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New York City to Pay Up to $75 Million to Settle NYPD Summons Suit

Tuesday  09:50,   24 january 2017
The Wall Street Journal.

New York City will pay up to $75 million to settle a lawsuit alleging police officers issued summonses for offenses such as public urination and drinking alcohol in public to fulfill quotas, according to a signed agreement.The settlement stems from[...]

Strong January storms stir destruction from coast-to-coast

Tuesday  08:20,   24 january 2017

From California to the Deep South to the Northeast, millions of Americans were contending with death and destruction from damaging January weather. Some more details on the wild[...]

Protesters, Oil Companies Gear Up for Next Round at Standing Rock

Tuesday  06:21,   24 january 2017
The Wall Street Journal.

Protesters opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline are gearing up for a new round of clashes after the inauguration of President Donald Trump. So are oil companies—and the private security firms they have hired to police the protests. Several hundred[...]

Officials Beg Trump to Send Help After Storms Kill 20

Tuesday  05:06,   24 january 2017
NBC News

The top official in Dougherty County, Georgia, where four people were killed, called on the president to 'get people on the damned ground here.'Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said he had dispatched a letter to Trump pleading for help after[...]

Chicago police investigating cop caught on video throwing coffee at motorcyclist

Tuesday  03:55,   24 january 2017

<p>Chicago police are conducting an internal investigation into an incident caught on video in which an officer throws a cup of coffee at a passing motorcyclist after the biker shouted at the cop near a downtown intersection.</p>Police[...]

The Army's new state-of-the-art $580 million handgun

Tuesday  02:05,   24 january 2017

After almost 30 years of U.S. Army soldiers carrying the M9 Beretta as their sidearm, there’s a new handgun in town. The Beretta will be replaced by the Sig Sauer P320 at a cost of about $580 million. The top of the line weapons range in price from [...]

Some addicts are so desperate for drugs that they’re now taking medication prescribed to pets

Tuesday  01:55,   24 january 2017

“When you have this kind of addiction . . . people will do just about anything to obtain these drugs, and they usually do,” a DEA official said.The first was on a Friday in October 2014, when Pereira took the injured 4-year-old dog to[...]

Is punching Richard Spencer inciting violence or 'American as apple pie'?

Monday  23:35,   23 january 2017
The Guardian

The attack on the prominent ‘alt-right’ figure was turned into a meme and sparked debate over the use of violence in political discourse , including a column from the Spectator. The New York Times summarized the debate in a piece headlined: “Attack[...]

Enviro-Activist Killed While Marching Barefoot Across America

Monday  22:50,   23 january 2017
NBC News

Mark Baumer was hit by a SUV while walking on a Florida and pronounced dead on the scene.Mark Baumer, 33, died Saturday after being struck by an SUV on a Florida highway as he was walking on the[...]

Unusual Rat Virus Strikes 8 People in Illinois and Wisconsin

Monday  22:40,   23 january 2017

A virus rarely seen in the United States recently infected eight people in Wisconsin and Illinois who were breeding pet rats.A virus rarely seen in the United States recently infected eight people in Wisconsin and Illinois who were working in[...]

Officials end lockdown at Arizona Air Force base

Monday  21:40,   23 january 2017

Officials lifted a lockdown Monday at Davis-Monthan Air Force base in Arizona that was prompted by unconfirmed reports of gunshot sounds.The base said on its Twitter account that all personnel were free to resume work after the nearly two-hour[...]

Supreme Court lets Alabama judges impose death

Monday  21:21,   23 january 2017

The Supreme Court refused Monday to consider challenges to Alabama's death penalty system, the only one in the country that lets judges overrule juries and impose death sentences.&nbsp;WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court refused Monday to[...]

Ex-President George H.W. Bush improves, leaving Houston ICU

Monday  21:21,   23 january 2017

<p>HOUSTON (Reuters) - The health of former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, 92, has improved and on Monday he is moving out of the intensive care unit of a Houston hospital where he has been treated for more than a week for bacterial pneumonia,[...]

Peak Millennial? Cities Can’t Assume a Continued Boost From the Young

Monday  18:16,   23 january 2017
The New York Times

Over the next few years, demographic research shows, the growth in demand for urban living could stall.Sign Up For the Morning Briefing[...]

Supreme Court rejects Texas appeal over voter ID law

Monday  17:36,   23 january 2017

<p>The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear an appeal by Texas seeking to revive the state's strict Republican-backed voter-identification requirements that a lower court found had a discriminatory effect on black and Hispanic[...]