US Allegations of Groping, Lewd Comments and Rape: Academia's #MeToo Moment

02:45  12 january  2018
02:45  12 january  2018 Source:   The Wall Street Journal

Ecuador says exploring mediation to solve Assange standoff

  Ecuador says exploring mediation to solve Assange standoff <p>Ecuador said on Tuesday it was exploring mediation to solve the standoff over WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been holed up in Ecuador's Embassy in London for five years, and called for cooperation from the United Kingdom and the international community.</p>Former leftist President Rafael Correa, who had said Assange was a "journalist," granted him asylum in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden over rape allegations.

In December, five years after an incident that she says helped drive her out of academia , Samantha Ainsley went online and posted entry No. 1,132 to a She said that when she tried to engage the professor about her research, the man made lewd comments about her appearance, put his hand up

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a man wearing glasses: Samantha Ainsley, pictured in Seattle in January, wrote about an alleged incident of sexual harassment in the crowdsourced spreadsheet, ‘Sexual Harassment In the Academy.’  © Jovelle Tamayo for The Wall Street Journal Samantha Ainsley, pictured in Seattle in January, wrote about an alleged incident of sexual harassment in the crowdsourced spreadsheet, ‘Sexual Harassment In the Academy.’  Students and faculty from universities in the U.S., Europe and beyond describe a wide range of alleged sexual harassment in an anonymous, crowdsourced spreadsheet

In December, five years after an incident that she says helped drive her out of academia, Samantha Ainsley went online and posted entry No. 1,132 to a spreadsheet entitled “Sexual Harassment In the Academy: A Crowdsource Survey.”

Hashtag activism like #NotOkay is challenging rape culture, study says

  Hashtag activism like #NotOkay is challenging rape culture, study says <p>Twitter campaigns can encourage men to shut down degrading "locker room talk" and provide victims with a voice, according to a study of #NotOkay, an online reaction to U.S. President Donald Trump's statements about grabbing women's genitals. Researchers at Michigan State University (MSU), who examined hundreds of #NotOkay tweets, found that people used social media to call on boys and men to step in when others made derogatory comments about women or behaved in a predatory way.</p>LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Twitter campaigns can encourage men to shut down degrading "locker room talk" and provide victims with a voice, according to a study of #NotOkay, an online reaction to U.S.

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Is # MeToo changing your workplace? Should it? Topics Comments . Paper is so boring I'm surprised they found one. By EM Painter on Fri, 12/08/2017 - 12:07pm. Harassment, groping , rape , etc is not sex. Being assaulted isn't "fun". At the moment . By Irma la Douce on Fri, 12/08/2017 - 5:32pm.

Without including names, she wrote that when she was a Ph.D. student, she was sexually harassed by a prominent professor at an academic conference in Singapore. She said that when she tried to engage the professor about her research, the man made lewd comments about her appearance, put his hand up her dress and asked her to come back to his hotel room.

Ms. Ainsley wrote that she was ashamed and in the following months, she “started to unravel.” She ultimately decided that she would never have been taken seriously in her field, and dropped out of her Massachusetts Institute of Technology doctoral program in computer science.

“Sexual Harassment In the Academy,” launched Nov. 30 by former anthropology professor Karen Kelsky, now contains more than 2,000 anonymous anecdotes that describe a wide range of alleged harassment at universities. The document is publicly available on her blog, and participants can add their entries by completing a survey. Those making the claims do so unnamed, and alleged harassers remain anonymous, though schools and academic departments are sometimes identified.

Female Democrats Plan To Wear Black To Trump's State Of The Union Address

  Female Democrats Plan To Wear Black To Trump's State Of The Union Address This year’s State of the Union address may feature more black outfits than usual. A group of female Democratic lawmakers is reportedly planning to wear black to President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address, in solidarity with movements protesting sexual harassment and assault in numerous industries.NBC News first reported the lawmakers’ plan on Twitter, and Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) confirmed to HuffPost that she was planning to take part in the action.

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Schools named in the spreadsheet, including Indiana University and Georgia Institute of Technology, said they’re troubled by the allegations but need more details to consider any investigation, such as when the alleged incidents occurred and the names of those involved.

The University of California, Berkeley, was named more than two dozen times. Spokeswoman Janet Gilmore said the school is “saddened and unsettled” by the allegations but would need to know the accusers’ identities to determine possible next steps.

Sexual assault has been a flashpoint for years on college campuses, and schools have struggled with how to adjudicate harassment claims made against students, let alone those against tenured faculty, according to lawyers, school administrators and faculty.

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Former Fox News correspondent James Rosen left amid harassment allegations: report

  Former Fox News correspondent James Rosen left amid harassment allegations: report Former Fox News Channel correspondent James Rosen left the network last month amid sexual misconduct allegations, according to NPR. NPR reported that there were three separate instances in which Rosen made "overt physical and sexual overtures" to co-workers.The first instance reportedly i nvolved Rosen groping a female Fox reporter in a New York City cab in the early 2000s, while a State Department producer for the network accused him of directly sexually harassing her years later.The most recent incident took place last spring, when Rosen tried to kiss a young female reporter in an elevator.

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You are here. Home > Articles > Malkin: Beware the rape allegation bandwagon. “# MeToo ” is the social media meme of the moment . In a 24-hour period, the phrase was tweeted nearly a half million times and posted on Facebook 12 million times.

Institutional power dynamics help cultivate a climate in which sexual harassment can thrive, say professors and graduate students. Professors who bring in research funding are treated as stars, and senior faculty hold near absolute authority over doctoral candidates, who need references and dissertation edits.

Inspired by the #MeToo movement and a wave of public allegations of harassment in other industries, Dr. Kelsky created a survey form in late November asking academics to detail their harassment experiences, including any response from the school if a complaint was made, and what impact they say the alleged harassment had on their careers and mental health.

The first day, there were 60 entries. By the fourth day, there were nearly 800, including unwanted touching at social gatherings and insinuations that better grades could be achieved in exchange for sexual acts. Several cited rape. Some allegedly occurred last semester, others decades ago. They include claims from former undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and administrators.

Maxine Waters to skip Trump's State of the Union

  Maxine Waters to skip Trump's State of the Union <p>Rep. Maxine Waters said she will not attend President Trump's first State of the Union address in the wake of his reported vulgar remarks aimed at Haiti and African nations.</p>"Why would I take my time to go and sit and listen to a liar?" Waters said on MSNBC's "All In with Chris Hayes." "Someone who lies in the face of facts, someone who can change their tune day in and day out.

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Academics from New York to California to Europe and beyond have passed the link around via email and Twitter.

Dr. Kelsky, a former professor at the University of Oregon and University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign who now runs a career-advising consulting firm for academics, said one of her goals with the survey was to demonstrate the scope of the issue. After the responses flooded in, she said, “I think plausible deniability has been eviscerated.”

She said she hasn’t received any requests from schools to take the spreadsheet down, and notes that it isn’t intended as a legal record of harassment.

In recent months, a number of universities have launched initiatives to address sexual harassment and have made more public their processes to discipline professors facing specific allegations.

The moves come as the U.S. Department of Education overhauls its enforcement of Title IX, a federal statute prohibiting schools from discriminating on the basis of sex. It has rescinded Obama-era guidelines on how to handle sexual-assault cases and issued interim recommendations, including allowing colleges to apply a higher standard of proof when determining guilt.

Scott Schneider, a Tulane professor and attorney who heads the higher-education practice group at Fisher Phillips, said schools must proceed carefully, even as other industries rush to respond to harassment allegations, in part because of faculty tenure protections.

Victims condemn decision to release Britain's 'taxi rapist'

  Victims condemn decision to release Britain's 'taxi rapist' British prosecutors were under mounting pressure Saturday to explain why a former London taxi driver suspected of assaulting dozens of women is being freed after less than a decade in prison. John Worboys was convicted in 2009 of raping or sexually assaulting 12 women he picked up as passengers over an 18-month period.He attacked women who had been out at London bars and clubs, telling them he'd won money on the lottery and inviting them to join him in a celebratory glass of champagne. The drinks were laced with sedatives, and Worboys then assaulted the stupefied victims in the back of his cab.

It is comments like this that are part of why we are only now seeing a flood of accusations by people who until recently were too afraid no By the way, aren’t these what are legal called “ allegations ”? After allegedly being raped , why would one continue having a relationship with a rapist?

This Account has been suspended.

“We want to maintain a climate that is certainly free from sexual harassment and sex discrimination,” said Mr. Schneider, whose firm represents schools on a range of legal issues. “We also should value, as an institution, some modicum of due process.”

Ms. Ainsley, now a software engineer at Google Inc., told The Journal that she had just completed her first big academic presentation at a computer-graphics conference in Singapore in November 2012 when she was invited to have dinner with other students and an influential Berkeley professor, James O’Brien, whose work is widely used by Hollywood animation studios.

Dinner turned into drinks at a club, where another attendee said that women could be hired to flirt with patrons at an hourly rate.

Ms. Ainsley was 23 years old at the time, had recently completed her master’s at Columbia University and was a Ph.D. student at MIT. She said she viewed Dr. O’Brien as a potential mentor and tried to discuss her presentation with him.

He put his hand on her back, she says, then: “He leaned in and put his hand on my thigh, up between my legs, up my skirt, and said, ‘I didn’t listen to a damn word you said because I was too busy imagining what was under your dress.’ ”

She says the professor later invited her to his hotel room. She declined. He demanded a good-night kiss, which she also declined, she says. When she told Dr. O’Brien the next day that she had felt uncomfortable, Ms. Ainsley says, he rolled his eyes and invited her to a conference in Barbados scheduled for later that winter.

Lyn Agre, an attorney for Dr. O’Brien, said in a statement that the professor “emphatically denies” Ms. Ainsley’s assertions, including her claim that he put his hand up her skirt or groped her, and that he “never tried to force himself on Ms. Ainsley in any way.”

Brigitte Bardot Slams #MeToo Movement As ‘Hypocritical, Ridiculous’

  Brigitte Bardot Slams #MeToo Movement As ‘Hypocritical, Ridiculous’ Legendary French actress Brigitte Bardot denounced the #MeToo movement and the increase in Hollywood figures denouncing sexual harassment in an interview with French magazine Paris Match.&nbsp;In the interview, Bardot asserts that for actresses specifically, “not women in general,” “the vast majority of cases” are “hypocritical, ridiculous, without interest.

The exact circumstances of these allegations may still be mysterious to the public, but it' s Of course there’ s a distinction between rape and groping , and between groping and a lewd remark. In one of her recent pieces on the # MeToo moment , Gessen argued that the rash of punishments for accused

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She said that Dr. O’Brien hasn’t seen Ms. Ainsley since the conference, and that the only communication between the two since then was an email that Ms. Ainsley sent him thanking Dr. O’Brien for a recommendation to another academic conference. The statement also noted that Ms. Ainsley didn’t attend Berkeley and said that Dr. O’Brien had no supervisory role over her.

The Journal reviewed a log of an online chat Ms. Ainsley had with her then-boyfriend after she returned to her hotel. The account, in which she expressed panic about the incident and fear about the career implications of reporting it, tracked with her retelling on the spreadsheet and in interviews with The Journal. One colleague at the conference told The Journal that Ms. Ainsley was in tears upon her return to the hotel, and another attendee said her hands and voice were shaking the following morning.

Ms. Ainsley reported the incident a few hours later to Eitan Grinspun, the Columbia faculty adviser who oversaw the research project she was presenting in Singapore.

“I was outraged, but I was at a loss as to whom I could report this,” he said, noting that he wasn’t a witness to the incident, Ms. Ainsley was no longer a Columbia student, Dr. O’Brien was at another institution, and the conference was sponsored by neither. Dr. Grinspun, now an associate professor in computer science at Columbia, said he is glad she is speaking out about her experience now.

Ms. Ainsley said she didn’t tell MIT about the alleged incident when it occurred.

She says her experience shows that academia doesn’t always have clear reporting structures for handling sexual-harassment claims, and that fear of professional repercussions can perpetuate silence.

Empowered by seeing other women come forward with their own experiences of harassment in recent months, she said, she decided to more formally report the incident. Shortly before Christmas, Ms. Ainsley met with Berkeley’s Title IX office to discuss a potential investigation into the alleged incident and said she is meeting them again next week, though no formal action has yet been taken.

Berkeley spokeswoman Ms. Gilmore said the school can’t comment on existing or potential investigations until probes are complete and disciplinary action is decided.

Dr. O’Brien’s attorney said Berkeley has never taken any disciplinary or other negative action against him.

Pakistani police arrest suspect in rape, killing of 7-year-old that sparked national protests .
<p>Two police officers told authorities the arrested man was being treated as a prime suspect, according to a report.</p>Authorities in Pakistan on Wednesday arrested a suspect in the rape and murder of a 7-year-old girl that led to nationwide protests and widespread outrage over a lack of government response, officials said.

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