Sport Tiger Woods' career might be over, but we should let him say that instead of telling him

17:35  21 april  2017
17:35  21 april  2017 Source:   SB Nation

Tiger Woods gives update on his back during event to announce new course

  Tiger Woods gives update on his back during event to announce new course Tiger Woods is building a course in Branson, Mo., called Payne's Valley.He’s designing a course called Payne's Valley in Branson, Mo., in partnership with Bass Pro Shops founder and CEO Johnny Morris.

Instead of losing his lead, Woods walked to the 17th tee two shots clear of stunned DiMarco, who Walking to the green, Tiger asked me, ‘What’s over there?’ I had to be honest and say in all my years of It sucked in the playoff. We felt like we should have won that thing, and it’s all of a sudden a

Tiger Woods . In Monday's show, we 're telling you what happened concerning the pro golfer. I think that it will impact his career because Tiger Woods is a great golf player and nobody should stop him from playing golf. tiger woods what do i think of tiger woods well thets just say hes done golfing.

There aren’t teary-eyed retirement press conferences in golf. It’s rare to just completely stop playing any competitive events. There’s no Elway “I can't do it any more” or Favre-ian back-and-forth declarations because you never really have to provide that kind of full-stop clarity to the masses. That clarity may often never come to the player himself, either.

A pro golfer knows when he has to adjust or when he can’t do some of the things he once used to do. That doesn’t mean he can’t still compete at the deepest and most important events with those adjustments well into his 50s. Or even without adjustments and no form, there’s still the unexplainable hot week where things just happen. Sometimes that round of 65 just comes out of the ether, stunning the player and anyone who expected anything of him. A 59-year-old with a hip replacement, Tom Watson, nearly won a major championship — one of the real ones, not one of the Senior ones. Those might have been special once-in-lifetime circumstances for Watson but they still existed and we still get to watch Fred Couples and probably Phil Mickelson too compete at the Masters until they’re put in the ground.

Tiger Woods Hit a Couple of Balls at Big Cedar Lodge, Didn’t Fall Apart

  Tiger Woods Hit a Couple of Balls at Big Cedar Lodge, Didn’t Fall Apart When?

I say who would watch that interview. Everyone wants to hear what ridiculous things Tiger might say , but I am not sure Elin would get ratings. I think Tiger 's career is over . How can he golf a good game now, too many distractions. He is beaten and as he should be .

Tiger Woods withdrew from the Dubai Desert Classic because of back spasms, raising even more questions about his future in golf at age 41. We all know Tiger isn't invincible. The real question is : What is Tiger Woods saying to himself?

Some pros give it up to pursue other things. Some play in everything they’re eligible for until they’re no longer eligible. Others figure out a balance somewhere in between. But it’s rare to see a pro, especially a legend, just play in nothing anymore and disappear.

I hope Tiger Woods gets this particular pro golf luxury of hanging around at your own pace and playing what you want. I doubt he will. We always demand a black-and-white clarity from Tiger, and on a canvas with the highest expectations and standards placed on anyone who has ever played this game (placed by Tiger himself too).

On Thursday afternoon, Woods sent a wordless tweet with a link to his website, where he announced his fourth back surgery since early 2014. This was a different kind of surgery from the prior procedures, one that his agent described to ESPN’s Bob Harig as what you do “when you’ve tried everything else.” Golf and his timetable for return were just a piece of this detailed announcement. His friend Notah Begay III said he hopes the surgery can yield a “reasonable personal life.” His agent told Golf Channel Tiger’s “entire emphasis is quality of life and a healthy, active lifestyle.”

Tiger Woods undergoes back surgery

  Tiger Woods undergoes back surgery Tiger Woods Thursday underwent surgery to repair his ailing back. No word was set on his return to golf."The surgery went well, and I'm optimistic this will relieve my back spasms and pain," Woods said via his website. "When healed, I look forward to getting back to a normal life, playing with my kids, competing in professional golf and living without the pain I have been battling so long.

According to, Tiger Woods has just released the following statement on his website: “I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions Those feelings should be shared by us alone. Although I am a well-known person and have made my career as a professional athlete, I have been

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His camp, which is notorious for bs’ing their way through unfortunate events with scoops of sugary frosting, is not exactly talking about a procedure that was done so he can swing the way he wants or not worry about picking the ball out of some tough fescue at Shinnecock Hills next summer. This was an injury update where the golf career was just a bit part and not a priority. It was not encouraging but while another surgery may have caught us off-guard, we weren’t expecting encouraging anything from Woods any time soon.

Tiger will miss all four majors for the second year in a row and hasn’t really been a competitive golfer since 2013. After all that, this latest surgery disclosure added another round of “It’s ovah” pronouncements.

It might be over. That’s a fine and reasonable take, even if you shout it with a certainty that cannot be acquired. I wish we didn’t have to proclaim it and could just let Tiger have another back surgery and wander off again. But with Tiger, we need to make proclamations, however reasoned they may be with all the available evidence.

Tiger Woods' future fades faster with latest back surgery

  Tiger Woods' future fades faster with latest back surgery Tiger Woods, 41, has had his 4th back surgery. His star continues to fade to a point where it is barely visible in golf’s sky.Only while most Tour pros in the state are competing at the Valero Texas Open, Woods, at 41, is planning yet another rehab after undergoing what he termed "successful" back surgery to alleviate pain in his back and leg.

My Son Might Be Gay. What Should I Say to Him? Bill Nye Is Back to Wage War on Pseudoscience. By his play and by the shrewd marketing that has surrounded his career almost from the time he could walk, Tiger Woods is now an authentic phenomenon.

Tiger Woods Wondering If He Should Tell People He's Still Getting Laid. 'I Feel Like An Idiot,' Tiger Woods Says While Holding FedEx Cup Trophy. Tiger Woods may be the greatest golfer of all time, but how great does that make him?

But maybe he’ll play again next year, or even later this fall. Maybe he’ll just start playing a few events each year that benefit his foundation and some of the majors where he’ll have running exemptions no matter how far in the world rankings he tumbles. Maybe we won’t hear from him for a year or two and he’ll just show up unannounced at a future Masters and start firing buttercuts into the sky. Maybe he’s a ceremonial golfer and will continue to be this guru to young players and captain for USA team events, an unexpected role he’s embraced and has been so cool to watch him flourish in. Maybe he can’t ever again swing a club to get in that semi-competitive shape and will become a full-time recluse, sipping Monster and playing Call Of Duty in his South Florida manse.

Tiger Woods has benefitted greatly from being Tiger Woods. So much has come with the status he earned as the game’s greatest international superstar, but there’s a stack of collateral baggage too. He doesn’t get to just fade quietly. He doesn’t get to show up to a random event and try to give it a go for a few rounds on a whim — you know, just to see what he’s got or see if that 65 can come out of the ether. Every start, shot, practice swing, and comment is captured by a camera and analyzed and tweeted. No golfer has ever achieved the fame and status of Tiger, the greatest moneymaker and supernova the sport has ever seen. No player has ever had the same level of scrutiny. The rise of ubiquitous Internet coverage came just in time for the sunset of Tiger’s career.

Hank Haney doesn't think Tiger Woods is into a comeback

  Hank Haney doesn't think Tiger Woods is into a comeback Hank Haney doesn't think Tiger Woods is into a comeback.Just four months after an uplifting 24-birdie performance at the Hero World Challenge, Woods essentially announced he was out for the remainder of the 2016-17 PGA Tour season as he underwent a fourth back surgery.

"The last thing you want is someone to come back too soon and re-injure himself," said Parekh, who said Woods may well resume his career "around Had Tiger 's staffers responded to his overture, Bonati would have told them the surgery did not address Tiger ’s primary problem, which was the

When it comes to Tiger Woods , though, that is unfortunately not the case. He’s heard it all, he said : He should quit, he should retire, he sucks, he needs to swing slower, he needs to make more putts. I’m not proud of it, but as these guys might say : It just is what it is .

Tiger might not be able to pull a Watson or play like Fred and Phil at Augusta. His back may not allow it. We’ve been robbed of those “still life” career years that Brian Philips captured so perfectly on Roger Federer (six years ago now!). A personal scandal and a bad back made this a drop off a cliff, not some decade or two of half-family man, half-competitive pro golfer like Jack enjoyed as he slowly wound things down.

The obvious “take” is that he’s done and been done. Washed. Decrepit. Toast. But in golf, that’s not a clear line and if it is the case with Tiger — that he’s done forever — we should allow him to say it instead of telling him.


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