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Mistrial declared for border agent charged with killing teen

Tuesday  04:06,   24 april 2018
Associated Press

A judge in Arizona has declared a mistrial in the case of a U.S. Border Patrol agent after a jury acquitted him of a second-degree murder charge in the killing of a teenager but deadlocked on lesser counts of manslaughter. The mistrial was called[...]

Public Servants Are Losing Their Foothold in the Middle Class

Tuesday  03:25,   24 april 2018
The New York Times

Even as private employers have rebounded from the recession, the public sector’s ranks have withered, and pay and benefits have lagged.OKLAHOMA CITY — The anxiety and seething anger that followed the disappearance of middle-income jobs in factory[...]

What Is a Sovereign Citizen?

Tuesday  01:06,   24 april 2018
The New York Times

The suspect in the Waffle House mass shooting in Nashville once told the authorities he was a “sovereign citizen.” We examine the phrase.The suspect, who was identified by the authorities as Travis J. Reinking and taken into custody on Monday, was[...]

Court: Copyright suit not allowed for selfie-taking monkey

Tuesday  00:56,   24 april 2018
Associated Press

US appeals court rules in monkey case that lawsuits can't be filed claiming animals have copyrights to photos.SAN FRANCISCO — U.S. copyright law does not allow lawsuits that seek to give animals rights to photographs or other original work,[...]

Alleged Florida school shooter says he fired gun to 'scare people'

Tuesday  00:41,   24 april 2018
FOX News

A 19-year-old man accused of firing his gun inside a Florida high school last Friday said he carried out the shooting to “scare people” and did not intend to hurt anyone. Sky Bouche told FOX35 he fired his gun in the Forest High School[...]

'It was life or death,' says man who snatched gunman's AR-15

Tuesday  00:10,   24 april 2018
Associated Press

<p>The man who snatched an AR-15 rifle from a gunman at a busy Tennessee restaurant says his was a "selfish" act of self-preservation and he doesn't consider himself a hero. Never mind that he is being credited with saving several[...]

Trump is creating a vetting center. Is it ‘extreme’ enough to end his travel ban?

Tuesday  00:07,   24 april 2018

Skeptics of the administration’s plans say there’s no need to duplicate an existing center.Trump directed Department of Homeland Security officials to effectuate his ideas, and in February the White House announced the creation of a National Vetting [...]

After crash, Marine vet and single mom needs vehicle to stay on the road to success

Monday  23:05,   23 april 2018
Chicago Tribune

<p>Surrounded in her small Yorkville apartment by packing crates, household items and mounds of toys, Alyssa Tatar is calling upon all that character-building training she learned in her four years in the United States Marine Corps to remain[...]

Trump Orders DHS to Turn Away Caravan Migrants

Monday  22:56,   23 april 2018

Roughly 50 immigrants from Central America made it to the U.S.-Mexico border after traveling in a caravan of as many as 1,500 people.In a series of Monday morning tweets, the president said he'd told Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen[...]

U.S. anti-Muslim hate crimes rose 15 percent in 2017: advocacy group

Monday  21:25,   23 april 2018

Hate crimes targeting U.S. Muslims rose 15 percent in 2017, the second year of increases, according to a study released on Monday by advocacy group the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The group recorded 300 U.S. hate crimes targeting Muslims[...]

Waffle House suspect Travis Reinking deemed himself a 'sovereign citizen,' part of anti-government group

Monday  21:25,   23 april 2018

The FBI considers the sovereign citizen movement an extremist group. Tennessee Waffle House shooting suspect Travis Reinking has used that term to describe himself.Travis Reinking, 29, used that term — which the FBI has also used to describe a group [...]

Teacher Housing Pushed to Woo, Retain Educators in Indianapolis, San Francisco

Monday  21:00,   23 april 2018
U.S. News & World Report

Amid walkouts and an outcry over teacher pay, communities across the country are weighing help with housing to attract educators.For Alexandria Warfield, a 27-year-old music teacher at Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School in Indianapolis, living with[...]

Arrest of black woman at Waffle House sparks complaint

Monday  20:52,   23 april 2018
Associated Press

An Alabama police department says it's investigating after video showed a black woman being knocked down by police and arrested inside a restaurant. The NAACP is calling the arrest troubling, and pickets stood outside the restaurant with signs.A [...]

Syracuse suspends 18 frat members after second video released

Monday  20:20,   23 april 2018
New York Daily News

Over a dozen members of the Theta Tau fraternity at Syracuse University have been suspended after a second video emerged.Load[...]

Did Waffle House shooting suspect's father violate gun laws by returning his weapons?

Monday  20:07,   23 april 2018

It is unclear whether Travis Reinking or his father violated any firearms laws in Illinois or Tennessee before the Waffle House shooting that left four dead.Load[...]