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Coal miners waiting to hear from Trump

Wednesday  04:05,   26 april 2017

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s silence on a battle over the health and pension benefits of retired U.S. coal miners is perplexing some — especially the miners who took center stage in his 2016 campaign. On Tuesday, dozens of coal miners wearing[...]

Texas campus outraged over flier addressing "white Americans"

Wednesday  04:01,   26 april 2017
CBS News

Poster -- which calls on "white Americans" to report "any and all" illegal immigrants -- violates policy at University of Texas at Arlington, school officials saidThe school is taking down the fliers after students said they[...]

Former President H.W. Bush still hospitalized, has bronchitis

Wednesday  03:45,   26 april 2017

Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush has recovered from pneumonia but will remain in a Houston-area medical center until the end of the week while he is treated for chronic bronchitis, the hospital said on Tuesday. Bush, 92, was admitted to[...]

The 10 best high schools in America

Wednesday  03:25,   26 april 2017
U.S. News & World Report - Cars

<p>With President Donald Trump expressing support of school-choice programs, parents may soon have more options for where they send their teens to high school.</p>With President Donald Trump expressing support of school-choice programs,[...]

Tornado watchers are missing more storms, giving shorter notice – and saving more lives?

Wednesday  03:10,   26 april 2017

Sociological research and deadly twisters have spurred a shift in forecasting practices. On April 27, 2011, TV weatherman James Spann warned viewers that a “large, multiple-vortex tornado” was bearing down on Tuscaloosa, Ala. “YouOn April 27, 2011,[...]

Several states consider tossing bottle deposit programs

Wednesday  02:35,   26 april 2017
Associated Press

HARTFORD, Conn. — As curbside recycling has grown, environmentalists around the United States find themselves fighting to protect decades-old bottle recycling programs that critics say are becoming obsolete.Connecticut, Massachusetts and Iowa are[...]

Idaho: Remains of 2 people found in Oregon Trail badger hole

Wednesday  02:05,   26 april 2017
Associated Press

BOISE, Idaho — A fluke discovery of children's bones protruding from a badger hole in southwestern Idaho has investigators trying to determine if they have discovered a double homicide or the disturbed grave of young 19th century pioneers who[...]

JFK’s personal diary is going on the auction block

Wednesday  01:41,   26 april 2017
The Boston Globe

John F. Kennedy’s personal diary is going on the auction block Wednesday. Bound in a black leather cowhide binder, it consists of 61 loose-leaf pages — 12 of which were handwritten by Kennedy. The rest he typed on his personal typewriter. JFK used[...]

Barack Obama Reportedly Accepts $400,000 For a Wall Street Speech

Wednesday  01:41,   26 april 2017
Daily Intelligencer

Obama is poised to make nearly twice his presidential pension for delivering remarks at a conference run by Cantor Fitzgerald. One of the many perks of being a former president is that publishing houses will pay you millions of dollars to write[...]

Fiery, deadly wreck snarls Interstate 5 in Los Angeles

Wednesday  01:41,   26 april 2017
Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — A fiery collision Tuesday involving two big trucks and several smaller vehicles killed one person and injured 10 others while triggering a massive traffic jam on Interstate 5 in Los Angeles.One of the injured was in critical condition, [...]

Senator, Twitter users rip $425 'muddy' jeans

Wednesday  01:41,   26 april 2017
The Hill

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) is joining the chorus of critics lamenting the sale of a $425 pair of jeans that feature fake mud on them. The controversial legwear is for sale on Nordstrom's website. A description of the jeans says they "embody[...]

The Show Will Go on for Ann Coulter in Berkeley

Wednesday  00:40,   26 april 2017

The pundit retweeted a weather forecast and added "Nice day for an outdoor speech at Berkeley."Tahmas, 20, worked with Bridge USA and the Young America's Foundation earlier this year to invite Coulter, a commentator and best-selling[...]

School bus crash in Kentucky injures 14 students and driver

Wednesday  00:01,   26 april 2017
Associated Press

HAZARD, Ky. — A school bus crash in southeast Kentucky has injured 15 people after the driver swerved off the road to avoid hitting a deer.Chief Deputy Tony Eversole of the Perry County Sheriff's Office says the single-vehicle crash occurred[...]

25 years after LA riots, vigil honors Rodney King and other victims

Tuesday  23:20,   25 april 2017
Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES — When an angry mob erupted in violence across Los Angeles 25 years ago this week, two names were commonly invoked by those in the streets. One is well-known: Rodney G. King, the black man beaten by a group of baton-wielding police[...]

Elizabeth Thomas’s abduction made her a different child. Her family isn’t sure how to help her.

Tuesday  22:45,   25 april 2017

Elizabeth Thomas's relatives have tread lightly around the subject of her abduction, but they say it's clear the ordeal has changed her. Elizabeth Thomas has said little to her family about the 38 days she spent on the run with her former[...]