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Former first lady Barbara Bush guarded by Secret Service after death, report says

Sunday  15:05,   22 april 2018
FOX News

Even after the passing of Barbara Bush, agents with the U.S. Secret Service reportedly continued to stand by her side.Even after the passing of former first lady Barbara Bush, agents with the Secret Service reportedly remained by her[...]

Some California cities want Amsterdam-style pot lounges, push limits of marijuana legalization

Sunday  14:26,   22 april 2018
Tribune News Service

West Hollywood likes to party. For decades, it has embraced its gay and lesbian bars and the rock 'n' roll debauchery of the Sunset Strip. It runs a free nightlife trolley called the PickUp, with a jar of free condoms by the door. Now, it's[...]

The Pacific Ocean has a plastic problem. Here's the plan to fix it

Sunday  14:06,   22 april 2018
NBC News

Environmental group will use floating nets to snag plastic debris.We've known about the existence of the patch since the mid-1980s but weren't quite sure about its size until a study published last March showed that it holds at least 79,000 tons of[...]

Strong US economy hurting Army recruitment, military officials say

Sunday  13:55,   22 april 2018
FOX News

The Army said last week that it will not meet its goal of recruiting 80,000 active-duty soldiers this year and has officially lowered that goal to 76,500. So far this year the U.S. military branch has brought in just 28,000 new soldiers, Army Sgt.[...]

Planned Parenthood head: Trump administration 'worst for women' in my lifetime

Sunday  04:35,   22 april 2018
The Hill

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards says that the Trump administration has the worst track record on women's issues she's seen in her entire life. In an interview with CNN's Van Jones which aired Saturday, Richards implored[...]

Perched on a platform high in a tree, a 61-year-old woman fights a gas pipeline

Sunday  04:05,   22 april 2018

The Mountain Valley Pipeline is set to blast through land that has been in her family for centuries.ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. — When the trees started coming down, Theresa “Red” Terry went[...]

Tennessee Lawmakers Want Monument to Unborn Children

Sunday  03:25,   22 april 2018

“We have the (state) monument to slavery and the holocaust,” said lawmaker Jerry Sexton defending the bill, “We don’t want these atrocities to ever happen again."The Tennessee State House has passed a bill calling for a monument to be[...]

Houston deputy who shot unarmed black man is fired

Sunday  02:05,   22 april 2018

Deputy Cameron Brewer, who shot and killed Danny Ray Thomas, an unarmed black man, in March has been fired, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Cameron Brewer was fired in connection with the fatal shooting of Danny Ray Thomas on[...]

Deputies launch 'no confidence' vote in Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel

Sunday  02:00,   22 april 2018

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Upset with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, members of a union of rank-and-file deputies will vote electronically over the next week on whether they have faith in his leadership. The so-called "no confidence"[...]

Guantanamo prisoner, accused of being a 9/11 planner, held in isolation

Sunday  01:55,   22 april 2018
Miami Herald

Ramzi bin al Shibh, the alleged deputy plotter of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, is being held in an isolation cell with only a prayer rug and Quran - no bed, no running water, and access to legal material for only an hour a day - as[...]

Maple syrup inc.: Vermont’s maple syrup tradition goes high tech, high finance

Sunday  01:35,   22 april 2018

<p>In the past decade, the Vermont maple syrup industry has boomed, bringing outside investors, private equity firms, and a host of new challenges and opportunities to the Green Mountain State.</p>On the rugged western slopes of Vermont’s Mt.[...]

Black prisoners in Texas more likely to be in solitary, even as use of isolation decreases

Sunday  01:31,   22 april 2018

The Texas prison system has shifted more than 4,000 inmates out of solitary confinement over the past decade - but those who are still there are more likely to be African-American, according to Texas Department of Criminal Justice data. At the end[...]

Gun control advocates push to make voter registration the legacy of Parkland shooting

Sunday  01:06,   22 april 2018

After rallies, marches, walkouts and legislative efforts, groups around the country are trying to register young people to vote in the midterms and beyond.Load[...]

Syracuse University expels fraternity involved in racist video

Sunday  00:50,   22 april 2018

Syracuse University has permanently expelled the Theta Tau fraternity after footage emerged earlier this week of its members participating in a racist and anti-Semitic skit, Chancellor Kent Syverud said in a video statement Saturday. Theta Tau[...]

US set to admit fewest refugees in decades: report

Sunday  00:35,   22 april 2018
The Hill

The United States is on track to admit fewer refugees in fiscal 2018 than it has since 1980, a new analysis shows. The Economist reported Saturday that 20,800 refugees are expected to be admitted during the first full fiscal year under the Trump[...]