US ICE is moving to deport a veteran after Mattis assured that would not happen

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Mattis: Trump policies banning transgender troops 'stand on their own'

  Mattis: Trump policies banning transgender troops 'stand on their own' Defense Secretary James Mattis on Monday said that President Trump's recently issued policies barring most transgender individuals from the military "stand on their own." Speaking to reporters prior to meeting with the Indonesia Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi, Mattis said that the military is "out to build the most lethal service.

In 2016, CNN interviewed several veterans in Tijuana, Mexico, after they were deported from the United States. " ICE exercises prosecutorial discretion, when appropriate, on a case-by-case basis for members of the JUST WATCHED. These US military veterans were deported to Mexico. Replay.

Defense Secretary James Mattis says the Department of Homeland Security has assured him that DREAMers who serve in uniform won't be deported . Mother whose newborn daughter died after she chose not to have her delivered in hospital tells of her pain. Now flatbed truck used to move Russian

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement appears to have ignored a directive from Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to prevent the deportation of noncitizen troops and veterans, seeking to remove a Chinese immigrant despite laws that allow veterans with honorable service to naturalize, court filings show.

Xilong Zhu, 27, who came from China in 2009 to attend college in the United States, enlisted in the Army and was caught in an immigration dragnet involving a fake university set up by the Department of Homeland Security to catch brokers of fraudulent student visas.

At odds with Bolton on North Korea, Mattis appears isolated

  At odds with Bolton on North Korea, Mattis appears isolated Of the issues that divide Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and President Donald Trump's incoming national security adviser, John Bolton, one stands out: North Korea. Load Error Bolton, who will replace Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster on April 9, has publicly advocated for overthrowing the North Korean government. Mattis, a retired Marine general who knows intimately the costs of war, favors diplomacy to rid the North of its nuclear weapons and has said war on the Korean peninsula would be "catastrophic." On Iran, too, Mattis would seem at odds with Bolton, who has argued for abandoning the Obama-era nuclear deal.

Mattis ' promise extends to DACA recipients who are on active duty, in the active reserves, veterans who were honorably discharged, and new troops who have signed contracts and Now 20, Yousafzai has not visited Mingora or anywhere in Pakistan since her family moved to Britain after her attack.

One man was deported after he was unable to attend a hearing, despite his reason: he was in the hospital receiving surgery at the time. An ICE agent who described himself as a fellow veteran told Perez they would “fix this” while leading him to a gate, Perez said. “When we go there he just closed

Zhu paid tuition to the University of Northern New Jersey, created by DHS to appear as a real school, long enough to ship to basic training using the legal status gained from a student visa issued to attend that school.

Then ICE found him and asked the Army to release him for alleged visa fraud. He left Fort Benning, Ga., on Nov. 16, 2016, in handcuffs as an honorably discharged veteran. He was detained for three weeks and released.

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Zhu is waiting for a Seattle judge’s ruling on his removal proceedings, which are based on allegations by ICE that he failed to attend classes in violation of his student visa. His attorney says his client is a victim of federal entrapment.

Pentagon silent on U.S. transgender policy

  Pentagon silent on U.S. transgender policy <p>Nearly a week after President Donald Trump signed a memorandum banning some transgender people from serving in the U.S. military, Pentagon officials on Thursday refused to answer questions about the policy except to say they would continue to follow court orders currently blocking the ban.</p>Last Friday, the White House announced Trump had signed the memorandum, but also had given the secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security authority to implement policies as they see fit.

Defense Secretary James Mattis was asked if a shutdown would have "serious ramifications," for the U.S. military. White House staffers played drinking game, ' iced ' deputy director in office. Deported Army veteran set to receive US citizenship next month.

That evening, Camacho and several other deported veterans gather around a table to discuss their predicament — the first of many such meetings that will happen here. Ocon moved in a year ago, after he was deported from the United States. The neighborhood is safe, he says — “There have

Zhu’s case comes amid Trump administration pressure on immigration judges to speed up deportation proceedings in an apparent move to adjudicate more removals, aligning with President Trump’s stated goals.

But it also comes after Mattis said he would protect certain immigrant recruits who enlist through a program designed to trade fast-tracked citizenship for medical and language skills. Those assurances followed sustained controversy over how the Pentagon has exposed more than a thousand foreign-born recruits to deportation. A background-screening logjam began in late 2016 when fears of insider threats slowed clearances to a glacial pace.

“Anyone with an honorable discharge … will not be subject to any kind of deportation,” Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon in February, describing exceptions for criminals and anyone who has been authorized for deportation in an agreement he said was made with DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Mattis jokes to Bolton: 'I heard you're actually the devil incarnate'

  Mattis jokes to Bolton: 'I heard you're actually the devil incarnate' Defense Secretary James Mattis decided Thursday that the best way to break the ice during his first ever meeting with President Donald Trump's new national security adviser John Bolton was with a joke. "I heard you're actually the devil incarnate and I wanted to meet you," Mattis said in an off-microphone exchange that was captured upon Bolton's arrival at the Pentagon. Bolton laughed and the two men entered the building.In the days following Trump's decision to name Bolton as the replacement for outgoing national security adviser H.R.

A U.S. Army veteran and green card holder with a felony drug conviction could be deported as soon as this week, his attorney said Monday, after a federal court denied his appeal to remain in the U.S. Miguel Perez Jr., 39, a Chicago resident who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and recently finished a

Deported Army veteran set to receive US citizenship next month. Trump and Jim Mattis have talked about the military paying for the border wall, spokesman says. ICE will no longer automatically release pregnant detainees from immigration custody.

Zhu’s attorney, retired Army officer Margaret Stock, told The Washington Post those exceptions do not apply to him.

DHS referred questions to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Spokesman Jonathan Withington declined to comment, citing the pending litigation. ICE declined to provide a comment attributable by name.

But through court documents, ICE has interpreted the Mattis directive applies to a narrow group of foreign recruits that exclude Zhu. It’s unclear whether ICE consulted with the Pentagon on the subject, or if the agency has moved to deport other immigrant recruits since Mattis spoke in February.

  ICE is moving to deport a veteran after Mattis assured that would not happen © Provided by WP Company LLC d/b/a The Washington Post

Zhu graduated from basic training on June 9, 2016, and was handed over to ICE custody months later, after the Army lost a battle to retain him, Stock said. Zhu was included in a group of “holdovers,” an Army term he disdains that refers to soldiers who fail training.

That wasn’t him.

“It made me nauseous to be lumped into that group,” he told The Post.

How Zhu got in his predicament is a strange, bureaucratic odyssey after he graduated from Beloit College in Wisconsin in 2013. He wanted to become a U.S. citizen, so he decided to enlist through the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI) program that his father in China had read about. It trades expedited citizenship for language and medical skills in short supply among U.S.-born recruits.

US Air Force veteran told pole flying American flag violates 'community's standards'

  US Air Force veteran told pole flying American flag violates 'community's standards' A U.S. Air Force veteran from Ohio said he was told to remove his flag pole Friday because it failed to meet community standards. Wayne Marchant, of Franklin, told WLWT-TV he received a letter from his homeowners’ association management company saying his flag pole didn’t meet the “community’s standards” and would need to be removed or modified “to ensure compliance.”"As a veteran, I wouldn't think to erect a flagpole and fly the American flag would be something that I would have to get permission to do," Marchant told the station.

Speaking to reporters at the Pentagon Thursday, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis called the whole episode “perplexing.” White House staffers played drinking game, ' iced ' deputy director in office. Deported Army veteran set to receive US citizenship next month.

Part 3: NYC Immigration Activist Jean Montrevil Speaks Out After Deportation to Haiti: “My Heart Is Broken”. Part 4: Is ICE Targeting Immigration Activists? Family Members of Detained & Deported Leaders Speak Out.

The program was designed by Stock and implemented in 2009, with more than 10,000 troops rotating through since then.

But it was temporarily shelved at the time Zhu tried to enlist in 2013, so he needed a way to keep his status. U.S. Quickly, a company that provides education consultation to immigrants, told him that the University of Northern New Jersey was approved by DHS to authorize curricular practical training, a type of school credit for his work at Apple as a customer support technician.

DHS certified his studies, and he paid the university $8,000. He took his new I-20 form as proof of lawful status to obtain a driver’s license, Stock said, all while the sting operation fooled students. As part of Operation Triple Lindy, undercover agents posed as university administrators, and the school website promised “an exceptional educational experience.”

U.S. Quickly did not return a request for comment.

“Nobody knew the school was fake,” Stock said, including Zhu, who said it would be “suicide” to knowingly attend a fake school given that he would soon be screened by government agencies, including DHS.

A class-action lawsuit of students alleging entrapment was dismissed in October because ICE had not determined whether it was taking further action.

Mattis approves sending 4,000 National Guard troops to border

  Mattis approves sending 4,000 National Guard troops to border The National Guard will deploy up to 4,000 troops to the U.S.-Mexico border beginning Friday night, Defense Secretary James Mattis said in a memo.The memo authorizes the use of Title 32 and Defense Department dollars for up to 4,000 National Guard personnel to support the Department of Homeland Security's "southern border security mission while under the command and control of their respective governors through September 30, 2018.

Immigrant rights activists say the actions signal a clear shift by the Trump administration to deport And then, all of a sudden, the tone, tenor, the attitude of ICE changed quite dramatically after the JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And, Steve Choi, I’d like to ask you, in terms of what’s happening here in New

What happens after someone advises the immigration authorities that an immigrant is undocumented. She keeps threatening to call the immigration agents and have us deported . If she does call them, what will happen to us?

a screenshot of a cell phone © Provided by WP Company LLC d/b/a The Washington Post

Zhu was released after seven months of service, according to court documents obtained by The Post. His driver’s license from Washington state has “veteran” printed on it.

His status should mean that he can proceed with citizenship. Laws in place since World War I say noncitizens who leave the military under “honorable conditions” are eligible for naturalization.

But ICE disputes the circumstances.

Jordan L. Jones, an ICE assistant chief counsel, said in a Seattle federal immigration court filing on March 29 that Mattis was actually referring only to recruits who came to the country illegally as children and enlisted later through DACA as those who are protected.

Zhu is removable “despite his honorable discharge,” Jones wrote, adding the judge, John F. Walsh, cannot dismiss proceedings.

Stock said Mattis could not have meant only DACA recipients because they overwhelmingly naturalize in the military and are only a small portion of foreign recruits who enlist.

“They’re ignoring what Mattis said,” Stock said.

When asked to clarify Mattis’s remarks, Pentagon spokesman Maj. David Eastburn referred to the February statement. Mattis previously said he wants to preserve the MAVNI program.

Zhu, a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese, could have proved useful in uniform as the U.S. military focuses on countering an increasingly aggressive China and Russia.

Instead, deportation looms, including threats from Zhu’s former homeland.

'I don't rule anything out': Mattis on taking action in Syria

  'I don't rule anything out': Mattis on taking action in Syria US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Monday pointed toward Russia's role in a suspected poison gas attack on the Syrian rebel-held town of Douma, and said he would not rule out a military response. Russia was supposed to guarantee the disposal of Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons in September 2013, but President Bashar al-Assad's regime is suspected of conducting repeated gas attacks since then.

They were ICE ’s responsibility now. That afternoon the immigration enforcement agency began moving the survivors to a private detention facility for processing. While two of Ryan’s clients were deported , ICE placed a third under an order of supervision and released him in Florida.

— only to be killed by the gigantic storms that would ensue right after the stop point. — The oceans would rise as gigantic tsunamis, and all water would move towards the poles, as shown in this computer simulation

A former State Department official told The Post in July that Chinese-born U.S. military recruits who are deported to their native land may face harsh confinement and interrogation.

If deported, Zhu would probably return to his home town in Chongqing. It features an unusual memorial for a communist nation: a bust of Army Gen. Joseph Stilwell, who commanded U.S. and Chinese forces from the city during World War II. A library named after President Franklin D. Roosevelt is also there, Zhu said.

But the city also brims with hostility toward the United States.

Zhu said that after he graduated in 2013, local authorities investigated allegations of corruption involving his father, a businessman. They obtained his phone and viewed instant messages in which he and his son discussed Zhu’s future military service. The authorities were suspicious and called his son unpatriotic, then let him go without charges after 48 hours, Zhu said.

The episode rattled his father.

“If you get a chance,” he told his son, “don’t ever think about coming back.”

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