain Hook

Who knew Adams played in the NBA and terrorized Peter Pan and the streets of New York (and more) all at the same time?

Kyle Korver - Ashton Kutcher

kyle-korver-doppelgänger © Provided by HERO Sports kyle-korver-doppelgänger

Look, as far as doppelgängers go, you really can't complain about being compared to Ashton Kutcher. 

Tim Lincecum - McLovin

tim lincecum doppelgänger © Provided by HERO Sports tim lincecum doppelgänger Before he was winning Cy Young and MVP honors, Tim Lincecum was trying to buy booze with a fake ID featuring the name "McLovin" on it.

Kicker becomes 1st woman on football scholarship at D-II level or higher

  Kicker becomes 1st woman on football scholarship at D-II level or higher Becca Longo became the first woman to sign a football scholarship at the Division II level or better on Wednesday.While other women are on NCAA football rosters, the 18-year-old is the first to sign a scholarship in one of the top two divisions. Longo was unaware she had made history until her high school coach, Gerald Todd, announced it during her signing ceremony at Basha High School in Chandler, Ariz.

Forget about doing a double take! These unbelievable celebrity doppelgängers will have you checking three times! 1. Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel.

That's because this sculpture is meant to evoke a totally realistic airport experience of this guy chilling with his Sony Sports Walkman. Oh, just the fact that the horse can be used to TRAVEL THROUGH TIME! Seriously, I could do a whole post solely on the freaky art at DIA.

Bo Pelini - Lord Voldemort

Bo Pelini doppelganger © Provided by HERO Sports Bo Pelini doppelganger When former Nebraska and current Youngstown State head coach Bo Pelini gets angry - which is every other play basically - he channels his doppelgänger, Voldemort.

Hunter Pence - Marv from Home Improvement

hunter pence doppelgänger © Provided by HERO Sports hunter pence doppelgänger

So Pence can rob home runs, but he can't rob a house during Christmas with nothing more than an 8-year-old boy inside?

Stan Van Gundy - Ron Jeremy

stan-van-gundy-doppelgänger © Provided by HERO Sports stan-van-gundy-doppelgänger

If you're a male over the age of 30 and know who this Stan Van Gundy doppelgänger is, shame on you.

If you're a male over the age of 30 and don't know who this Stan Van Gundy doppelgänger is, shame on you.

[Cue the music] "Bow chicka bow-bow."

Steve Kerr - Ellen DeGeneres

steve kerr doppelgänger © Provided by HERO Sports steve kerr doppelgänger

The Best of the Rest

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Wait, is Tim Tebow actually getting good at baseball?! .

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