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Japan's Abe claims landslide with tough North Korea policy

Sunday  19:32,   22 october 2017

<p>Exit polls in Japan showed a landslide victory for the ruling party of prime minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday evening after a low voter turnout during a typhoon.</p>TOKYO — Exit polls in Japan showed a landslide victory for the ruling party of [...]

UK police dealing with 'ongoing incident' at leisure complex, reports of gunman

Sunday  19:31,   22 october 2017

British police said on Sunday they were dealing with an "ongoing incident" at a leisure park in Nuneaton, central England, telling people to avoid the area.The Warwickshire police in central England gave no further details on its Twitter[...]

Russia likens US coalition bombing of Raqa to WWII Dresden

Sunday  18:08,   22 october 2017

Russia on Sunday accused the US-led coalition in Syria of having flattened Raqa with a Dresden-like bombing campaign and masking the destruction with a rush of humanitarian aid. In a statement, the defence ministry said that Raqa -- the capital of[...]

As relations thaw, Saudi Arabia and Iraq pledge cooperation against IS

Sunday  18:07,   22 october 2017

As relations thaw, Saudi Arabia and Iraq pledge cooperation against ISSaudi Arabia and Iraq convened a new joint body to coordinate their fight against Islamic State and on rebuilding Iraqi territory wrested from the group, the Saudi King Salman and [...]

The roots of Catalonia’s differences with the rest of Spain

Sunday  16:45,   22 october 2017

<p>The Spanish government is threatening to revoke the autonomy of the region of Catalonia, in the northeast of the country. The Catalans, for their part, are threatening to declare independence unilaterally.</p>But what are the roots of the[...]

Spain denies 'coup' against Catalonia

Sunday  15:55,   22 october 2017
BBC News

The foreign minister tells the BBC the government is only acting in line with the constitution.The speaker of the Catalan parliament, Carme Forcadell, called measures announced by the government on Saturday a "de facto coup[...]

When Does the Weekend Start? In Beirut, It’s a Serious Question

Sunday  15:22,   22 october 2017

It doesn’t take much to threaten the delicate sectarian balance in a place where the scars of war loom large.What might seem a relatively trivial matter for a country whose economy has been hammered by the war next door in Syria is anything[...]

Tillerson attends landmark Saudi, Iraq meeting

Sunday  15:06,   22 october 2017

Top US diplomat Rex Tillerson attended a landmark meeting Sunday between Saudi Arabia and Iraq aimed at upgrading strategic ties between the two countries and countering Iran's regional influence.Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Saudi[...]

Spain's Foreign Minister Promises No Arrests of Catalan Leaders

Sunday  13:51,   22 october 2017

Spain’s foreign minister has promised no arrests will be made when the Catalan government is dismissed as early as this week. Speaking in a BBC television interview on Sunday, Alfonso Dastis said there were no plans to arrest anyone when Spain[...]

Russia frees opposition leader Navalny as Kremlin race heats up

Sunday  13:51,   22 october 2017

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny walked free on Sunday after a 20-day jail term for organising protests against President Vladimir Putin. Navalny, who has declared his intention to stand for president in 2018, was released in a secret[...]

Three wounded in shooting near US mine in Papua

Sunday  12:25,   22 october 2017

At least one gunman has wounded three people near a huge Indonesian gold and copper mine owned by US firm Freeport-McMoRan, the company said Sunday. The attacks occurred near the vast Grasberg mine in Indonesia's rugged eastern province of[...]

In ravaged Raqa, clues to IS's bygone media empire

Sunday  12:25,   22 october 2017

"Special operations by the Caliphate's soldiers!" boasts a torn, blood-stained pamphlet at a bombed-out media kiosk in Syria's Raqa, a symbol of the Islamic State group's once fearsome propaganda machine. As well as serving as[...]

South Korea's president says will continue phasing out nuclear power

Sunday  09:30,   22 october 2017

<p>South Korea's President Moon Jae-in said on Sunday the government will continue to phase out nuclear-generated electricity, following a public opinion survey that dealt a blow to his plans to do so.</p>South Korea's President Moon[...]

Powerful typhoon drenches Japan, soaks voters as they trudge to polls

Sunday  09:16,   22 october 2017

Heavy rain and wind lashed southern Japan on Sunday as a powerful typhoon neared, forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights and disrupting rail services on a national election day. Typhoon Lan, classified as an intense Category 4 storm, was [...]

Rohingya refugees top 500,000 as humanitarian crisis looms

Sunday  09:16,   22 october 2017
CBS News

Close to 60 percent of the more than half a million Rohingya Muslims who've escaped Myanmar are children and teenagers .The chance of children falling into the hands of sexual predators or exploited for their labor is ever-present."The families[...]