World IS using hobby drones to bomb Iraqi forces in Mosul: US official

00:36  12 january  2017
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U.S. Troops Operating Inside of Mosul, Official Confirms

  U.S. Troops Operating Inside of Mosul, Official Confirms The American and coalition troops have been operating as advisers to the Iraqi troops, who are at the forefront of the fighting in Mosul.American troops have been operating alongside Iraqi forces inside of ISIS-held Mosul, a coalition spokesperson acknowledged for the first time Wednesday.

The Battle of Mosul is a joint offensive by Iraqi government forces with allied militias, Iraqi Kurdistan, and international forces to retake the city of Mosul from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The offensive, dubbed Operation " We Are Coming, Nineveh"

So much for the 2008 US - Iraq State of Forces agreement, which stated that by 31st December 2011 “all United States forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory.” On the USS Abraham Lincoln Bush stated She states of just the onslaught on Mosul , her home, the ancient university city of 1.5 million, that the stated figures from US spokespersons are: “either misinformed about the real situation on the ground, since they are using drones and guided missiles, or airstrikes blindly, intentionally not saying the truth.”

Iraqis children walk between ruined buildings in Mosul's Qadisiyah neighbourhood on January 11, 2017, during an ongoing military operation against the Islamic State (IS) group. © DIMITAR DILKOFF/AFP/Getty Images Iraqis children walk between ruined buildings in Mosul's Qadisiyah neighbourhood on January 11, 2017, during an ongoing military operation against the Islamic State (IS) group. Islamic State jihadists are using small commercial drones to attack Iraqi security forces in the battle for Mosul, a US commander said Wednesday.

Colonel Brett Sylvia, who commands an "advise and assist" US unit in Iraq, said IS fighters are attaching small munitions to quadcopters in an attempt to kill local forces as they retake Mosul, the last major IS bastion in Iraq.

"They are small drones with small munitions that they've been dropping," Sylvia said.

Suicide blast in Baghdad, attacks earlier in the day kill 27

  Suicide blast in Baghdad, attacks earlier in the day kill 27 Several attacks in and around Baghdad, including a suicide car bombing in a busy commercial area after nightfall on Thursday, killed at least 27 people in a particularly brutal day in the Iraqi capital.The suicide bomber, who targeted shops and food stands near a bus station in the city's busy Bab al-Muadam area, killed 11, a police officer said. He says the bombing also wounded at least 22 people.Earlier in the day, bombings elsewhere in and around Baghdad killed at least 16 people and wounded dozens, officials said.A medical official confirmed the casualty figures.

Last month a hobby plane rigged with explosives killed two Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga fighters and injured two French soldiers. According to a US defence official , the incident unfolded on October 2 when a small plane with a styrofoam body was either shot down or crashed in Arbil in northern Iraq . When he spots enemy movement, he coordinates with the Iraqi artillery, air force or sometimes the US -led coalition bombarding IS from the sky. In eastern Mosul , Iraqi special forces soldiers are using drones for the same purpose. "There were three car bombs coming out from Al -Bakr toward our

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While the munitions were no larger than "a small little grenade," he said, that was enough to do what "Daesh does, and that's just, you know, indiscriminate killing," he said, using an Arabic acronym for IS.

The group's use of small drones is not new, Sylvia said, though initially they were mainly used for reconnaissance.

"They are (now) using them to drop munitions as Iraqi forces push into Mosul," he said.

He added that US-backed local troops have been able to bring down many of the drones, making them "much less effective than they were."

Tens of thousands of allied troops launched a huge offensive on October 17 to retake Mosul and areas around it.

Early in the offensive, a variety of forces quickly retook significant swaths of land, but the going has been much tougher inside the city itself.

Iraqi forces have retaken at least 80 percent of east Mosul from Islamic State jihadists, the spokesman of the special forces spearheading the campaign said Wednesday.

Over the past two weeks, Iraqi forces have overrun several districts and, for the first time, reached the Tigris River that runs through the heart of the city.

But the western part of Iraq's second city remains largely in IS hands.

"There's a lot of fight that's left to do in western Mosul," Sylvia said, noting that IS had conducted extensive defensive work.

Still, he said, IS resistance had weakened in several areas.

Iraq military: Troops have 'full control' of eastern Mosul .
Iraq's military says government troops are now in "full control" of eastern Mosul after routing Islamic State militants from that part of the northern Iraqi city. Army Lt. Gen. Talib Shaghati, who commands the Iraqi counter-terrorism forces, says the success of the Iraqi forces is "unprecedented."The advance — more than three months since the operation to free Mosul started in October — comes following Iraqi troops' push over the past days in the last IS-held neighborhoods in Mosul's east, closing in on the Tigris River that roughly divides the city.

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