Sport Popovich's political views elicit extreme responses, but mostly respect

07:22  15 november  2017
07:22  15 november  2017 Source:   Los Angeles Times

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Gregg Popovich ' s political views stir passions on both extremes | Fort Worth Star-Telegram. News. Stefan Stevenson Basketball. Popovich ’ s political views elicit extreme responses , but mostly respect .

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DALLAS - San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is a beloved NBA personality. That's hard to dispute. His five titles, humorously short in-game television interviews and classic, off-the-cuff responses to the media over his 21-year tenure with the Spurs has garnered him respect around the league.

But he's also reviled by a small segment of the population for his political views that he's routinely shared, especially his commentary on President Donald Trump. Popovich's political bona fides are even being analyzed by pundits.

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He receives a ton of mail from fans regarding his political views. As you would guess, it's not all perfume-scented messages of support.

"I do read everything and I try to respond. It takes time because there are a lot of letters," said Popovich, who graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1970 and served five years. "The only ones I don't respond to are the ones that are so courageous in their negativity that there is no address."

Most of the letters, even if they disagree with his stances on Trump and other political matters, are respectful and deserve a response, he said.

Overall, the response from fans has encouraged him that the country has not lost its way, despite what may be happening in Washington, D.C.

"There are people who have responded and disagree and say why and it's erudite and intelligible, and it's like, 'Yeah, you've got a point,'" he said. "Most people deserve to be written back so I try."

Getting to everyone is impossible, he said, but he earnestly tries to go through it all.

"Some responses make you wonder what country you live in. Others responses make you very hopeful. There's a whole lot more of hopeful than 'My gosh, how did this person come up with this?' " Popovich said. "Overall, it renews my feeling that something can be done because there are enough people willing to listen and feel and compromise."

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Protecting free speech — a cause to unite Americans behind Trump .
Trump should direct the Justice Department and the Department of Education to ensure that college campuses uphold their students' free speech rights.A large political opportunity is currently presenting itself to President Trump - to move to protect all citizens' First Amendment rights and, in so doing, gain support and increase his poll numbers among conservatives, independents, centrists, and liberals on the left. The president might very well also increase his chances of having Congress pass his growth-oriented agenda.

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