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Prince William arrives in Israel for historic royal visit

Monday  20:51,   25 june 2018

Prince William arrived in Israel on Monday for the first-ever official visit of a member of the British royal family to the tumultuous region London once ruled. Arriving from neighboring Jordan, the Duke of Cambridge landed at Israel's Ben-Gurion[...]

Bin Laden's former bodyguard reportedly set for deportation after Germany arrest

Monday  20:27,   25 june 2018

A former bodyguard of Usama bin Laden who has lived in Germany for more than two decades, collecting as much as $1,400 in a month in recent welfare payments, is set to be deported after being arrested Monday, media reports say. The man known only as [...]

North Korea's anti-US souvenirs, posters reportedly disappearing in wake of Trump-Kim summit

Monday  17:37,   25 june 2018

North Korea, which has routinely blasted the U.S. in its government propaganda, appears to be taking a lighter tone in messaging that has emerged in the wake of this month’s historic summit between President Trump and dictator Kim Jong Un. “North[...]

In sign of detente, North Korea skips annual anti-US rally

Monday  12:27,   25 june 2018

North Korea has opted not to hold this year's "anti-U.S. imperialism" rally marking the start of the Korean War in another sign of detente following the summit between leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump.Fist-pumping,[...]

Nigeria clashes: Dozens killed in fighting between herdsmen and farmers

Monday  12:02,   25 june 2018

At least 86 people have been killed in attacks in central Nigeria, police said, an incident that has the potential to exacerbate ethnic tensions in an increasingly volatile region. The violence, thought to be carried out by armed herdsmen, flared on [...]

Turkey elections: Recep Tayyip Erdogan re-elected president

Monday  11:27,   25 june 2018

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won the majority of votes in Sunday's presidential election, with 97.7% of the votes counted.Defeating the twin threats of a reinvigorated opposition and a weakened currency, Erdogan declared himself[...]

Koreas discuss removing North's artillery from tense border

Monday  09:26,   25 june 2018

South Korea's prime minister says the rival Koreas are discussing the relocation of North Korea's long-range artillery systems away from the Korean border.North Korea has deployed an estimated 1,000 artillery pieces along the border, posing[...]

Teenage soccer team feared trapped in Thail cave

Monday  08:15,   25 june 2018

A search is underway to rescue 12 teenage soccer players and their coach who are thought to be trapped in a cave in northern Thailand. Investigators believe the group, who have been missing since Saturday, crawled into the Tham Luang Nang Non Cave[...]

Eye in the Sky: China Spies With Robotic Drone Birds

Monday  07:11,   25 june 2018

The drones are so convincing that other birds fly beside them.The sneaky robotic spies, launched by more than 30 government and military agencies, flap through the skies like real birds. They are so convincing, the China Post reports, that real [...]

Trump Plans New Curbs on Chinese Investment, Tech Exports to China

Monday  06:15,   25 june 2018

President Trump, already embroiled in a trade battle with China, plans to ratchet commercial tensions higher by barring many Chinese firms from investing in U.S. technology and by blocking more technology exports to Beijing.The twin initiatives, set [...]

In India, 'child marriage is like a disease'

Monday  03:50,   25 june 2018

The abuse began days after she moved in with her husband. He would come home drunk and force her to have sex. The women in his family hurled insults at her and said she brought bad luck. Pinki Kumari was only 16, but her fate had been decided much[...]

Saudi women take the wheel as driving ban ends

Monday  01:30,   25 june 2018

Maha Aqeel joined 14 other women at a friend's place Saturday night in their hometown of Jeddah. A bit before midnight, they piled into five cars, waiting for the night to slide into Sunday. Once it did, Aqeel said, the women "were[...]

Venezuela's currency is worth so little that artisans make purses out of it

Monday  00:50,   25 june 2018

Venezuela's currency has become virtually worthless, making it better used to turn colorful bolivar bills into a purse than to spend them on a purse - or anything else. So that's what Alvaro Rivera and other artisans in one Colombian town along[...]

New protest in Greece against Macedonia name deal

Monday  00:25,   25 june 2018

Some four thousand people protested Sunday in Thessaloniki, against a name deal between Greece and Macedonia, police said. The protesters, mainly from the far right, brandished banners reading "politicians traitors", an AFP journalist said. They[...]

England built an empire out of coal. Now it’s giving it up. Why can’t the US?

Sunday  21:25,   24 june 2018

England, perhaps more than any other country in the world, was built on coal. So this winter, when the United Kingdom announced its plan to stop burning coal for electricity by 2025, the shift was seismic.      The announcement[...]