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Sisters of school shooting victim describe his brave final moments

Monday  15:56,   21 may 2018

Christopher Stone, a 17-year-old football player who was described as adventurous and funny, was among the 10 people killedCynthia Tisdale was a substitute teacher at the[...]

Police response to Texas school shooting remains unclear

Monday  12:22,   21 may 2018

Questions remain about the police response to a high school shooting outside Houston that killed 10 people. But in the aftermath of the deadliest public school shooting in Texas history, early witness accounts and recordings from emergency[...]

Texas governor has long opposed gun control. Now he's leading a discussion on stopping school shootings

Monday  10:35,   21 may 2018

In the wake of Friday's deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott plans to convene "roundtable discussions" on how to curb gun violence. But given his strong pro-gun rights record, some gun control advocates are[...]

1 dead, 2 hurt in helicopter crash in remote Louisiana woods

Monday  10:15,   21 may 2018

Authorities say a helicopter crash in in south Louisiana has left one person dead and two others of a three-member crew with extensive injuries. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Tony Molinaro says the Hughes 369 helicopter crashed[...]

Man calls police on pig following him home

Monday  10:05,   21 may 2018

Police say the pig named Zoey was returned to its ownerThe North Ridgeville Police Department said they received the call at 5:26 a.m. Saturday morning. Upon arrival, they discovered the man, who was totally sober but still being followed by the pig [...]

EPA’s Pruitt, praised for effectiveness, hits bumps in his rollback campaign

Monday  05:30,   21 may 2018

Procedural, legal problems mar some proposals to reverse regulations. “The rules are coming in undercooked,” one critic says.EPA officials cited a study indicating that forcing utilities to get rid of unlined coal ash ponds too quickly could strain[...]

A Border Patrol agent detained two U.S. citizens at a gas station after hearing them speak Spanish

Monday  03:50,   21 may 2018

The agent, based in Montana near the border with Canada, questioned and held them for 35 to 40 minutes, the women said.A Montana woman said she plans to take legal action after a Border Patrol agent detained and questioned her and a friend — both[...]

George H.W. Bush arrives in Maine for the summer, family says

Monday  03:10,   21 may 2018

Former President George H.W. Bush arrived in Maine on Sunday evening, where he's set to spend the summer at his house in Kennebunkport. Bush, 93, had been recovering in Texas after he contracted "an infection that spread to his blood," [...]

Thousands attend service for exchange student killed in Texas shooting

Monday  02:27,   21 may 2018

Sabika Sheikh was one of the 10 people killed in the shooting on Friday morning . The attack left 10 others injured in what Texas Gov. Greg Abbott described as "one of the most heinous attacks that we've ever seen in the history of Texas[...]

Oliver North, incoming NRA chief, blames school shootings on ‘culture of violence’

Monday  01:07,   21 may 2018

“Taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens” won’t solve the problem, said the man best known for his role in the Iran-contra scandal.“They’ve been drugged in many cases,” he[...]

Confusion, calculation and fear keep DACA beneficiaries from renewing their status while they can

Sunday  23:30,   20 may 2018

For thousands of undocumented young men and women, a judge's order in January amounted to a reprieve _ a chance to renew their legal protections after President Donald Trump's decision last year to kill the Deferred Action for Childhood[...]

His Japanese birth mother gave him a slip of paper with his father’s name. He didn’t intend to search for him.

Sunday  22:10,   20 may 2018

A couple of years ago, curious about his Caucasian half, Bruce Hollywood had his DNA tested with an kit. The results were clear.Hollywood was grateful for the new relationship he had with his mother, Nobue Ouchi, and her devotion to[...]

New Jersey high school principal apologizes for 'insensitive' prom tickets

Sunday  20:01,   20 may 2018

Students invited to 'party like it's 1776,' a time of slavery.The tickets urged students to “party like it’s 1776” during the event at the National Constitution Center in[...]

Husband of Teacher Killed in N.J. Bus Crash 'Devastated and Totally Crushed' by Wife's Death

Sunday  20:01,   20 may 2018

<p>The husband of a New Jersey teacher who died in a deadly bus crash on Thursday is “devastated” by her loss.</p>Kevin Kennedy shared his grief and emotional pain after losing his wife, Jennifer Williamson, a teacher at New Jersey’s East[...]

Controversial armored police vehicle factory expands production to meet demand

Sunday  20:01,   20 may 2018

You may not know what a Bearcat is but you’ve probably seen them, deployed by SWAT and tactical teams responding to violent protests and barricade situations, or to save people trapped in hurricanes, floods and mudslides. Police departments[...]