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Third night of anti-government protests in Romania

Sunday  23:46,   12 august 2018

Thousands took part Sunday in a third night of protests in Bucharest against alleged government corruption, two days after a crackdown on a mass demonstration left hundreds injured. Singing the national anthem and waving Romanian flags, protesters[...]
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Wildfire forces Greek villages on island of Evia to evacuate

Sunday  23:15,   12 august 2018

Greece's fire service says a wildfire raging on the island of Evia, in central Greece, has forced them to evacuate two villages and a monastery. No casualties have been reported so far. Traffic on the main road that runs across the length of the [...]

A Dream Ended on a Mountain Road: The Cyclists and the ISIS Militants

Sunday  20:45,   12 august 2018

Two American cyclists had a vision of the world, or, at least, what it could be. The men who mowed them down in Tajikistan had a starkly different one.“There’s magic out there, in this great big beautiful world,” wrote Jay Austin who, along with his [...]

Are Japan's Part-Time Employees Working Themselves to Death?

Sunday  20:40,   12 august 2018

On a sunny morning in June, a middle-aged lawyer named Yoshimasa Obayashi heard his telephone ring once, and nearly ring again, before he rushed to snatch the phone’s receiver from its cradle. It was an unexpected call, from an unknown caller, who[...]

War on sharks: How rogue fishing fleets plunder the ocean's top predator

Sunday  19:06,   12 august 2018

It was billed as the biggest poaching bust in history, a monumental win for conservationists. An Ecuadorean Navy patrol vessel, guided by advanced radar and a small plane, bore down on a ship the length of a football field making a beeline across[...]

Venezuela attack shows drones can become assassins. Here's how they can be grounded

Sunday  19:06,   12 august 2018

<p>As two explosives-laden drones flew toward Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at an event last weekend, the remotely controlled aircraft headed into an area rigged with equipment designed to jam radio signals.</p>That technology was[...]

Sniper Shoots ISIS Fighter Dead From Over One Mile Away

Sunday  18:40,   12 august 2018

"It took several seconds for the round to hit the commander who appeared to fly into several pieces."Using a a huge .50 Calibre Browning machine gun, which is nearly 40 years old, the unnamed sergeant, who is a veteran of Iraq and Syria,[...]

Children among 39 civilians killed in Syria arms depot blast: monitor

Sunday  16:50,   12 august 2018

An explosion at a weapons depot in a rebel-held town in northwest Syria killed at least 39 civilians including a dozen children on Sunday, a monitor said. An AFP correspondent at the site in Sarmada in Idlib province near the Turkish border said the [...]

Maduro: I'll accept US help on drone probe

Sunday  16:50,   12 august 2018

President Nicolás Maduro says US agents could visit to help investigate the 'assassination plot'.Load[...]

A Saudi-led airstrike killed dozens of Yemeni kids. Could the world have stopped it?

Sunday  15:56,   12 august 2018

"When you're hitting a school bus there is a big problem with your target acquisition process."In video from a local hospital, doctors receive dozens of bodies wrapped in white sheets. Those lucky enough to have survived the airstrike[...]

Eight bodies found in Indonesian plane crash

Sunday  13:45,   12 august 2018

A 12-year-old boy is the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed eight people in mountainous eastern Indonesia, authorities said Sunday. The Swiss-made Pilatus aircraft lost contact with air traffic control Saturday during what was supposed to be [...]

The Iraqi Spy Who Infiltrated ISIS

Sunday  11:30,   12 august 2018

The story of the mole who posed as a jihadist in the Islamic State, and the most important antiterrorism agency that most people have never heard of.With every jolt and turn, his pulse quickened. Hidden in the truck’s chassis was 1,100 pounds of[...]

Taliban travel from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan for talks

Sunday  10:05,   12 august 2018

Taliban and Uzbek officials say the head of the Taliban's political office in Qatar has led a delegation to Uzbekistan to meet senior Foreign Ministry officials in a rare diplomatic foray.Taliban political chief Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai[...]

Exclusive: As Trump cracks down on Pakistan, U.S. cuts military training programs

Sunday  07:12,   12 august 2018

<p>Trump's administration has quietly started cutting scores of Pakistani officers from coveted training and educational programs that have been a hallmark of bilateral military relations for more than a decade, U.S. officials say.</p>The[...]

3 Jordan policemen killed in storming of militants' hideout

Saturday  23:50,   11 august 2018

Jordan's government spokeswoman says three members of the security forces were killed when they stormed a hideout of suspected militants that had been rigged with explosives.&nbsp;The officers had been chasing suspects in an explosion a day[...]