US Video of TSA agents searching elderly woman sparks outrage

10:05  09 june  2018
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Florida businessman allegedly shot in the head by his wife, authorities say

  Florida businessman allegedly shot in the head by his wife, authorities say A Florida man, tapped in 2001 for a role in the U.S. Treasury, was allegedly shot in the head by his wife this week, authorities said.  The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office said deputies arrived to the scene around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday following reports of “a person who was shot." There they discovered Tony Brown, 58, “on the floor lying in a pool of blood resulting from a gunshot wound to the back of his head,” the sheriff’s office said.After investigating and talking to the man’s wife, Lawanda Brown, 57, authorities said she was arrested for attempted murder.

An outraged father took to YouTube to post footage of TSA agents patting down his The video has gone viral, prompting questions from the public about the TSA 's decision to search the youngsters. In the video , a small boy spreads his legs while a woman , possibly his mother, holds his arms out

As TSA regulations get stricter, people get angrier. Earlier this month, 100 TSA body scan images were leaked to the public, despite the promise that such an The latest offense, however, is a video (taken by onlookers) of a very young boy being publicly stripped and patted-down by airport security .

a person standing in front of a computer: tsa-patdown-dulles-2018-06-08.png © Facebook / Jeanne Clarkson tsa-patdown-dulles-2018-06-08.png

Nearly 9 million people have watched the video -- and many have weighed-in about the security pat-down of a 96-year-old woman in a wheelchair. The screening happened at Dulles Airport in Washington. 

The woman's daughter complained that the 6-minute search was quote "prolonged and repetitive."

A woman can be heard criticizing the TSA agents in the video. "What the hell do you think she's going to do? Set off a shoe bomb?" she asks. 

"I was just shocked.  I've traveled with her before, I've been in a wheelchair myself unable to walk through the machines and I've never had that kind of a pat-down ever.  I was just shocked. I couldn't believe they were doing this to my 96-year-old mother," Jeanne Clarkson told CBS News transportation correspondent Kris Van Cleave. "It was just shock, and frustration because they would not talk to me. I felt helpless."

Youngster tenderly helps an elderly woman: A simple, inspiring act of kindness caught on video

  Youngster tenderly helps an elderly woman: A simple, inspiring act of kindness caught on video Riley Duncan Jr. was driving home from his son's high school graduation Saturday in Milledgeville, Ga., when he says he witnessed something inspiring. An SUV stopped traffic and a young boy darted out. The boy was on a mission.He ran toward an elderly woman with a walker who was struggling to climb a set of stairs near the road, Duncan said. The boy helped her lift the walker. He tenderly placed his hand on the woman's back to steady her. He climbed with her the remainder of the way.Duncan, 48, of Haddock, Ga., started recording the moment.

Security officials at an American airport have subjected a wheelchair-bound, 96-year-old woman to an extensive body search , sparking outrage on social media. The video shows a female official from the Transportation Security Administration , or TSA , asking the frail grandmother to remove her

Search . There’s a new TSA pat-down video making the rounds on social media right now, and it’s sparking quite a bit of outrage . Texas mom Jennifer Williamson posted this video of TSA agents at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport patting down her son, who has some sort of sensory

Clarkson says she, her fiancé and Evelyn LaBrier were traveling back home to Anderson, Indiana after visiting her son in Maryland. The TSA screener was polite and explained what was happening during the search which included a pat-down of LaBrier's chest and pelvis region.

Clarkson, shot the video and can be heard on the tape expressing frustration and concern over the what was occurring.

As the search began another TSA officer can be seen stepping in front of Clarkson's cell phone camera and blocking her view of LaBrier.

"It was just like, how can they get away with this?"

Washington Dulles Airport posted on its Facebook Page, "Many of you have reached out to us to express concern over a video of a security screening taking place at Dulles International Airport. Security screening at our checkpoints is directed and conducted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). We have shared customer comments with the TSA for their immediate review and appropriate action."

Philippines President Duterte sparks outrage with 'misogynist' kiss

  Philippines President Duterte sparks outrage with 'misogynist' kiss Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has sparked outrage after kissing a woman on the lips during a meet and greet event in South Korea. Opposition senator Risa Hontiveros described the act as a "despicable display of sexism and grave abuse of authority," and accused the controversial leader of acting like a "feudal king." In the incident in Seoul on Sunday, part of the Filipino leader's official visit to South Korea, Duterte called two overseas Filipino workers (OFW) onstage.

Ruth Sherman is the second elderly woman to allege that she was forced to strip by TSA agents after Octomom shares sweet video of her brood blowing out birthday candles as they turn NINE. Hilary Duff treats herself to pamper session after her Sharon Tate indie film sparks outrage with family.

A Michigan woman dying of leukemia says she hopes her embarrassment during a Seattle airport security pat-down might change the way the Transportation Security Administration treats travelers with medical conditions.

Many of you have reached out to us to express concern over a video of a security screening taking place at Dulles...

Posted by Washington Dulles International Airport on Thursday, May 24, 2018

In a statement to CBS News, the agency says "TSA is committed to ensuring the security of travelers, while treating all passengers with dignity and respect. In this instance, the TSA officer provided advisements during the pat-down and was extremely polite. The passenger was very cooperative and gave no indication that she was agitated or in discomfort. She received a pat-down and was cleared for her flight."

"She didn't know what to say. She does not want to fly again ever. She didn't know what they were looking for. She was scared," Clarkson said of her mother. "She was just following directions. She said she didn't know what to do."

A TSA spokesman says it appears the screener followed procedure and pointed to a two-minute video that explains what a flyer in a wheelchair can expect at a checkpoint including a pat-down, but the pat-down shown in the video lasts about 15 seconds.

Adding to the family's frustration, their late night flight to Indianapolis was canceled, stranding them overnight at Dulles.

Clarkson says no one from the TSA has contacted the family directly, adding her mother still asks, "why did they do that to me?"

Three inmates escape from New Mexico jail aided by guard, police say .
New Mexico authorities are searching for three inmates who escaped from a county jail after being aided by a detention officer Friday morning in Clovis. County officials are still searching for Aaron Clark, 31, Victor Apodaca, 28, and Ricky Sena, 24, after they fled from the Curry County Detention Center Friday morning in white t-shirts, boxers, and head coverings, according to the sheriff’s office.Deputies later arrested Sarina Dodson, 28, a detention officer who was working at the time of their escape, on charges of assisting escape.

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