World China has a donkey shortage — and why it matters

01:45  18 july  2017
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White House Confuses Taiwan And China In Painful G20 Press Release Blunder

  White House Confuses Taiwan And China In Painful G20 Press Release Blunder Just before leaving the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany on Saturday, President Donald Trump held a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Following that high-level talk, the White House blasted out a transcript of Trump’s  public remarks preceding the meeting, a document that called Xi “President Xi of the Republic of China.” One problem: the “Republic of China” refers to Taiwan. China is referred to as the “People’s Republican of China.”This is not the first time that Trump has blundered into the extremely sensitive question of Taiwan’s sovereignty.

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A Pakistani custom official stands guard beside confiscated donkey hides in Karachi that were set to be illegally exported to China, on April 27, 2017.© Asif Hassan, AFP/Getty Images A Pakistani custom official stands guard beside confiscated donkey hides in Karachi that were set to be illegally exported to China, on April 27, 2017.

BEIJING — Chinese farmer Ma Yufa grows vegetables on steep terraces in the mountains north of here — the type of terrain better suited for a donkey instead of a tractor.

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But Ma, 80, who lives much the way his ancestors did, said his last donkey died in 2014, and he couldn't replace her. “There aren’t any donkeys left,” Ma said sadly. “We’ve killed them all.”

China Says U.S. Has Apologized for Taiwan Name Gaffe

  China Says U.S. Has Apologized for Taiwan Name Gaffe China said Monday that the United States has apologized for erroneously describing President Xi Jinping of China as the leader of Taiwan.Chinese scholars said the mistake shows a lack of competence in the White House that is not conducive to healthy U.S.-China relations.

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China is in the grip of a massive donkey shortage caused by soaring demand for e’jiao — a traditional medicine made by boiling donkey skin. Demand for e’jiao has doubled since 2010, hitting nearly 15 million pounds a year in 2015, according to the national e’jiao association.

The substance was once affordable only by royalty, because one donkey yields 2.2 pounds of e'jiao.

Only 30 years ago, China had 11 million donkeys — the largest herd in the world — but the number has dwindled to between 3 million and 5 million, despite intensive breeding programs.

“The e’jiao trade is unsustainable in its current form,” said Alex Mayers, with the British-based Donkey Sanctuary animal charity.

In late June, Botswana became the latest country to ban the export of donkey skins in response to reports of hundreds of animals being killed every week.

China says 'China responsibility theory' on North Korea has to stop

  China says 'China responsibility theory' on North Korea has to stop China hit back on Tuesday in unusually strong terms at repeated calls from the United States to put more pressure on North Korea, urging a halt to what it called the "China responsibility theory", and saying all parties needed to pull their weight. U.S President Trump took a more conciliatory tone at a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday, but he has expressed some impatience that China, with its close economic and diplomatic ties to Pyongyang, is not doing enough to rein in North Korea.

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In recent times, this donkey shortage in China has exerted pressure on Beijing and local governments, market agents persistently demanding government actions to support local donkey breeders and importers from the rest of the world.

E’jiao makers, mostly based in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong, deny their product is causing the donkey shortage. They claim they are creating a new role for the animal in the modern world. They also say farmers in China and around the world can get rich by breeding donkeys for them.

“E’jiao is one of traditional Chinese medicine's three great treasures, along with deer horn and ginseng,” said Liu Guangyuan, vice chairman of China’s largest e’jiao producers, Dong’e E’jiao.

E’jiao's history is traced to at least the second century B.C. By the 19th century, a royal concubine named Ci Xi used the medicine to prevent her from miscarrying, and her son became emperor of China.

Today the smelly, brown gelatin is marketed as a cure for dementia, infertility and respiratory problems, among other ailments. And the high price doesn’t stop people from buying it. One block made in 2007 was valued at $47 a gram, more expensive than gold.

Taiwan says Chinese carrier sails into its defense zone

  Taiwan says Chinese carrier sails into its defense zone Chinese aircraft carrier the Liaoning entered Taiwan's air defense identification zone early on Wednesday morning on its way back from Hong Kong and is being monitored, Taiwan's defense ministry said, adding there was no cause for alarm. The Liaoning left Hong Kong at noon on Tuesday, before entering Taiwan's defense zone by traveling in a northerly direction via the western side of the Taiwan Strait, the ministry said.Taiwan was monitoring the situation, had detected nothing unusual and people should not be alarmed, it added.

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China has a long tradition of using rare and expensive animal parts in food and medicine: wine from tiger bones, soup from shark’s fin and medicine from pangolinscales. China is also home to the world's largest ivory market, though the government has promised to close all carving factories and shops by the end of the year.

“Why do the Chinese believe all the world's resources are theirs to ravage and destroy?” asked Marjorie Farabee, of the Texas-based Wild Horse Freedom Federation. Her organization said American wild burros are illegally shipped to Mexico for slaughter and then sold to China.

Some countries see opportunity in China’s growing demand. Government officials from the Pakistani province where Osama bin Laden was killed recently visited Beijing to export donkeys along the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor — part of China's plan for a revived Silk Road.

Although Pakistan is one of nine countries that banned the export of donkey skins for religious reasons, the province is offering to export about 80,000 live donkeys a year, said Asul Khan, deputy director of livestock and dairy development for the province.

China sends troops to open first overseas military base in Djibouti

  China sends troops to open first overseas military base in Djibouti <p>Ships carrying Chinese military personnel for Beijing's first overseas military base, in Djibouti in the Horn of Africa, have left China to begin setting up the facility as China's rapidly modernising military hones its global reach.</p>Djibouti's position on the northwestern edge of the Indian Ocean has fuelled worries in India that it would become another of China's "string of pearls" of military alliances and assets ringing India, including Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

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“With investment in breeding centers, we could export more,” he added.

Pakistan implemented the ban on donkey skins because the mostly Muslim population feared the remaining meat could be passed off as beef and sold in markets. Donkey meat is forbidden in most Muslim cultures.

There is another reason for the donkey shortage besides the high demand: They aren't very fertile.

Donkeys are pregnant for up to 14 months, females tend to give birth to one foal at a time, and most are needed for work, so owners don’t let them breed. That's why there are only 44 million donkeys worldwide.

China may be consuming donkeys faster than they can be replaced.

When Tanzania banned donkey slaughters in May, the minister of agriculture, livestock and fisheries, Charles Tizeba, told parliament the animal was facing “extinction” without action.

Ethiopia introduced a ban this year and is currently battling to shut down two Chinese-owned slaughterhouses after local protests. In Niger, one of five other African nations with bans in place, the price of a donkey rose four-fold to $145, as Chinese buyers moved in.

In China, donkeys are being stolen from farmers like Ma. Many of China’s 300 million farmers still rely on animal labor to plow fields, carry crops to market or grind maize, especially in poor or mountainous areas. As a result, donkeys are often considered like a member of the family.

“The value of keeping a donkey far outweighs the temporary benefit of selling one for its skin,” said Mayers of Donkey Sanctuary.

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