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Terrorism-accused UN expert 'at grave risk' in Philippines

Friday  12:51,   23 march 2018

Vicky Tauli-Corpuz has spent four decades campaigning for indigenous people in her native Philippines, but never feared for her life. That changed last month when she was branded a "terrorist" by President Rodrigo Duterte's[...]

Origin of 'six-inch mummy' confirmed

Friday  12:36,   23 march 2018
BBC News

<p>Tests on a six-inch-long mummified skeleton from Chile confirm that it represents the remains of a newborn with multiple mutations in key genes.</p>Despite being the size of a foetus, initial tests had suggested the bones were of a child[...]

Yellowstone supervolcano may have underwater magma 'anomaly,' researchers suggest

Friday  12:36,   23 march 2018
FOX News

<p>An underwater river or "fountain" of magma has been located underneath the Yellowstone supervolcano.</p>An underwater river or "fountain" of magma has been located underneath the Yellowstone supervolcano. Despite fears that this[...]

Fighting in Ghouta despite rebel ceasefire attempt: monitor

Friday  10:26,   23 march 2018

Air strikes hit a rebel-held enclave of Syria's eastern Ghouta region on Friday despite a ceasefire that the area's controlling rebel group had said was agreed to come into force at midnight, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. On[...]

Australian rescuers race to save whales after mass stranding

Friday  09:10,   23 march 2018

Australian rescuers were racing against time to save dozens of short-finned pilot whales on Friday after more than 150 of the migrating mammals got stranded on the country's west coast.More than half of the beached whales had died, said Jeremy[...]

How much has the US lost from China's intellectual property theft?

Friday  08:46,   23 march 2018

The United States has long said that intellectual property theft has cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars in revenue and thousands of jobs. The United States Trade Representative, which led the seven-month investigation into China's[...]

In world first, Air India crosses Saudi airspace to Israel

Friday  06:55,   23 march 2018

Air India launched on Thursday the first scheduled service to Israel to be allowed to cross Saudi airspace, a sign of a behind-the-scenes improvement in ties between the Arab kingdom and the Jewish state. Flight AI 139 landed at Tel Aviv's Ben[...]

Saudi prince denies Kushner is ‘in his pocket’

Friday  04:10,   23 march 2018

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman says it would be “insane” for him to trade classified information with President Trump’s son-in-law and adviser.Having that kind of relationship “will not help us” and does not exist, he said. Speaking in a meeting[...]

The U.N. found only 7,000 refugees, despite Uganda's claim that thousands more needed aid

Friday  02:52,   23 march 2018

A corruption scandal at Uganda's Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp has enraged the United Nations and its biggest donors.These residents who fled civil wars in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo and other conflicts now live in tents [...]

Catalan separatists fail to elect leader of Spanish region

Friday  02:51,   23 march 2018
Associated Press

<p>The separatist majority of Catalonia's parliament failed to elect a regional president during a vote held Thursday, starting a two-month countdown to would end with another election being called in the restive corner of Spain.</p>Load[...]

Russia Names New Weapons, Says It Surpassed U.S. Lasers

Friday  01:30,   23 march 2018

Russia has chosen the names of three advanced weapons recently revealed by Putin, but what do they mean?During his March 1 State of the Nation speech, Putin revealed an array of new, powerful weapons he claimed were being developed for Russia's[...]

Was a Tiny Mummy in the Atacama an Alien? No, but the Real Story Is Almost as Strange

Friday  00:31,   23 march 2018
The New York Times

Known as “Ata,” the six-inch-long skeleton was discovered in Chile and may have had genetic mutations causing a bone disorder never before documented.An amateur collector exploring a ghost town was said to have come across a white cloth in a leather [...]

Russian agent may have limited mental capacity after nerve attack

Thursday  23:15,   22 march 2018

A nerve toxin attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter may have left them with compromised mental capacity, a British judge said.Britain has said Russia used a Soviet-era chemical weapon called Novichok to attack Skripal and his daughter Yulia in[...]

Nigeria's President says schoolgirl with Boko Haram 'will not be abandoned'

Thursday  23:00,   22 march 2018

Nigeria's president Muhammadu Buhari has vowed to free the only Dapchi schoolgirl still in Boko Haram captivity. In a tweet Thursday, the President said the government will not relent in its efforts to have Leah Sharibu reunited with her[...]

The Latest: Hezbollah says rebel group declares cease-fire

Thursday  22:22,   22 march 2018
Associated Press

<p>The media arm of Lebanon's Hezbollah group and an opposition activist group say the second-largest rebel group in eastern Ghouta has declared a cease-fire in order to negotiate leaving the area.</p>9:35[...]