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EPA cancels appearance by scientists at climate change conference

Monday  06:48,   23 october 2017

<p>The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has canceled plans for three of its scientists to speak on climate change at a conference in Rhode Island on Monday, an official said on Sunday.</p>Tom Borden, program director for the Narragansett[...]

Crazed truck driver tries to steal fire truck near Times Square, reports say

Monday  05:56,   23 october 2017
FOX News

A man who crashed his rental car near Times Square on Sunday and reportedly attempted to steal a fire truck was taken to a hospital for observation.A man who crashed his rental truck near New York's Times Square on Sunday attacked a firefighter and[...]

Undercover FBI sting foils man's plot to detonate bomb at mall

Monday  05:56,   23 october 2017
CBS News

Vicente Solano was acting alone as he planned a weapons of mass destruction attack in Florida, according to reportsMIAMI -- A plot to blow up Dolphin Mall was foiled by federal agents in an undercover operation, CBS Miami writes, which led to the[...]

Grandparents raising grandkids grapple with retirement and college costs at the same time

Monday  05:12,   23 october 2017

Their second run at parenting arrives as their earning potential winds down and retirement kicks in with a fixed income never meant to cover the cost of college. “These are folks who had moved on with their life and then now emotionally, socially[...]

Free speech or hate speech? Campus debates over universities in a bind over First Amendment

Monday  05:11,   23 october 2017

At one campus, calls to curb anti-Semitism and Islamaphobia have escalated to a lawsuit.There was her face, and the names of her students, again plastered all over campus below these words: “TERRORIST[...]

Japanese Americans weren't the only US citizens kept in camps

Monday  03:31,   23 october 2017

Usually, when we talk about Japanese prison camps during World War II, the story centers around Japanese Americans. But there was actually another group whose story intertwines with the Japanese Americans' duringUsually, when we talk about[...]

About 2 dozen NFL players protested during anthems Sunday

Monday  02:51,   23 october 2017
Associated Press

Days after the NFL declined to change its rule on the national anthem, about two dozen players protested around the league Sunday.Associated Press journalists counted 22 players protesting during the anthems in some way before day games. Some took a [...]

On the streets of San Juan, police struggle to contain crime after Hurricane Maria

Monday  01:21,   23 october 2017
Miami Herald

Hurricane Maria ripped apart daily life in Puerto Rico but it hasn't stopped the crime that has long plagued the poverty-stricken island. In the Rio Piedras neighborhood, Jessica Rojas was at work last week making sandwiches at a Subway[...]

Controversy after Ohio middle school choir sings cotton-picking song at concert

Monday  00:25,   23 october 2017
FOX News

Some parents at an Ohio middle school are outraged after hearing an eighth-grade choir sing about picking cotton mere days after other students in the district took photos and videos of themselves with a Confederate flag near the local high school.[...]

Ohio State sued over refusal to let white nationalist speak

Monday  00:25,   23 october 2017
Associated Press

An associate and organizer of campus tours for white nationalist Richard Spencer sued Ohio State University in federal court on Sunday after school officials refused to rent campus space for Spencer to speak.The lawsuit comes after an attorney for[...]

Elderly grandfather Tasered by police put in intensive care

Monday  00:25,   23 october 2017
New York Daily News

An elderly man believed to suffer from dementia is in the intensive care unit after being Tasered by police, who said they shocked him for his own good. Albert Chatfield, 86 is currently hospitalized with a brain bleed as well as a broken nose and[...]

Authorities Rescue 2-Year-Old Who Locked Himself In Car: 'It Could Have Been a Dangerous Situation'

Monday  00:24,   23 october 2017
Inside Edition

He was locked in the car for 45 minutes.Ken Rubin said he and his family were out shopping in Orlando on Friday when his son, Apollo, locked himself inside of the family’s[...]

'Outrageous:' Gretchen Carlson and others react to new Bill O'Reilly revelation

Sunday  23:52,   22 october 2017

In an interview on Sunday she identified a problem with the "corporate culture" at Fox and said similar issues exist at other companies as well. On CNN's "Reliable Sources" Sunday morning, Gretchen Carlson summed up how a lot of people[...]

Bill O'Reilly dismisses NYT report as 'lies and smears'

Sunday  23:52,   22 october 2017

Former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly dismissed as "lies and smear" the details in a New York Times report saying 21st Century Fox had signed O'Reilly to a contract extension months after O'Reilly reached a $32 million sexual[...]

Still Waiting for FEMA in Texas and Florida After Hurricanes

Sunday  23:10,   22 october 2017
The New York Times

After Harvey and Irma, residents are waiting weeks for FEMA inspections and hours on hold when calling the agency’s help line.HOUSTON — Outside Rachel Roberts’s house, a skeleton sits on a chair next to the driveway, a skeleton child on its lap, an[...]