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California bill would classify gay conversion therapy as a fraudulent practice

Monday  09:30,   23 april 2018
The Hill

A new bill passed by the California Assembly on Thursday would classify the selling or advertising of gay conversation therapy as a fraudulent business practice.Assemblyman Evan Low (D) said the practice of trying to change someone's sexual[...]

Student, 11, Hit By Car And Killed In School Walkout

Monday  09:30,   23 april 2018

Jonathan Benko died after being struck by a vehicle.Jonathan Benko sustained fatal injuries after being struck by a vehicle on Loop 375. Police said Benko was among a group of students who left the designated walkout area during the walkout that[...]

New York State health officials issue measles warning for tri-state area

Monday  09:30,   23 april 2018
CBS News

Officials are concerned Sunday about residents who may have come into contact with two tourists from Europe who have the disease .Authorities say the tourists visited a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witness in Brooklyn last Sunday before making stops at [...]

Chuck Schumer calls on FAA to step up maintenance inspections after fatal crashes

Monday  09:30,   23 april 2018

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is demanding the Federal Aviation Administration increase inspections of aircraft maintenance after his office reviewed agency records and found that enforcement and fines specifically for maintenance issues have [...]

Starbucks Customer Finds Hidden Camera in Bathroom

Monday  09:30,   23 april 2018

Police say the camera had dozens of videos stored on it.The camera, which reportedly had dozens of videos on it, including some footage of people using the bathroom has since been confiscated, according to The Atlanta[...]

Wisconsin is the GOP model for ‘welfare reform.’ But as work requirements grow, so does one family’s desperation.

Monday  07:05,   23 april 2018

The Trump administration is using Wisconsin as a model, but hopeful statistics belie the continuing struggles of low-income families trying to meet increasing standards for public assistance.MILWAUKEE — The shock absorbers in James Howlett’s Ford[...]

In travel ban case, Supreme Court considers ‘the president’ vs. ‘this president’

Monday  06:55,   23 april 2018

The justices will consider presidential authority to keep nation safe and constitutional protections against religious discrimination .And the court will also consider whether the judiciary even has authority to “look behind” the face of an[...]

Emergency engine inspections lead to cancellations, scores of delays for travelers on Southwest Airlines

Monday  05:25,   23 april 2018

The airline said about 40 flights were canceled, while a flight-tracking site showed hundreds of others were delayed due to inspections related to last week's engine explosion on one of the airline's 737s.Southwest said about 40 of its 4,000 [...]

She created a document to warn women of sexual harassers. It’s haunted her ever since.

Monday  04:35,   23 april 2018

Moira Donegan helped spread the #MeToo movement — and has paid the price.“I was naive,” the former New Republic staffer told me by email last[...]

Nashville mayor demands stricter gun control after Waffle House shooting

Monday  02:40,   23 april 2018

As police search for the gunman who killed four people at a Tennessee Waffle House, the mayor of Nashville is saying "enough is enough" and calling for stricter gun-control laws. "I know that we all want to live in a safe environment that [...]

Four presidents come together to pay tribute to Barbara Bush

Monday  02:05,   23 april 2018

A touching photograph of several generations of presidents paying tribute to the late Barbara Bush is being warmly and widely circulated on social media. The remarkable photo features four former presidents -- Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill[...]

NRA rips outdoor sports company for cutting ties: 'That certainly isn't sportsmanlike'

Monday  00:51,   23 april 2018
The Hill

Outdoor sports company YETI has become the latest business to cut ties with the National Rifle Association (NRA), part of a wave of companies ending business deals with the pro-gun group following the Parkland, Fla., school shooting.The NRA[...]

Scott Pruitt's plan would double auto emissions by 2025

Sunday  23:35,   22 april 2018

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt recently announced that the agency will start the process of scrapping Obama-era auto emissions standards negotiated with the automakers, a move that, if completed, would double allowable vehicle pollution in 2025,[...]

Another crude video surfaces after fraternity's expulsion

Sunday  23:30,   22 april 2018
Associated Press

Syracuse University expelled a fraternity over an offensive video that members say was intended as satire, but the controversy is continuing with the emergence of more video simulating a sexual assault of a disabled person. Chancellor Kent Syverud[...]

Disturbing before-and-after images show what major US cities could look like in the year 2100

Sunday  23:25,   22 april 2018
Tech Insider

<p>The world's sea levels are rising at faster and faster rates as waters warm and ice sheets melt.</p>The world's sea levels are rising at faster and faster rates as waters warm and ice sheets[...]